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Internet Articles

Internet Articles

Are You Losing Sales Because of These 4 Simple Website Mistakes?

Losing website sales and traffic is sometimes simply a case of web usablity - your website just isn't clear to your visitors. By fixing these simple mistakes, you'll easily increase your conversion rate and make more online sales.

The Hidden Fortune in Website Stats

Most people never bother to look at the statistics program that comes with virtually every website because few realize the gold mine of information it contains.

Your Name on the Line

I might be in “big” trouble. Because someone persons hacked into my email box. I don’t know who they are. But I am worried. No; scared. Because I know its implications. And these may be far reaching—even, incriminating. And I may just be visited, any day from now, by Interpol or the local police. And arrested—like one of my unfortunate friends—for any of the dozen or so cyber crimes.

Web Content Management System fr Window: Search Engine Typos

Oops! I meant “web content management system for windows.” Do search engines understanding consumer search engine typos? Typing something so close to what you are looking for, like typing “web content management system fr window” instead of “web content management system for windows” may not seem like a big deal, but search engine bloopers alter consumer searches more than we know.

Knowledge From the People, For the People

I’ve heard about it a lot but until today I had never checked it out, Wikipedia the free on-line encyclopedia. ( Now this is a pretty cool invention, let me tell you. This is an encyclopedia made by the masses for the masses, and anyone (even you) can add or edit pages. This means that if you’ve got a piece of knowledge that you think is worth knowing, after checking that it is not out there already you can add to this huge body of knowledge that is growing ...

E mail Week is June 13 19: Let's Review Proper E mail Etiquette

E-mail is everywhere. Everyone uses it. But is it being used correctly? Just like the dreaded book report or business report, e-mail messages require proper grammar and usage. Businesses are especially vulnerable to improper e-mail usage because it could affect business in a negative way. Since the internet and e-mail are a vital part of business operations today, a few tips, or guidelines will help business owners make the best impression on their customers, suppliers, and associates. Here ...

Is the Internet History's Greatest Hoax?

For a while there, the Internet and the World Wide Web showed great promise. They whispered sweet nothings in our ears, promising to be the voice of the marginalized, the new democracy, the great equalizer.

How To Choose A Work At Home Business Opportunity

There are plenty of ways to do business on the Internet, but they can be basically divided into 2 groups:

What's With All This Fraud on the Internet?

I’ve got faith in humanity, but what’s with all this fraud and theft on the Internet? My friends in the web hosting business have recently informed me that the big problem this year (2004) is security and fraud. I have read that currently the F.B.I. receives over 9,000 complaints per month pertaining to bogus email and websites. Why is this happening? Are just a few ‘bad apples’ doing it, or is it the result of a lopsided world economy where the underprivileged are finally ...

Membership Site

Many membership sites function as the newsletters and phone trees of old. They are gathering places, of sorts, where members can go to feel connected, get updated information and get a general idea of what is happening with their organization. Membership sites can be a great tool for improving member retention.

Online Business 8 Powerful Reasons To Start Your Own

I wish I had discovered the magic of online business earlier in my life. The benefits of having one are enormous, and there’s no major risk for starting one of your own as of today. So allow me my fellow reader to give you some of the great reasons for starting your own online business right now. Here we go...

People Just Don't Answer

Same old story. You sent an email to someone you thought would be interested to do your project and also would be interested for an additional client, but they didn't answer.

Emotional colors of the web

In many ways the web is the ultimate medium. It lets you communicate with anyone anywhere at anytime. We can really and safely say that the web can be the fourth medium after print, radio and television. It has since replaced the old ideas, challenge conventional wisdom, and deliver the most up-to-date, dynamic, helpful, extensive information right in your desktop literally.

12 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

12 Ways To Make Money From Your Website 1. Sell Your Content. See any specialist magazines who's interested in publishing your story and sell it to them for a minimum price. 2. Sponsorship. Be on the look-out for big corporations who will buy part of your website and make them your sponsor. 3. Sell Banner Ads. You can either sell click-thru ads or pay per display banner ad. 4. Sell Directly On Your Website. You can sell the following: ...

