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Link Popularity Articles

Link Popularity Articles

Within this article we list 10 top ways to improve your websites link popularity

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Site's "Link Pop" 10. Post comments in discussion groups and on message boards. Be sure to make useful, relevant statements based on topics being discussed. Comments that only contain a link will usually be deleted or banned. If you make valuable contributions, people will want to find out what else you have to say by visiting your site.

Do Reciprocal Links Work To Increase My Page Rank?

Reciprocal links work like this. You will put your link on someone else’s website and they will be able to list their website on yours. It is a trade off. But, there has been a lot of controversy about these links. Do they work to help improve your page rank in search engines? Do they hurt your page rank? Should you bother investing in them? To answer these questions, take a moment to consider both sides of the coin. The bottom line, to most webmasters, is that they are capable of working for ...

5 SEO Tasks You Should Do Every Day

There are five simple tasks that you need to do daily to keep your site on top. Here they are: 1. You need to start off by managing your links. This involves making sure that none of your current links are dead, and you should also check if there are any sites linking to you that you don’t know about. If your site consists of a large number of links you should make sure that they aren’t getting out of control and get rid of anything that is no longer relevant. Also make ...

How To Kick start Your One Way Linking Campaign

One way linking is probably the dream of every Web master who is striving for better page rank. While we usually hate to have links on our websites that point to pages where there's no reciprocal link, we'd love seeing our one way links on other people's pages.

The Value Of Good Link Partners

As you already know, good link partners are vital to the growth of your website. Without good link partners you won’t be ranked highly in the search engines, and you won’t receive the traffic you need to gain new customers and make new sales. Building high-quality links to your website helps it to succeed.

Tips for successfull link building

One of the most important aspects of your website is the building of links with other sites. Not only does this gain you additional traffic, but more importantly, it enables you to build a better and more relevant placement with the search engines.

Seven Things to Avoid When Looking For Link Partners

Designing a Reciprocal Link Campaign can be a tricky endeavor. As a webmaster, you must choose your linking partners wisely. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself one question: "Will this be a valuable resource to my readers?" If you view it as a legitimate, valuable website, chances are Google will too.

Not All Website Links Are Created Equal

If you've read anything in the internet marketing arena while trying to promote your website, you've no doubt come across the advice that you need to get links to your website in order for it to do well in the search engines. I'm not here to tell you otherwise, only to point out that when someone gives you advice on getting links, don't assume that any and all links are helpful or desirable. You need to learn to go after links that will give you the best results for the least amount of effort.

You're not linking, they're not coming!

Large companies tend to spend huge amount of money on the web. They put in so much with banner ads and did all they can not to mention a single external link on their site. They're really missing it big time.

Link Building Basics: Using your Establishes site to help your new site

With the web growing at such a phenomenal pace, many businesses and webmasters are looking to capture just a little more market share.

Analyzing One-Way Vs. Reciprocal Links

"These days, I've heard alot about one-way links being better than reciprocal and worth more in respect to pr rankings. If possible, could you please offer me some insight on reciprocal vs. one way links."

The SEO Benefits Of Link Building

If you are a Webmaster looking to break in on the benefits derived from link building then you are not alone. Thousands of webmasters just like you, each day, are attempting to establish a strong link building net for myriad reasons. Why? What is it about link building that has got webmasters scouring the Internet looking for a way to establish links with other, similar websites? The reasons and vast benefits of link building are described below:

Why you need to have a text link strategy and how to get started

If you have been on the internet more than 10 seconds you know what a text link is -- a word, or group of words which can be clicked to direct a web surfer to another page or site on the internet which will provide information related to that word or group of words.

True Reciprocal Link

You may be familiar with automatic link exchange services, however, being a member of several of them I can assure you there are some shady webmasters out there who do not reciprocate after they have agreed to exchange or they hide your reciprocal link "in the back" where the automated link exchange software can locate it as directed, but the search engines will never find it.

Tips For Exchanging Links :: Make It Count!

Reciprocal Link Exchanges can increase your website's visibility in search engines... If they are true reciprocal links. When making Reciprocal Link Exchanges, Make it count!

