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Internet Articles

Internet Articles

Just What Is 'The Internet'? An Introduction for Student Researchers

Just as students are confounded by online library resources, so are they confused by "The Internet" (also commonly referred to as "The Web"). In fact, these terms are often used interchangeably, even though both refer to different tools; in fact, the World Wide Web is actually one portion of the Internet. Though students tend to lump everything that's available online into a singular category, each individual resource is different, with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Money to be Made Online

Millions of people go online every day, looking to make money. Some are just looking for a little extra cash, others want to turn a hobby into an additional source of income, and there are those who are looking to build a home based business of some kind. Regardless, all have one thing in common: The desire for making money online.

Web Search R Us

Is there anything you can’t find with a web search these days? It seems like it’s all covered. Buying, selling, news, stock quotes, song lyrics, recipes, addresses & phone numbers, you name it. You can find it on the web. Using or or or any of the other major search engines, you can find everything. Nowadays when we are looking to buy or sell something, most of us check the web. Ebay is the big one. You can find nearly ...

Multiple Streams Of Income: Free From Net Surfers

You can make multiple streams of income on the net without high tech, high advertising cost(or no advertisement at all), expensive softwares, and even without a product of your own.

Is The Internet An Invention Of The Devil?

Before you decide one way or the other if the Internet is straight from the pit of hell and something to be feared, consider the following quote that does an excellent job of reminding us to use a little forethought when confronted with new ideas and inventions:

Online Pen Pal and Online Pen Pals

Online pen pals are an amusing way to meet people as fast as you can click. An online pen can help you to meet people that you may have not met otherwise. When looking to find an online pen pal, here is what you should know. There are some free online pen pal services and then there are those that charge a minimal fee. Although a little fee may sound like an inconvenience, you need to be cautious of the fly-by-night online pen pal services that do not appear to have many members and have no ...

History of the Internet

In this paper I will cover the internet’s experimental beginnings, the commercialization of this technology in the present, and what the project that is taking place that will probably be the future of the internet.

What the Internet Gurus Don't Tell You

The Secrets of Internet Marketing The Secrets to Internet Marketing, which I’m giving you here for free, are: • Identify a need. It may be a product or a service. A product can be anything from an Angel Fish to a Zebra saddle. A service should save time or money (time is money). It could be software to reduce time-consuming processes or to make a process easier to do. • The product or service should be consumable or lead to the sell of back-end products. I use ...

How to Start an Online Business Part One

Getting involved in the online business world is a relative simple process. Whether you just want to make some spare income or become the next Internet business mogul, you have to start somewhere. It is best to start with the basics and work your way up from there. The goal of this informative article is to allow you, the reader, to start an online business quickly.

Internet Access Protocols: How Does the Internet Work?

The Internet consists of a number of individual computers, each of which are connected to a single network. Access protocols, in turn, govern these connections. Internet access protocols are essentially rules that facilitate communication between individual machines (computers) and the Internet. Programs, such as web browsers and search engines, use Internet access protocols to search for and retrieve desired information. However, no one piece of software has access to every file ...

Phone Vs. Email: Which is Better for Conducting Online Business?

How do you conduct your internet business? There are two primary types of communicators as far as I can see: the emailers and the phone callers. What category do you fall under?

How and Why You Should Build a Content Site… Tips so Easy Anyone Can Do It.

There are some that say you don’t need a content site, just set up a good squeeze page and that’s all there’s to it and in many cases they are right, but it really depends on your business model.

Relax Your Clients & Improve Your Sales!

Your clients, the most important part of any business. This not to say that the other things you do aren't important but lets face it. If you don't have any clients then you really aren't in business. So converting "possible clients" to "clients" is the toughest part of business especially if they are not use to purchasing online. I mean I am online every day for many hours(at least 6 hours a day) but still I don't purchase that much online. Actually in the past 6 years of ...

Be a Chameleon and Succeed Online

Recently, I received an e-mail asking how I know which direction to take my business and how I've lasted so long in an arena of here today and gone tomorrows. What was the secret to my success? My initial reaction was that there really is no "secret."

Google and Sun a Partnership to Kill Microsoft or a Deal with the Devil?

While the implications could be huge and far reaching, only Google knows for sure what it wants. We can speculate however and that’s what this article is all about. Is such a deal good for Sun (and Google) or is it a pact with the devil?

