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Link Popularity Articles

Link Popularity Articles

All Time Most Effective Way to get Backlinks to your Website

There have been so much fuss about how to get the best links back to your site. A lot suggested that reciprocal linking is the way to go and yet you get this reminders that not necessarily all backlinks are credited by search engine specially Google to a particular site if such link source is not related to your site.

SEO And The Outsourcing Of Inbound Link Building

Search Engine Optimization nowadays has a lot to do with building inbound links to your website. Building inbound links is a cumbersome tasks and webmasters have always been looking for shortcuts to do this. Webmasters buy links (as advertising as an example) or contact other webmasters to exchange links with them. The need for inbound links has created a new business opportunity in the search engine optimization industry. The outsourcing of link building emerged from the fact that many inbound ...

How Do You Know When You Have Enough Backlinks?

We all know just how important it is to get as many incoming links as possible. The top search engines love backlinks; and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that link popularity plays an important role in their ranking algorithms.

Should you buy text links?

You can rank number one (Or at least in the top ten) for just about any search phrase by just buying text link ads, even if the web site isn't related to the search phrase in anyway, it can still rank in the top ten of the search results. Some web site owners see this as the only true way to the top ten. So, should you buy your way to the top? Or should you play it safe?

Give And You Shall Receive, More Links

Link exchanges can be quite a time consuming task when it comes to search engine optimization. After spending time researching potential link partners you must add their link to your site and then send out an email asking for a reciprocal link sometimes to never hear back. Although key link exchanges are still important in search engine optimization there are ways to increase your incoming links that prove to be more rewarding.

Link Building

A web directory is a internet web page consisting of categorized links to other web pages. They specialize in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. Web directories often allow site owners to submit their site for inclusion. One such web directory is Some sites may offer up to 30,000 different categories. Links provided may be pure HTML- no CGI or PHP. SEO (search engine optimization), ...

The Best Free Directories and SE's on the Web

DIRECTORIES 2 (online versions) These are FAR superior than their paper brothers, and there are many: Vortals (niche or vertical), County, Region or they can cover the entire UK or even World. Space? Er, lets not be silly now. But they are better – much better, as lots can be done web design wise. Some have really quite good services, that can even rival search engine advert specs, but some just don’t have the reach. Personally, I feel that the money is in directories, and it seems that ...

Link Trades That Waste Your Time

Never has competition been so difficult in the Internet world. Google and Yahoo keep indexing more and more pages, into the millions upon millions, and yet more and more people are creating super quickie links pages that are supposed to get other webmasters to want to trade links with them.

Link Exchange Primer

An Introduction to Link Exchange Initially, when the internet was in its infancy, webmasters used links as a way to complement the content of their website and to help their visitors find information. As the importance of links increased, the focus shifted away from helping the visitor to helping the webmaster. This came about as a result of the Grandaddy of all search engines Google begun to implement its concept of “Page Rank” to classify websites in ...

Why Do You Want to Link With A Home Business And Affiliate Website?

No, it’s not a general question for all and sundry. Obviously, there are many who would want to link to a Home Business or Affiliate program related website and for good reason. They would be helping their Page Rank, if that’s important any more however, more to the point, they would be improving their chances of a better ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). But yes, you guessed it, THERE IS A PROVISO. A very important one, that so many people engaged in reciprocal linking ...

Getting One-way Inbound Links: the 5 Major Strategies

Do you know all the major strategies for getting valuable one-way inbound links? With search engines putting a damper on direct reciprocal links, the hunt for the elusive one-way inbound link is on. As someone who works with small business website owners, I've heard just about every inbound-linking scheme there is. In the end, I've only seen five strategies that really work consistently for getting hundreds of links. Yet ...

Link Popularity: Distribute content, not just links.

You've spent many hours trying to increase your online traffic with your linking campaign. You've sent out 200 e-mails pleading with other web sites to trade links with your site. Many of your e-mails bounce back. The requests that find thier targets get rejected for numerous reasons. For example, your Google pagerank is too low or your links pages are dynamic and not static, etc., blah, blah, etc., ad nauseum. Out of those 200 requests, you wind up getting 25 ...

Reciprocal Linking Guide

The Importance of Reciprocal Linking brought to you by NerdLib Software Labs What are Reciprocal Links? Reciprocal links are links with other sites which are usually are related to the theme of your website. The concept is very easy to understand, you link to a site and that site links back to you. The idea behind this goes back to you ...

3 Overlooked Ways to Get Hundreds of Links

Copyright 2005 Tinu AbayomiPaul Did you know that there are free ways that you can get links back to your blog overnight? That after a few days they can number in the hundreds? No matter what you market on the internet at some point you'll face the issue of increasing the number of visitors to your site. What most people don't know is that there are literally hundreds of ways to get free traffic. Here we'll focus on three ...

Is A Yahoo Listing Still Worth The Cost?

Is A Yahoo Listing Still Worth The Cost? By Dan Thies In October 2002, the Yahoo! portal changed the way it delivers search results. In the past, the most prominent results were exclusively culled from websites listed in the Yahoo directory itself. Since October, sites listed in the Yahoo directory no longer enjoy this privileged status. The Google search engine now drives the primary search results on Yahoo. While ...

