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Internet Connection Articles

Internet Connection Articles

Tim Berners-Lee: The Man Who 'Invented' The Internet

While working as an independent consultant at CERN (a nuclear research laboratory close to Geneva) in 1980, Tim Berners-Lee developed an innovative way of storing information in a program named Enquire.

Ethernet, IP, And Caching....A Bit Of History, Background, And Insights

Since most of you are probably too young to remember a time before Ethernet and IP, there may be many who are unaware of just how well much of it was designed and what this means to the cost of an efficient network.

Broadband Providers - Switching to Get Easier

You don’t have to look far to find a cheap broadband deal these days. With so many deals on offer, and with mergers and acquisitions between telcos paving the way for an increase in “broadband bundles” available to consumers, soon those without broadband will begin to feel left behind by the madding crowd.

What You Need To Know About Broadband Before You Choose Your Broadband Internet Provider

Instant, speed is the change in advancement, which humanity has experienced so far in this age of rapid development.

DSL Is Really Very Easy To Understand - Needs and Compatibility

Confused about DSL? So was I at one time! However, it is no big deal to get an understanding about what it is, how it works and how it compares to your other choices for getting high speed internet access.

Satellite Internet Access - What You Should Know Before You Buy

When it comes to choosing a broadband internet connection, you only have three major options to choose from, cable, DSL, and satellite internet. Of the three, cable and DSL are the fastest, but they are not portable, and they are not available in most rural areas. However, satellite internet service can be had almost anywhere in the northern hemisphere where you have an unobstructed view of the southern sky, and in some cases you can even take it with you as you travel.

Broadband Suppliers Redefining Unlimited Usage

Many broadband products contain download limits – usually ranging from 1GB to 40GBs per month. However many do not, and consumers who sign up to such products are lead to believe that they may download as much content from the Internet as they like, at any time of the day or night.

Port Scanning; the Good, Bad, & Ugly

What is port scanning you might ask? Well port scanning can be describe many ways but basically is the act of sending packets to a destination of group of hosts to try to get a response. Why do I need to port scan and do others port scan me? You might want to port scan your broadband connection to see what your network has open to the internet and others may port scan you to find a way into your network. Port scanning can be done for good reasons and malicious purposes. Other real good ...

The Fundamentals Of OC3 Bandwidth...What It Does For Your Business

When searching for just the right bandwidth solution for critical business network applications a common choice is what's termed an OC3 circuit. An OC3 circuit works as a reliable fiber optic backbone for large networks with substantial voice/data/video traffic needs. For example....corporate headquarters phone lines (PBX and/or VoIP), company Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems, facility high security networks, Hospital medical imagery and diagnostic systems, data recovery and ...

What's The Difference Between Frame Relay, Private Line, & A Point To Point T1?

How is "an expensive frame relay type service to the internet" different than a "less expensive plain T1 to the internet"....AND how are either of these different from a private line or point-to-point T1?

Wireless Broadband Hijacking - a 21st Century Crime

For those who may be wondering exactly what the “digital age” is – this may be an indication…

Pro's and Con's of Business Broadband and T1 Service

I was seriously thinking of calling this article The Pros’ and Pro’s of Business Broadband and T1 Service. I for one am an advocate of such service. The speed, reliability, extensibility coupled with great service can be an asset to any organization dependant on their communications infrastructure. Whether it’s voice, data or an integrated voice and data implementation, the advantages out weigh the cost. If you’re not currently using this technology in your business, it might be time ...

Satellite Internet Service - Is It Right For You?

There are many rural areas where DSL (direct subscriber line) or cable Internet service is not available. If you live in one of those areas and want fast, reliable, high-speed Internet service, satellite Internet is what you're looking for.

Broadband over Power Lines

Hi-Speed Internet Access Through Your Power Plug! It's called BPL and it's being tested right now. Is it coming soon to a power plug near you?Imagine this:You plug your BPL modem into any power socket in your home and you're instantly connected to a high speed broadband ISP. Sound too good to be true?

How Much Bandwidth Is Too Much For Your Business??

For your company's specific business do you decide on how much bandwidth will be necesary? Is it T1, DS3, or OC3 or greater? Do you factor in a reasonable overage to account for potential emergent situations? What modeling approach do you use to calculate your min and max load and thus your supportable need range? How do you decide how much is "enough"?

