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Internet Articles

Internet Articles

How to Start an Internet Group and Get It Going

On October 9, 1998, I started my first group with a group service called Onelist later sold out to e-groups, and e-groups eventually sold out to yahoogroups.

What Is A Brochure Site?

When you look around and research what people think the purpose of a brochure is you find suggestions such as: “The first question you need to ask yourself is ‘What does my company want this brochure to do?’ or ‘What purpose will the brochure serve?’ and ‘What target audience is it intended to reach?’”

Getting Into and Around Google Without Getting the Boot!

Getting indexed in Google and making our websites available to the world via the top search engine remains one of the biggest challenges for webmasters, myself included! It takes more than just submitting your URL to Google’s directory, so I have taken it upon myself to find out a few things about how Google works, what services it has available, and how to get in, and stay in!

Married To The Web

So you’ve made the leap into e-commerce; now you and your mate are the hosts of your own site and on your way to achieving your entrepreneurial dream. It started with a “niche” of an idea such, in my case, a site that offers luxury beach home décor! And you initially supported this germ of inspiration with research, (demographic and psychographic and anything you could find in USA Today,) informal cocktail party surveys, water-cooler focus groups, maybe even conversation or opinion, ...

4 Essential Points For Building Successful Online Communities

Many new internet startups and websites rely on building communities, many fail for various reasons but there are always lessons to be learned. I've been lucky enough to be put in charge of re-developing a site which already has an active community so I've spent some time trying to discern what makes or breaks an online community.

Keyword Research - The Backbone of Optimization

Readymade furnishings: how do you rate this keyword phrase? Is the phrase popular? How many people search the phrase? These questions came up when I had a chance visit to my friend’s place. She was optimizing web content for one of her clients who dealt in readymade furnishings business. She was thorough in her work – the title, the meta tags, the headline, the alt tags, the keyword-rich contents, and so on. Yet the traffic was thin, ranking less than satisfactory and conversion to sales ...

Get, Set, Go - Web 2.0

A few years ago Bill Gates peddled the idea of Convergence. It was the new mantra then that became a buzzword for the Internet Industry. Of course that promised marriage between the Television and the PC/Internet didn’t quite materialize.

IP Addresses: Finding, Understanding and Using

IP addresses are like real-world addresses, they are identifiers for computers or devices connected to TCP/IP networks. The entire TCP/IP networking protocol is based on the concept of a unique IP address for every object connected to the network. Messages sent via TCP/IP networks are routed to their destination based on the IP address.

Article Writing for Internet Marketing - A Myth

I recently read an interesting article on article writing. It was published in SiteProNews - as far as I am concerned, the 'Google of Newsletters'. It is my ambition one day to get an article into SiteProNews!

Great mistakes firms made going online

Simply having a Web site or obtaining e-commerce capabilities will not result in increase of sales rate or value of your business. Although the Internet allows for the break of geographical barriers to reach a wider audience, the website will still not guarantee increased revenue until you can successfully market it and draw your prospect customers' attention. Following are some ways the Internet can help you increase your income by obtaining more leads that convert into customers.

Getting the Most Out of Your Email Service

When you work from your website as a home base to talk to your customers on a regular basis, you need a reliable form of communication. In the old days, a handshake and a smile were the best ways to greet customers, both new and returning. But today, as you acquire customers on the web, you need to have a way to make them feel welcome and attended to while they are shopping with you online. The most effective way is of course email.

How to Run a Contest on Your Website

A contest is a great way to attract traffic to your website. However, handling contests manually can become very difficult if you receive a huge number of entries.

Turning Your Forum Signatures Into Cash

It also serves as a quick and easy way to get a lot of links pointing back at your site and can help get your pages spidered faster by the search engines.

Rich content makes a Website attractive

When somebody does a great website with all systematic advertising aids at place, one expects instant success! Many do not realize that it is the rich content that ultimately matters. Take an example. There is a website with rich content. The author found it hard to understand how to channel an advertising link to it. Least she understood about the links. But she could do one thing regularly, and that is to write and update her content with relevance. After two months, she ...

Certification Q&A: The Basics Of Certification

* What does certified mean? There are four accepted meanings of the adjective “certified” but only two of which satisfy the needed meaning. To be certified means to be endorsed with authority by an institution or a person with higher position after one successfully meets certain requirements. Another meaning is that a person is qualified to do a certain job as supported by an appropriate document better known and regarded as a Certification.