Enticing Visitors To Return To Your Site

What's the best way to make your visitors return to your site? I will mention at least seven things for you to do.

10 Factors That Make People Buy Online

Most of the people who visit your site will still find the idea of ordering online unusual. So your site needs to inspire visitors with confidence. It should say that yours is the kind of company that does things right, and that if they order something from you, it will be a good experience.

Impulse Click And Buy:

Is making money on the web impossible? I think not. Large companies don't have any problems with this one. But the web levels the playing field so that a high school webmaster can design pages that sells more than a site designed by expensive web design companies.

A New Scam Hits The Web

New Twist On An Old Scam Virtually anyone with an email account eventually receives a message running one of the oldest scams in the book. Often referred to as the "Nigerian Letter," this scam involves getting a message from someone in a foreign country claiming to need a way to get 21.5 million dollars out of the country (the first country used in this scam was Nigeria, hence the scam's name). He knows that you "are a trustworthy individual" and if you'll just ...

Some Free Stuff Still Survives Online

Way back in the good old days of the Internet (mid to late 'Nineties), you could find all sorts of free "stuff" online.

Internet Based Business Models – Part 1

Getting Started At Home in Your Very Own Business Internet Based Business Models – Part 1 I’m going to congratulate you again. By reading this you are already displaying the #1 most vital ingredient to enjoying success.. persistence. Keep it up! This time I want to talk more about the choices you have available to you as a person wanting to get started in your very own business. There are so many ways to do it I couldn’t possibly cover them all here. ...

Do We Really Need The Internet?

As someone who earns their living entirely online, I considered myself the last person I ever thought would ask the question, "Do we really need the Internet?"

Away Messages for Beginners

With the surge of instant messaging - whether through AOL, Yahoo or one road runner giving a letter to another - there is now the need for good away messages. An away message is similar to an answering machine, telling a friend, relative or stalker of one's absence and then kindly asking for a response. In order to help society - since we all know that's my general goal in life - I have been thinking for the past four minutes of possible away messages for general worldwide usage. But ...

Is the Internet History's Greatest Hoax?

For a while there, the Internet and the World Wide Web showed great promise. They whispered sweet nothings in our ears, promising to be the voice of the marginalized, the new democracy, the great equalizer.

The Secret of Her Success

Dspite all the "dot-com" busts a few years ago, the Internet still represents the ultimate opportunity for some people to turn their initiative, a good idea, and a few bucks into a legitimate, profitable business.

Al Gore invented the Internet?

I met an interesting guy the other day at a coffee shop. We got to talking about Internet content, SPAM, E-commerce, websites and actually had some others join in our lively conversation. What was interesting that is every one there knew the joke about Al Gore inventing the Internet, but only one of us, me, knew who really designed the deal. Shouldn’t anyone who plays or makes a living on the Internet at least know who REALLY invented it? Well, let me recommend a really good book to ...

Using the Internet to Manage Your Family's Finance

The effectiveness of managing family finances has never been more significant, as parents struggle to find a balance between work and family life. A recent study by Mother and Baby magazine has found that new parents are getting less sleep than previous generations, with new mums struggling to manage their exhaustion.

Ideas and Ideologies

While the inception of penicillin brought a bit of a stir, and the television warranted some focus, it is somewhat easier now to fashion an idea into something sustainable.

Email Etiquette: 7 Tips for Better Communication

Working for yourself is a little different than working for a company. You can't rely on HR to take care of the details. You're not going to run into someone in the break room where you can say, "Hey did you get my email?" You have limited chances to communicate with your clients and collaborators, so you want to be as clear as possible. Here are some tips on proper email protocol that will help foster your business relationships and help people to remember you as an exceptional ...

Exploring How The Internet Can Help You!

The key to building a successful business online or offline is to look for an exsisting market that needs something you can offer them. Find the problem FIRST before you start trying to find the solution.

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