Internet Basics: Browsers Are Like a Cake Pan

Ever make a cake? (If not, CLICK HERE to download one for FREE -- just joking.) When you make a cake, you take some of this, and some of that, and even a bit of the other. Then you mix all the stuff up into a big goop in a bowl. Finally, when everything's in the mix, you pour it all into a cake pan where it gets cooked and shaped into the final product. That's what browsers are like. A browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, is used to cook up and ...

Be A Good Email Sender 7 Habits To Cultivate

Do you ever get an email from someone, roll your eyes and think "Oh it's him again". You know the type who never stops forwarding you crass jokes or life's teachings you never read. Email is by itself great. It's fast and easy but those very same qualities also make it easy for us to pass along stuff that simply intrude on other's routine. Add to it the spam issue that's going to be here for a while, email is no longer as enjoyable as it used to be. So when you're ...

Is Online Business Optional?

Today I would like to discuss with you this simple question - is it optional for you to be involved in some sort of online business or is it a modern life necessity?

Power of Contacts in Webmaster World

Like in every business, be it international trading, publishing or retail business, you need contacts in order to be successful. Internet business is not an exception.

Stop, Relax and Prosper – The Forgotten Formula for Business Success

Everyone’s looking for: the new angle, the undeveloped niche, the hidden ‘vein of gold’ just waiting to be mined. Anything seems possible if we just work harder, better, faster than the next marketer waiting to capitalize on an opening.

Internet Basics: The Internet is Like a Refrigerator

Ever stop and think about how cool a refrigerator is? (pun intended) And what makes refrigerators even cooler appliances is that they’re not just one big icebox. You got the crisper section with vents to keep veggies fresh. You got the dairy section with a sealed drawer to keep cheese nice and dry. Then there’s the super-insulated freezer section, the easy-to-reach condiments section, and with each section comes the great things it contains. Put it all together and you ...

Need A Website? You Have 3 Options

When it comes to building a website, most individuals and small business owners think you either have to do it yourself or hire someone to do it. Web builder software is often the better option for this group by far.

Be A Good Email Sender - 7 Habits To Cultivate

Do you ever get an email from someone, roll your eyes and think "Oh it's him again". You know the type who never stops forwarding you crass jokes or life's teachings you never read. Email is by itself great. It's fast and easy but those very same qualities also make it easy for us to pass along stuff that simply intrude on other's routine. Add to it the spam issue that's going to be here for a while, email is no longer as enjoyable as it used to be. So when you're ...

Free E Card and Free E Cards

A free e-card is available to any online surfer to send to a friend, relative or acquaintance for a variety of purposes including birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or special events. The free e-cards can be downloaded and attached to an email for sending. A free e-card is an electronic card. Every person at one time or another has sent or received cards in the mail. The most popular being the birthday or Christmas card. With free e-cards, the recipient can receive a card from the sender ...

Google Vs Yahoo: A Comparative Analysis

As the search engine wars heat up between Yahoo and Google it's very interesting to note the similarities and differences between the two. Both companies are based in Silicon Valley with only 5 miles separating the two of them. Google has approximately 3,021 employees whereas Yahoo employs 7,600.

Niche Markets How To Uncover A Good One

Internet niche markets are currently in vogue, but are really nothing new. In marketing, we've always been taught the route to sales success is: "Find a niche and fill it.". In fact, so long established is the concept, guys in togas, selling chariots in Ancient Rome, probably strove hard to find their own unique niche.

Free Greeting E Card and Free Greeting E Cards

A free greeting e-card is an inexpensive way to send a warm message to someone you care about. You can get a free greeting e-card for just about any occasion whether it be for a birthday, sympathy or a holiday. Free greeting e-cards are only available online, but are very accessible. There are numerous websites that offer them. If you want to get the most out of free greeting e-cards, take the following advice about finding them and personalizing them.

Free Musical E Card and Free Musical E Cards

Free musical e-cards are available on the Internet and take only a matter of minutes to send. They are created by special websites, which either email the free musical e-card to the recipient or email them a link to see the free musical e-card. They are extremely convenient, especially if you don't remember a birthday or anniversary until the day of or the day before. To make free musical e-cards work to your benefit, you'll want to find the best ones from the best free musical ...

The Power of Web Forms

Web forms allow site owners to gather information about their site visitors. Web forms can be as simple as an email newsletter subscription box, or as complex as an advanced ecommerce checkout page. Here are some tips on making the most of your web forms.

Making A Living Online

Making a living online is not a difficult process for someone with drive and determination. It involves developing a strategy and sticking to it. There are many options available for you to make a living online. These include promoting and selling your own product or promoting and selling someone else's product as an affiliate.

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