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Internet Articles

Internet Articles

Doing Business Online, Will you Make or Lose Money?

Most entrepreneurs these days think getting a website and some product to sell online is a great way to make money, also, most advertisers make it seem quite easy with all the bells, whistles, promises and the marketing tools they present. To think of it these marketers themselves are actually tying to make a sale, so they pump you up and let you go with a product that ends up in your recycle bin. Most of the times you will realize at the end you have wasted hundreds of dollars on the ...

Comparing Web Booking Engines

It seems that the Internet is full of applications that allow tour operators, independent hotel and motel owners and packaged vacation providers with online booking capabilities. Many of these booking engines are extremely expensive and many are not. Some are hosted and some are stand-a-lone. So how do you choose one that is right for your organization? Here are some important things to keep in mind as you begin your research and compare the products.

Chain Emails, Hate'em!

This week I received for the hundredth time a chain email that’s appallingly stupid. This one announces the closing of, the popular free email service. As it explains, the user must send the chain email to all of his/her friends in order to avoid the cancellation of the service. It goes like this: since administrators don’t know who is really using the service nor the real popularity of it, they are sending this email to contact all their users and find out if the ...

10 and a Half Traits of Successful IT Contractors

What are the factors that make a contractor a success? As we’ve worked with IT contractors over the years and helped them, we put together a list of traits we believe are important to achieve success as an IT contractor.

How To Find a Legitimate Internet Business and Avoid Scams

With the vast development in the usage of internet, we find that internet businesses are mushrooming all around us. While the internet marketing is indeed a powerful concept with gigantic earning potential, some irresponsible business players have pollutted the pond by their scams. People who have once fallen victim to these scams, may then cut themselves forever from any involvement with internet business. This way they have also shut the door on ...

Avoid Unnecessary Online Purchasing Frustrations

Many online gamers are experiencing frustrations with the restrictions imposed by some financial institutions in regards to online transactions, but there is no need to worry.

Turnkey Online Businesses - The Sad Reality

Millions of people are looking for that dream business, one where you just have to buy a package, switch it on and the money rolls in, without you doing a thing. It is a dream.

Creativity and Philanthropy on the Net

In doing some recent research regarding the effectiveness of internet marketing sites, specifically, their tactics and strategies for getting traffic to their website, I’ve come up with one inescapable conclusions. Let me illustrate it by this joke:

On Denial of Service Attacks

I was thinking about this attack pattern after reading about the DDoSattack on theMillion Dollar Homepage. The site's owner was asked for $50,000 in exchange for the attack being halted.

Why Aren't You Making Money On The Net?

I had reason to ask myself this question some time ago. The more I thought about it, the clearer the answers became.

The Birth of Internet Access

Isn't it interesting how we always seem to take for granted some of the most significant technological breakthroughs that have helped propel our society into the 21st century? Internet access is one such technology that has changed the way we work, live, and play. The Internet has become such a necessity in most of our daily lives that we hardly even give its significance a second thought. We use the Internet for personal communication, our finances, entertainment, dating, news, ...

Reseach And Facts About Internet

In year 2000 the total number of Internet user around the world was 400 million and it will exceed one billion by year 2005. By the end of year 2005 the number of worldwide Internet users is expected to triple to a whooping 1.17 billion.

GooglePage and AdSense Solutions

GooglePage (tm) is free and easy to use. GooglePage offers 41 page skins (templates) and a simple editor to create pages. Simply add text, upload pictures, video, music and files, click “publish” and your page exists on the world wide web. Google offers 100 Mb of space and is coupled to your GMail account. As with all Google services, there are adequate official and non-official help pages and forums for (or GPC) which is still in testing phase (Beta).

Email and Merlot Don't Mix: 3 Things to Help Email Smarter

As children, some of us had a primer to electronic messaging (e-mail, Instant-Messaging and Text-Messaging). Texas Instruments created the predecessor to today's interactive and animatronic "Leap Frog" toys, it was called "Speak-And-Spell.'

Why Aren't You Making Money On The Net?

I had reason to ask myself this question some time ago. The more I thought about it, the clearer the answers became.

More Characteristics of Internet Millionaires

You've read about the top 5 characteristics of internet millionaires, but there are additional characteristics that you'll find every internet millionaire possesses. If you want to emulate their success, begin today to cultivate these same qualities in yourself!

