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Keyword Suggestion Tool - Keyword Popularity Tool

This keyword suggestion tool will help you with the choosing of the right keywords for your website. You can see which keyword combinations are more popular and also get ideas for more keyword combinations. Those keyword popularity results are extracted from two sources - Keyword Discovery and Overture. Now you can check both databases in one go.

Check Keyword popularity for ...Market (Overture)

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Keyword suggestion tips
Choosing the right keywords is critical for a success of a website. Target the wrong keywords and you have lost. There is pure gold hidden in less competitive keyword combinations and variations. Here are some more keyword suggestion tips for your success:
  1. Start your research with more general terms. Let's say your website is about widgets. Type in "widgests" into our keyword suggestion box and study the results. Write down all results that are somehow relevant for your website.

  2. Dig for more specific keywords. Based on the list you have just created, do a search for every keyword combination (let's say "red widget", "discount widget" and so on) and write down the new keyword combinations. It makes no sense to search for those new terms as you would not get anything new.

  3. Now think about synonyms that people might search for like "buy widgets" and "purchase widgets". Do a research for them too.

  4. Now you should have a decent list of relevant keywords. Optimize your pages for them. Create new pages optimized for the missing keyword combinations and link to them from your existing pages.

  5. If you are serious about keyword research, we suggest to sign up for Keyword Discovery. You will be able to search their huge database of terms that people search for. Here are just some of their advantages:

    • Search for keywords and get hundreds of keyword combinations
    • Search for related terms (like if you enter "golf", you will get "tee time", "tiger wood" etc !)
    • Search for common misspellings
    • Check the popularity of all search terms
    • Find the balance between the total number of competing web pages for each search engine, and popularity of the search term. Then attack the niches!
    • Keyword Research
    • Industry Keywords
    • Spelling Mistake Research
    • Seasonal Search Trends
    • Related Keywords
    • KEI Analysis
    • Keyword Density Analysis
    • Domain Researcher Tool
    • Wordtracker™ Comparison

    All of these tools will bring you a lot of targeted traffic relevant to your website. Trust us - you will get your investition back in no time.

    You can take advantage of this information to:

    • Optimize the content of your web pages and your meta tags
    • Maximize your pay per click campaigns
    • Take traffic away from your competitors

And if you like our keyword popularity tool, please support us and place a link to Self SEO on your website or blog. Thank you !