Start Using Web Site Analysis Tools - Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Web site analysis tools can contribute to design decisions to improve visitors’ online experience but also to inform site owners, business owners about the performance of their Web sites. However, in many cases, eBusiness Managers, Webmasters or Web operations managers, start deploying Web site analysis tools just as a ‘nice to have’ tool. Instead of measuring performance and comparing it to the business objectives, they mostly communicate the raw analysis data to senior management, ...

Beware: Google Selling Video Ads

In a bold move, online advertising and search giant announced it will start selling online video ads this week to distribute across its partner network.

Web 2.0 Babble

The seeming collapse of cyberspace in 2001 became a point upon which web trends turned. People predicted the end of the cyber era. However, this is all part of a vicious technological cycle of peak trends and shakeouts. It is at this point, that real success is measured. And the development of Web 2.0 is just that.

Starting a home internet business from scratch?

What is so fascinating about starting a home internet business? Is it the allure of working from home? Is it the idea that there are millions of people out there on the web?

Internet Merchant Account: Behind the Scenes

Internet merchant accounts are a type of bank account for online business owners that have the sole express purpose of receiving credit card payments from credit card companies. They hold these payments for a brief period, usually less than a day, before being transferred to a regular bank account chosen by you, the business owner. Internet merchant accounts work together with your payment gateway or online card processor to handle credit card payments automatically.

How to Build a Site to Get Search Engine Rankings (Part 1 of 2)

There are many ways to get visitors to your website but none are as desirable as search engine traffic. It’s highly targeted (provided you build your site correctly), has the potential to drive large numbers of visitors to your site and, best of all, it’s free.

Search Engine Optimizing Press Releases

It is becoming common knowledge that a website that expects to get the most out of its search engine results must search engine optimize its content in order to achieve the highest possible ranking. What is not as well known is that website content isn’t the only type of writing that can be search engine optimized to produce a favorable outcome for your website.

Leverage your Expertise Through a Membership Site

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners, over a period of ten to twenty years of operating their businesses develop a terrific sense of what is required to succeed in that business. Some of these entrepreneurs and business owners then go on to leverage that knowledge by establishing themselves as consultants to young companies seeking to make a mark in that industry.

Directories Post Big Daddy

Unless you are a webmaster or attentive to the developments in SEO there is a very real chance you do not know of “Big Daddy”, but Big Daddy definitely knows about you –or at least your website. Google’s latest update is impacting directories all over the world. Described by Google as not a mere algorithm, but a ‘major infrastructure update’, Big Daddy (satirically referred to on some bulletin boards as ‘Big Brother) seems to be an oddly appropriate name for a Google update ...

Big Daddy Update

If you own or run a website and are trying to increase your search engine ranking, you are probably very interested in learning more about the Google Big Daddy update. Google is one of the major search engines that determine site ranking and also one of the most popular among those searching for information. Many webmasters and online businesses design their content around Google’s site ranking policies. While Google will not go into great detail in terms of describing the ways that they ...

We're All Experts in Something: Web Income Sources for Infopreneurs

Let's face it - we all have a vault of experience and information in the back of our heads, shaped by our experiences. We're all an expert in something. Maybe your expertise is family-related. Maybe it's something health-related, such as struggling with a serious illness or obesity. Maybe you've worked within a certain industry for 15 years or managed to juggle two jobs, raise three kids, and still finish your college degree on a shoestring budget. The truth is that if ...

The Public Domain: Ten Things You May Not Know About It

There's a little known world of free-to-claim products with unlimited profit potential, an Aladdin’s Cave of ready-made products for you to locate in minutes, re-package in hours, and sell as your own. It’s called ‘The Public Domain’ and it means you can legally copy and sell other people’s books, maps, films, and more, with no ongoing fees or royalties of any kind to pay … EVER! Here are ten more things you may not know about the public domain …..

Is It Possible To Earn Millions Online?

The short answer is “yes,” because some people are actually doing it. However, there are more people losing a lot of money trying to earn millions online. A realistic scenario is somewhere in the middle, where one is earning enough money to make it worthwhile.

Google Pages Demystified

It is now about 2 months ago that Google announced its new Service (currently in Beta) with the name "Google Pages" or "Google Page Creator" (Url:

How to Compete with Free: Debunking the DRM Myth

The media is abuzz with reports of illegal music and movie downloading, peer-to-peer file sharing and the related ongoing legal and legislative battles being played out in our courts and in Congress. Most of these discussions perpetuate a myth that existing, or soon-to-be-developed, digital rights management (DRM) technologies are the key to solving the entertainment industry's piracy woes. As support for this notion, many cite Apple's successful iTunes music download service. The ...

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