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Domain Name Articles

Domain Name Articles

Choosing Small Business Website Names

I disagree with the comment made by some web developers that all the good domain names are taken. Search engine optimization, or seo, does not depend heavily on the www name you select. For my clients just starting out the decision choosing small business website names has never been an issue. It is a fact that all the 3 character and 4 character domain names with the key extensions are taken. Furthermore, I agree that a vast number of choice domain names are no longer available; however, ...

What To Do When All The Good Domain Names Are Taken

Decent available domain names are becoming harder to find these days. Nearly 25 million ".com" names have been registered, and over 23 thousand are purchased every day. It also means that you're more likely to win the grand prize lottery then find a great domain name.

Web Sites, Domain Names, And Name Servers (What's DNS All About?)...

I explain Domain Name Servers and Name Servers to a friend of mine all the time. He builds web sites part time. I know he's not alone; DNS confuses a lot of people.

When and Why Should you Secure Multiple Domains

There are many different reasons for purchasing multiple domain names, and each reason has its own set of benefits and uses.

Germany: The World's Top Consumer for Domain Names

Germany hits the bull's eye once again. Recently, they have been declared as the world's second top consumer for domain names next to the United States. This is no surprise to a lot of people since Germany holds the title for having the largest number of internet users in Europe. The rules in domain names registration are lenient that is why Germans are so engrossed with domain names registration. The cost of domain names also are so cheap that anybody can avail of this. If you will ...

Your Domain Can be Stolen

Believe it or not, even thieves are already high-tech these days. Browsing the net and reading through online forums, I came across a startling story about how thieves have found their way to infiltrate the world wide web. I read about a lady who was planning to put up a web page of her own. As the normal process dictates, she first thought of a domain name for her website. She chose her own name and had it checked in CNet Domain Search page for domain registrations and found out that it is ...

Why Top Level Domain Names Mean Better Search Engine Rankings

With the recent explosion in the availability of website domain name extensions (i.e. .com, .net, .ws, and others) it's never been easier to register a domain name that is highly descriptive of your website's subject matter.

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Now!

Reverse domain name hijacking is one of the serious problems in the world of domain name today. Many people were engaged in such silly activity and so create a great bang in the domain name industry.

Internic: A Domain Name Registry, What’s It All About?

As domain names continue to become widespread, the number of people who often look for the best domain names registry on the web also rises. Given such fact, many companies that are mainly concerned on domain names now create a certain development in the primary functions of their company and so opened up to become a domain name registry.

Domain Name Transfers

Transferring a domain name can be as easy as signing up for a forum or as difficult as recreating the Mona Lisa. Here are some ways to make a transfer go smoother and some key points to remember on the domain name transfer process.

Domain Name Dispute – How Do You Do It?

Have you heard the term “domain name dispute”? Or, are you familiar with the domain name dispute? If not yet, then it’s not a big problem though. This article will provide you some facts about the domain name dispute for you to better comprehend what the nature of this thing is and why does it surface, so you better read on.

Changing Domain Name – The Best Way!

Accept the fact that there are really some times that you need to change your domain name. Changing domain names is not in fact a very rare situation, but the fact that is widely common today. Many were now changing domain names for certain purposes, and along with that, many people were also encountering problems.

What Cyber-Price for a National Identity?

This is a case of 'let the seller beware' ... The tiny Polynesian island nation of Niue is beginning to think it's been had.Frankly, it's clear they didn't do their homework before they did their deal.Ironically, it seems the buyer hadn't really done his, either.Anyone who has been inundated by advertisements for 'global domains' can easily understand that it's a burgeoning business. The specter of purchasing a domain at a much better price ...

Domaining and Domainers - Residual Income Through Domain Parking

Domaining is a fascinating business and investment vehicle because once the initial investment is made, it is a business that requires minimal attention. This makes it one of the best models of a residual income business on the web. However, this is not to say that domaining is easy. Working as a domainer simply means that you have to invest all your attention, effort and money up front, while researching what domains to buy.

Domain Names & Websites

Does a website come with a domain name? If not, what comes with a website and how do I get a domain name?