SEO Friendly Good Directories

Summary: Are article directories the new SEO link directories? As 1990s-era link directories fade into relative irrelevance, article directories offer new opportunities for one-way inbound links. There are currently about 200 of these directories, none of which charges a fee.

Text Link Strategies - A look Forward

We all know that incoming links are an essential element in getting a domain or webpage to rank well in every major search engine. However, there is much debate about which text link strategies a site should employ.

Stinking Linking Thinking

How many times have you heard "A link has to have this PR or that PR to be of value" or "link only to relevant sites" and a myriad of other "Expert" advice on the value of links and reciprocal links?

Reciprocal Link Exchange Strategy

A good link exchange strategy is not about how many link exchanges you can make and how quickly you can make them. It's all about picking and choosing quality exchanges in order to.

Is Directory Submission Obsolete?

“Directories are sooooo 2003.” “Remember BlueFind?” “I thought Google hated directories.” Many people think that directories have become obsolete. The truth however is that while their SEO importance has decreased in the last few years, they should still be an integral part of link building for new sites.

Solutions for 50 Backlinks with PageRank greater than 2

Today, no one can deny the importance of backlinks in Search Engine Optimization, especially in Google Optimization. In this article, you can find some solutions for the goal of 50 backlinks with PageRank greater than 2 for new websites. When this goal is archived, I'm totally sure that the pagerank of your website will be boosted to at least 3 in the next update of Google.

One Way Links Are Given And Accepted With Love And Are For Ever — Grab Them!

Unlike Reciprocal Links, One-Way Links also known as Inbound Links are obtained by you or in fact given to you with Love and for ever. Yes,they have come to stay. One-Way Link is a link pointing to your website from another site. You do not have to link back to that website. In other words you need not reciprocate. One-Way Links play a vital role in increasing your Link Popularity.

Link Relevance

We are constantly being told by SEO experts and the Search Engines that the importance of a link is determined by its page rank and relevance to our own web sites. Consequently when developing a linking strategy we should only be concerned with relevant links. That is other web sites which have some connection to our own. For example I run a web site devoted to providing a variety of cleaning services to commercial clients throughout the UK, so a relevant site would be a cleaning machine ...

The New Reciprocal Link

Any internet marketer will tell you about the importance of your ‘linking strategy’ in getting your website indexed and ranking highly in the search engines.

Why Link Farm and FFA Submissions Are a Bad Idea

Before search engines got smart, a site's page ranking was based on keyword match-ups. When webmasters stock-piled their sites with keywords, the wrong sites were getting too much attention. Google decided to focus on a site's "popularity" instead. The number of incoming links became the focus of PR criteria. The theory behind this system was that if a lot of sites link to another site, that site would contain valuable content.

Understanding Inbound Links and their Benefits

Link building has arguably been the most important factor and one of the core focus areas for most companies and webmasters wanting to improve their rankings within search engines. It’s no secret that every major search engine heavily weighs inbound links for their search results, including natural occurrences of those links, anchor text being used within their search results, and quantity or quality of those links.

How Link Pop Affects Your Website's Page Rank

What is Link Pop? Link popularity, sometimes referred to as "Link Pop," plays a very important role in determining a website's visibility among the top returned search results. Your site's link pop will be determined by the quality, quantity, and relevance of the other websites that link to your page.

Your Key To High Search Engine Placement: Links

One thing has become abundantly clear in today's Internet: you need to place well in the search engines if you want to succeed with your online business. Every search engine ranks pages based on slightly different criteria, but one that is consistently critical is the number of incoming links lead to your page.

Text Links And Page Rank

There are literally billions of web pages out there. Everything you can imagine, businesses selling all sorts of goods and services, information for free and for sale. Saying that the internet is a phenomenon is not doing it justice. The internet has, in fact, changed everything. It may sound cliché, but there has arguably never been an invention in the history of humankind that has such a major impact. Indeed, the only thing that may even come close is the advent of agriculture millions of ...

Why Your Website Needs Inbound Links

Most web-savvy people quickly learn why they need "links" from other sites pointing at theirs. Your inbound links are one of the most important ways of getting yourself known in your field, generating traffic to your website, and influencing the search engines to notice your site.

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