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Internet Articles

Internet Articles

Cool Gadgets ? Try this one !

In the area of software and gadget reviews, there are tens of thousands of websites out there, but many offer regurgitated content from a select few sources. One of these sources is Gadget Advisor.

Optimizing Articles and Press Releases

Articles and press releases are two very helpful search engine marketing strategies that a lot of marketers still use today. But unlike in the past wherein the articles and press release can easily be found by the online community, the massive amount of articles and press releases today have made it more difficult for one to be singled out from the rest. It is now close to impossible that a press release about your new product or an article would be read by everyone.

Can You Say "Google Me Today"

Search Google for, "golden arches," what do you find? I'd be surprised if found, "McDonald's" is on top of the rankings. After exposing consumers to the golden arches for over 50 Years, you were trained to think "McDonald's," whenever we see those arches when driving, TV, and in print advertising. Powerful - don't you think? Could it work for you? Just think about it.

Buying or Selling on the Internet

The facts and figures from Symantec Security Response and the Internet Crime Complaint Center are both fascinating and alarming. If you have thought about buying or selling on the Internet, especially with Internet Auction Sites, make sure that you are aware of the best practices and the potential pitfalls before you do. An identity is a terrible thing to waste.

Social media optimization, a source to become popular

I was browsing through my school album the other day and a picture of my classmates caught my attention. The memories of all the good times, bad times, the laughter, joy and tears overwhelmed me. The memories were so strong and it felt like it was just yesterday all this was happening. I lost touch with a majority of my classmates and being a mother of two young kids I understand how difficult it gets to meet and catch up with old friends. However, as we all know that it is technology that ...

19 Easy Steps To Succeed In Your Online Internet Business

To create your successful online income-creating business, you need to set up a system that will help you create and sell your own products in the long run. To begin, as you build your business with your online products to sell, you will search for established affiliate products to plug into your advertising and distribution system. When you have created your own products, you will slowly replace the affiliate items with your very own.

Effective Email Tips

How do you ensure that you hit the mark, rather than just becoming noise in the recipient’s in-box? There more to say about effective Email than we can fit into a newsletter, but the tips below are a good start.

Its Time For Those Goggle's

Do you see fine lines developing around your eyes and on your forehead and wondered why this might be occurring? You might find it hard to believe that this might have a direct connection to your eyes and you not wearing the right pair of sunglasses, if at all you do wear one! Yes, that’s right – fine lines can substantially reduce the youthful look on your face, and the most common cause for this is constant squinting in strong sun light. As for a solution, get yourself a good pair of ...

5 Things Anybody Should Know About Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a significant way of saving your ‘favorite’ websites and/or web pages on your computer by placing them under a category and linking them to your own website or web page. This allows people to create bookmark links that helps divert traffic from one website or web page into your own. They ‘tag’ these bookmark links with keywords that helps make it easier to find for people who are looking for the same topic or subject.

To Succeed On The Internet You Need a Master Plan

No matter what your product is, you're not selling on the Internet. You get it! You are marketing a product. That's why you have to have a master plan to succeed.

The Disadvantages Of Social Bookmarking

Due to the vastness of cyberspace, tools such as social bookmarking have made it easy for Web users to not only have a way of remembering a favorite Web page or website in order to reduce the time spent on searching for them, but also to share these bookmarked Web pages and websites to other Internet users in a collaborative fashion. It usually involves social bookmarking websites wherein its registered users can add their favorite bookmarks to their accounts using keyword tags to ...

Do You Recognize Early Warning Signs of User-Generated Online Video Content?

What is User-Generated Content? As far as is known user-generated content refers to diverse kinds of media (audio, video) content that are prodiced by web users in contrast to traditional media producers. At the same time engineered content is created by experts and content owners who are part of an official intranet team. It means that just only qualitative, selected content can be posted and streamed. Who is worried about user-generated video content? Why do companies or ...

Roles of IT Decision makers in Africa

For many years now a considerable number of IT professionals have been hurled into a sea of ‘new and exciting technologies’. Most, if not all of which are said to be ‘a must have product’, a ‘must deploy application’, a ‘must upgrade operating system’, a phrasing list that could be endless.....