Driving qualified traffic using Directories

Driving qualified traffic using Directories Some education is essential to enlighten you about this form of interactive marketing. Directories aren’t Search Engines; they are web sites or information portals which use analysts on staff to review submissions from companies who want to be listed in their Directory. Yahoo would be the penultimate example of this type of a portal. But there are literally thousands of other sites that group and list web sites based on ...

Turn Your Links Page Into a Topical Directory

Turn Your Links Page Into a Topical Directory To rank well in the search engines you need incoming links. Search engines consider an incoming link a vote for your page. That link will be more valuable if it comes from a site that is somehow related to your site's topic, and if the link anchor text includes your keywords. In a previous article, we discussed reciprocal linking and outlined a process to get high quality inbound links. This ...

Low Quality Web Directories

Low Quality Web Directories 27 July 2004 Why are Directories Important? Since search algorithms are just programs without intelligence they must rely upon the intelligence of humans to structure their search results. Some search engines such as Google make it extremely rewarding for a webmaster to list their site in many different directories. Building links from many different websites from different IP ranges meshes your ...

Improving the ROI of Web Directory Submissions

Improving the ROI of Web Directory Submissions Submitting your web site to web directories is a great way to build high-quality inbound links, increase your PageRank, and improve your SERPS. The Internet now features a large number of both general purpose and specialized directories. The ...

Proper Directory Submissions - Part II

Now for some specific requirements and techniques for each directory listed above. Yahoo! Yahoo! charges $299 on an annual basis to be listed in their directory. You can still submit to some non-profit categories for free but there is not much chance that a Yahoo! editor will ever get to your submission and review it. Therefore even if the category you want to be listed in has a free submit option, it is recommended that you pay the $299 and you will be ...

Proper Directory Submissions - Part I

Part of the overall process of submitting one's website to the search engines is getting your site listed in the top directories. Directories are different from standard search engines in that a search engine will query a database of indexed websites before it produces results and a directory is a database of websites that have been arranged by subject. Directories do indeed have search functions but the websites are still listed in specific categories of which one may search by ...

Open Directory Project guide

By David Callan The Open Directory Project (ODP) based at [url][/url] is perhaps the most important directory any webmaster can submit a site to these days. Even more important than Yahoo? You might ask. Well yes in my opinion anyway, you see the ODP, formally known as NewHoo not only operates its directory from its headquarters at but also supplies its directory data to such big player engines as Google, AOL search, Netscape Search, Lycos and Hotbot ...

Submitting your Web Site to Free Directories

Submitting your website to the various online directories is an important part of any Link Popularity campaign. Whilst your traffic from many directories may be minor or irrelevant, relevant incoming links to your website will help in your overall search engine link popularity. Other than Yahoo!, which is quite frankly beyond the reach of many smaller websites, paying for your directory submission can be a waste of money. You can get just as good a resultfrom submitting to free ...

How to get directories to submit your site - with this 5 steps guide!

So you have completed that new site and want to start your site promotion campaign by getting listed in some directories? Well,definitely a good idea, because those directories will provide you the initial thrust needed for visibility of your web site. But then how do you find those directories to submit your site to? No need to despair! Help is at hand! , allow this simple 5 steps guide help you out with your campaign: 1. Check out ...

Are You Submitting Your Articles...?

SUMMARY: I anticipated a reaction to the introduction of this new software [Jason Potash’s “Article Announcer”]. I was right. I chose to submit last month's article, "Penury Perpetuates Poverty" the "hard way," one by one to various submission sites on the Internet. Out of about 80 submissions, I discovered about 25% have temporarily (I hope) ceased accepting new authors/articles. Some submission pages came up with a 404 Error upon clicking the "submit" button.

Introduction to Link Exhange - Part 2

How to Link In the first part I looked at Link Exchange generally. Now I'll take you through the fun part of actually obtaining useful relevant backlinks. If you are convinced about the benefits of linking, the question in your mind must be - "Yes, but how do I go about obtaining incoming or backlinks?". There are various ways you can go about this, depending on whether you are seeking pure backlinks - the best kind; or whether you are prepared to settle for reciprocal links ...

An Introduction to Link Exchange - Part 1

As competition among websites increased, attention turned to the search page rankings in major search engines. Since ranking highly for specific keywords could “make or break” a business, webmasters started looking for any method to increase their ranking. By examining the algorithms of Google and other search engines, it became clear that a high value was being placed on the number and quality of links pointing to a website. As a result, most webmasters realized the importance of finding ...

Reciprocal Linking Scams, What to look for and How to avoid them

Reciprocal linking scams have increased immensely during the past year. Initially we thought that this problem only related to gambling and casino related websites but an audit of our commercial link partners suggests that it is a serious problem within the broader online community.

Importance of Reciprocal Links

The Importance of Reciprocal Linking What are Reciprocal Links? Reciprocal links are links with other sites which are usually are related to the theme of your website. The concept is very easy to understand, you link to a site and that site links back to you. The idea behind this goes back to you scratch my back I scratch yours. Some sites have specific requirements when linking. For example some sites might have restrictions based on content, page rank, or even domain names. So why are they ...

10 Ways To Extend The Reach Of Your Site

10 Ways To Extend The Reach Of Your Site by Titus Hoskins Successful websites extend their reach far and wide! They build links, connections, partnerships, or use whatever means they can to extend the reach of their sites. By extending their reach, these websites create greater exposure, bringing in more targeted traffic, leads and sales. You should do the same with your site. It will greatly increase the importance of your site - boosting name recognition and increasing your site's ...

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