Domain Name Registration Process Revealed

With the rise of the domain name industry, the domain name now becomes a commodity. It is for the fact that many people today generally cater to such kind of trend in the world of the internet. As such, many people are now looking for some of the possible ways for them to get or own a domain name. So the concept of the domain name registration occurs.

Domain Name Auction – The Right Way

Everywhere in the world, thousands of great domain names are expiring, and since thousands of domain name holders did not renew their expired domain names, thousands of people are also bidding for such terrific domain names. With this fact, the concept for domain name auction was born.

EU Domains

If you own a website and are located anywhere in Europe, especially the U.K., you’re probably well aware of all the attention surrounding the Eurid offering of .eu domains to the public. .Eu domains have been long awaited and their popularity is expected to be similar to .com domains. These domains were originally only available in what was known as the Sunrise 1 and Sunrise 2 stages. Sunrise 1, the first of the three stages, began on December 7, 2005. To be considered for a .eu domain, ...

Tracking Down Cyber Squattors

I started using the internet in 1990, and the web in 1994. I remember when Yahoo! was only 1 page, and it was believed that there were only 100 web pages in the world. Companies were hiring html developers (with 5 - 7 years experience of course), and domain names were free.

Buying High PR Domains: Is It Wise?

As many people have found out, you can buy domains with high pagerank (PR) such as PR4 or higher on auctions such as eBay.

Pitfalls to Watch For When Purchasing High PR Domains

You may have seen on eBay and other auctions high pagerank (PR) domains for sale. You may have even considered purchasing one of these domains. How do you ascertain the value of such a domain?

Various Domain Name Registration Prices Compared

Domain name registration prices are a market that is pretty well stable. There are higher and lower prices with various companies, but overall they are within a few dollars of one another. Where the prices of domain name registration can really be compared is within the realm of number of domains, number of years, and the suffixes. So here is a little bit about domain name registration prices compared based on the length of time, number of domains, and the suffix the name has.

A Look at the Top 5 Cheapest Domain Name Registrars

There are a number of domain name registrars out there online. For something as simple and yet necessary as domain name registration, price is the main factor. So where can you find the best deal to get your domain name registered? Here are the top 5 cheapest domain name registrars.

Type-in Domains - Targeted Traffic Out Of Thin Air

Traffic is the lifeblood of the internet. Websites need traffic to survive. Sites that can attract visitors who are interested in their offerings thrive and grow. Those that don't fade into obscurity in the space of a few weeks.

Web Site Hosting : From Domain Registration to Getting It Online - Part 1

The first thing you need to do when setting up a web site is to register a domain name. A domain is the familiar "" (the www is not part of the domain name).

Sell A Domain Name – And Don’t Get Burned!

In the world of domain name, there is an act of buying a domain name and selling a domain name. These acts are so typical that many domain name consumers and holders are into it a few years after the introduction of domain name in the world of the internet. Today, as domain names continues to become a commodity; many people have particular desires to buy a domain name and particularly to sell a domain name.

The Dot Edu Domain Name Extension Explained

When we talk about the domain name, we cannot escape the presence of top level domain names or commonly called as domain name extensions. It is for the reason that the domain name extensions are a great part of a domain name.

Translation Of A Domain Name To Ip Address… Explained.

The introduction of the domain name into the world of virtual reality brought some transformation not only in such dimension but even to the lives of most people. Today, many people are looking for some ways that will help them get their own domain names. And as years go by, many companies and individuals are into it. Some of them are purchasing domain names, and the others are selling it, and some are even finding answers on how to translate a domain name to IP address. But despite this fact, ...

Make Money Off Your Domains

As the advent of the domain names continue to affect a great number of people, many people today are then greatly pulled and encouraged to purchase domain names for a considered profits. In fact, many of them are now on the verge of purchasing domain names hoping for some possible returns. So if you are interested to know the facts on how you can purchase domain names for your profit, then you better read this article for this will give you some knowledge about this thing.

Domain Name Disputes - A Trending Pattern

Along with the introduction and the function of the domain name, there comes the so called “domain name disputes” which becomes one of the hottest subject of most domain name queries and discussions. Many were asking about the nature of the domain name disputes, its uses and everything about it, but then many are left without answers.

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