Building a Wireless ISP Network....The Opportunity

In the US, most of the people have one or more broadband access services to choose from - variations of DSL from multiple vendors and cable. That is if you're in a metropolitan area. For more rural locations your choices are limited....if you have any at all. Therein lies an opportunity for those willing to pursue it.

Usefulness of Broadband Internet Access

Broadband Internet is the American way when it comes to Internet service of choice. Americans love things that are bigger, faster and stronger. In the auto Industry we Americans are addicted to SUV's. Our fast food places have our favorite giant burger, like the Big Mac, and the all American Internet service of choice is of course, broadband.

Broadband Internet: Save Your Time and Money

In today’s world, people have become so dependent on the Internet that to find any useful information, they tend to go online. It is a huge network of computers with tons of information.

Broadband Service providers

The Internet has reformed the way we do business, making broadband access absolutely critical. Broadband enables your business to progress in a much better manner. With the number of residential and business customers turning to high-speed Internet connections like DSL, cable and even satellite, the number of broadband service providers is also increasing. But broadband availability and more importantly, accessibility has developed a lot slowly in rural markets. The factors that ...

How to Choose the Best Broadband Internet Access Option

Not so many years ago, accessing the Internet was a ‘one size fits all’ technology. When you wanted to surf the web, send and receive emails, post files to a web site, or just play around on AOL, you accessed it all through your telephone line using a modem and a standard dial-up account. Most of us didn’t mind because we realized that the slow speeds we endured were shared by everyone else. The notion of Internet ‘speed envy’ had yet to emerge.

Cable Modem

Cable modems are devices that provide high-speed Internet access using cable television networks.

Cheapskate No Stress ISP's

I would love to be able to use DSL or Cable internet service, but being way out here in the boon docks, it isn’t possible. I could easily sign up for satellite internet if I wanted to pay one hundred dollars a month for it. No thank you! I’m cheap and I like it that way! But, that leaves me with dial-up, and everyone knows dial-up is sad. Sad and slow, especially if the phone company haven’t updated the outside wires since 1950. So I add static noise to sad and slow.

Does More Bandwidth For Your Business IT Application Mean More Speed? Not Always.

For the higher bandwidth pipes like OC3 and above....there are very few business situations where bandwidth increases have a significant impact on speed.

The Importance of Effective Communication Throughout Our Life Time

Communication how important it is to all humans. Since the moments of our existence we communicate our wants and needs. This is shown in verbal and nonverbal ways. A word does not even need to exist for others to know what we need.

Broadband Internet Explained

Broadband is another name for high speed internet connection, and is capable of transmitting data at a much faster rate than a standard dialup modem connection.

How To Get Online Wirelessly - No Coffee Shop Required

One of the hottest technology trends around today is the ability to get online anywhere, anytime. Without a WISP (Wireless ISP) service in your area, or wifi at Starbucks, your favorite coffee shop, or even some McDonalds and Burger Kings, you don't have a choice, you cannot get online. Or at least that was true in the past.

Broadband Internet Services and Their Benefits

Are you tired of the slow download speeds of a dial up internet? In today’s world, you would probably want a high-speed internet to improve your way of life and your business. This is possible by using a broadband internet connection.With the broadband internet’s popularity growing, it becomes more and more affordable and available for everyone. You would probably want to switch into a faster and reliable internet connection to catch up with the demands of present living.Fast ...

Online Fax: Feel Free To Send Fax From Internet

Internet plays an important role in online fax. Online fax requires Internet or a service provider to translate an electronic document to and from a fax. In these days there are several hosts that enable you to use Internet to receive or send faxes. Some providers offer these services free of cost while others charge some fee. Some web hosts let you send/receive e-mail with Internet only whereas some require you to install some special software on your computer.

What is Cable Internet Service?

Unlike your DSL internet access, cable internet is acquired through your local Cable TV provider. This usually provides internet access faster than most of the broadband services available.

Deciding on a Broadband Supplier for Home Use

Choosing the right broadband package can be a difficult proposition, with so many access companies on the market today and an infinite number of tariffs. Although it may initially look like a daunting task, actually choosing the right deal for you is not that difficult if you consider some of the following points.

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