Wise Women Make Millions on the Internet, Too

My husband is an Internet marketing consultant and writer by the name of Steve Dahl. He's the so-called author of this article. But forget him for a minute! This isn't exactly forgery because I'm not hiding anything or doing anything illegal, I've just taken over his favorite boy toy (his laptop) for a few minutes to talk about work-at-home moms, women entrepreneurs, and Internet marketing for women. Steve just stepped away from his Internet I.V. to go do something manly for a while so I took ...

iPod Music Downloads Advantages and Disadvantages

iPod music downloads could be of interest to you if you own an iPod. If you just bought a new iPod and are looking for places where you can find iPod music downloads, then this article would be useful to you. Though people are familiar with iTunes and love the wide selection of music, you may realize that the cost can add up if you plan to get many iPod music downloads there since they charge you per song or music download. Fortunately, there are now many membership sites to download unlimited ...

Spotting HTTP Errors

You’ve all seen it on our Internet browsers: http://www.(insert name of website here).” HTTP is the protocol that sends information through the Internet. Usually webmasters will see a message similar to this, called an HTTP header.

IP Address – What It Mean

Most people ask themselves whether they can be tracked (have their name, address, e-mail disclosed) over the Internet by having their email or IP address detected by others.

Lessons From The Dotcom Bubble

Some years ago, there was a spectacular burst of the dotcom bubble where start-up companies with nothing more than big but unproven ideas were attracting BILLIONS of dollars in venture capital funding to start and grow their business on the Internet.

Create an Internet Business Using Only Free Resources

There's an old saying, "It takes money to make money." While this is still true in many respects, on the internet, it is possible to start and grow an online business using free resources.

Using Google Mobile Ads and the Provision of Impulse-Based Local Services

The 800-pound search engine gorilla is at it again, shaking things up in the virtual world. This time it's extending the reach of Adwords -its billion dollar contextual advertising system -to mobile devices.

China - Building a Better Internet

The Internet is changing ever so fast. Every second there’s hundreds of new websites being born throughout the world. People and companies are growing their Internet-based businesses faster than every before. Our lives have become completely morphed by the software and websites that allow us to communicate with users across the globe. According to recent statistics from blog-tracking site Technorati, the blogosphere has doubled every six months for the last three years. That's 175,000 ...

Web Browsers – Different Types And Uses

A browser is an application that provides a way to look at and interact with all the information on the World Wide Web. Technically, a web browser uses HTTP to make requests of web servers throughout the Internet on behalf of the browser user. In other words, a web browser is a software application that allows one to view pages on the World Wide Web.

Social Networking: Marketing Businesses Online

Several complaints from marketers have been cropping up recently out of attempting to use popular and prevailing social networking sites to market their respective businesses. These marketers primarily complained about not getting any real traffic in order to make sales by advertising through these sites. Essentially, the social networking sites that they are referring to were a waste of time to market on because these did not produce any immediate marketing results. Nevertheless, these ...

What Exactly is Link Baiting?

The World Wide Web is far from a click, view, and enjoy system. The number of intricacies is mind boggling. In the race for supremacy techies have developed and fine tuned several ways to gain and retain No 1 slot. It is all about ranking, spiders, SEO, and more.

Are Cookies Evil? What Service Do Cookies Perform In A Web Browser?

Are cookies are bad and do they invade your privacy? We're not talking about the kind of cookie you eat, we're talking about computer cookies! It's not really true that cookies are evil.

The 8 Golden Rules to Web Site Optimization

There are several reasons why you should make web site optimization one of your main priorities and why you should make sure to take this serious. A web site which takes ages to load for example will make your visitors leave before they even had the change to see what you’ve got to offer.

Ineffective DMOZ

Ineffective DMOZ Webmasters who have tried getting sites listed in the free directory DMOZ have found it be a hit and miss attempt. Attempts to expedite the process make it worse, attempts to obtain acceptance status may make it worse, and in an industry only a few years old, many years can elapse before any inclusion is experienced, if at all. If DMOZ is the directory it believes itself to be, it should behave like that directory. As virtually any ...

Google and eBay alliance for advertising

The two prominent Internet companies announced an advertising partnership Monday that aims to put buyers in touch with a wider variety of sellers, such as the neighborhood exterminator, math tutor or roofer.

Hijacked! What To Do When Your Website is Stolen

Recently while checking the usage statistics for our company website I saw over 2000 "referrals" coming from a particular company. I usually investigate any links with such high numbers (often, it's as simple an article of ours that someone has placed on their website). What I was shocked to find when viewing this link, was that basically our entire website was duplicated on this site. Our copyrights were removed and replaced with this company's, and even our logo had changed to this ...

Keywords - A Guide To Discover A Profitable Web Site Within You

These series of articles address 33 ways you can use these keywords to the best of your advantage.

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