The Top 5 Characteristics of Internet Millionaires

If you want to join the growing numbers of internet millionaires, your best bet is to learn from the best. The trail to success has been blazed by thousands who have come before you, and their achievements can teach you how to make millions with your own internet business. These successful millionaires have many traits in common that you, too, can cultivate. Here are the top 5:

How to Trick Out Your MySpace Profile

MySpace is great because of the huge amount of freedom you have to change your MySpace profile. Using the profile tools and methods below you can trick out your profile to make it interesting and keep people coming back.

So You Want to Start an Internet Business - Now What?

The lure of cyberspace as a place where one can become wealthy virtually overnight, and enjoy a life of leisure and financial freedom, has caused more shattered dreams and disillusionment than it has delivered happiness and prosperity.

Starting an internet home business can be very daunting.

If you do a search on the internet at the moment for home business opportunities the response from the search engines is immense. There are so many home business opportunities at present for people to explore. Some of these opportunities can be very good, however beware as there are many so called get rich schemes advertised. These schemes state things like 'earn thousands per day with only 5 minutes work'. An internet home based business just like any business requires determination, ...

Focus Is A Key Ingredient For Online Earning Success

The worldwide web, and it's vast resources, has created a fascinating world of opportunity, open to anyone with the will to better their financial situation. Never before in history has there been a time where there were so many choices of how to earn money. Traditional careers, and the time and cost of education for them, are no longer your only choices. Online marketing has made it possible to literally make millions of dollars. All it takes is one good idea, the right combination of ...

The Internet Is Full Of B.S.

When I was a small boy on my Grandmothers ranch in Montana I was given a funny little device called a B.S. grinder. I’m sure some of you have seen or at least heard of one. It was a small block of wood with two grooves routed in it, one grove extending horizontal and one vertical. It also had a crank with two small rectangle blocks attached to it that were connected into each of the grooves. On the back it had these words. “In Case Of B.S. Turn Crank.” The object of the small contraption ...

Chitika - Is it really that good? Rating: $$$$ out of $$$$ Company Overview: Chitika is a relatively new company that offers an affiliate program for their eMiniMalls product. If you haven't seen it, eMiniMalls uses some slick Javascript code to very easily embed product related reviews, shopping links and more into your web site. Chitika currently is paying 60% of overall revenue your site generates, on a pay-per-click basis. Webmasters have reported very HIGH CPM returns with ...

Inside a Web Hyperlink

A hyperlink, also called simply "a link", is a reference in a hypertext document to another document or other resource. It is an integral part of the hypertext transfer protocol (http) for World Wide Web, but it is used also in offline documents, such as .pdf (portable document file, Adobe Acrobat native format) and in .XML (extended markup language). Hyperlink can be used to fetch content and save it, view it as a separate document or display as a part of the reference document.

Beware the Internet Shark - Hypocrites

If there is one thing I cannot stand more than anything else, it has to be the internet shark-hypocrite. What do I mean by this? An internet shark-hypocrite is one who goes around parading like your best friend in cyberspace, one who can help you achieve whatever your heart desires, when in fact he is really a lying shark ready to pounce on you at the first scent of blood. In the days since the internet boom, shark-hypocrites have multiplied to the point at which a person in search of some ...

Redirecting Web Traffic to a New Location

If you have to move a website from one domain to another, it will mean that all the links pointing to your old site would now be lost and would generate the dreaded 404 error when visitors came in via old search engine listing or links.

3 Fast and Easy Ways to Boost Online Profits Right Now

Sometimes in our haste to earn more money from whatever we’re selling on the Internet, we forget to do some simple math. Though it is often true that the more you sell, the more you will make – it is not the only way to increase your “bottom line”.

Untapped Markets - Mousewives and Silver Surfers

As Google shows that internet surfing has overtaken the TV as a pleasure activity, mums (and house dads) living in suburbia are revealed as the new audience for websites.

Separate Website Vs. Subdomains

Separate Website Vs.Separate Subdomains? If you have content somewhat related to each other ex. home loan, home insurance, home remodeling etc. and the content for each of them is large enough for a separate website..., then is it good idea to have separate websites for each of them or have Separate Subdomains?

Kick Start Online Business

Yes, it is now pretty much easy to get an online business to start off within days, if not within hours! However, too many people simply believe that anyone can just get their online business start off and pick off with no effort.

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