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Internet Articles

Internet Articles

The Underdog's Solution: How to Break Into and Conquer Any Industry Online

While the Internet has created entrepreneurial opportunities for the likes of both Fortune 500 companies and sole proprietors working out of their basement, the fundamental entrepreneurial dilemma still remains: how can entrepreneurs break into an already established market?

Creating A Downloadable File

Almost everywhere you look on the Internet there is advice on what to sell off your website. One of the most common recommendations is “Information.”

Web Content: How Much Should I Pay?

How much should you pay for web content? It depends on what you can expect to get back on your investment. Find out how a web content writer can increase your site's revenue 20% or more.

Business Website Content Theft: 3 Myths

Myth 1. Web Content Theft & Other Internet Copyright Violations Are Hard to Pursue. At least for written content, search engines make internet copyright violations easier to find and pursue than violations in print. It is very easy to take injunctive action against a copyright violator; it would be a waste of money in most cases to go to an attorney. Simply file a DMCA complaint with Google, Yahoo, MSN, other search engines, any advertising programs of which the site is a part, and/or the ...

Seecrets On Internet: An Ant Watching Giants Fight Part 2 (Google vs. Yahoo vs. Microsoft)

A new message reveals itself whenever there is a change within our society or culture. This is the effect of a new medium. With this early warning, one can identify the new medium before everyone knows it – which could take months, years or even decades.

Vendors and Online Communities

I've seen it happen in every online community I've been part of. The owner of a business related to the topic at hand stumbles across the discussion, and seeing an opportunity to gain some new business, jumps in headfirst - offering their products or services as the solution.

Doing Business on the Internet

Internet Business Opportunities The Internet is definitely the place to look for business opportunities. It’s positively bristling with web sites promising earnings of anything from £24,000 in 24 hours to $Millions within a year! Leaving aside the scams and cons and the plain over-optimistic, there are many genuine Internet-based opportunities. No matter what the blurb may say, remember that all businesses require work, and keep in mind the saying: “If it looks too good ...

The Internet: Best Source for Local Information!

You really don't need to be a statistical expert to see that everyone's eyeballs are glued to computer screens everywhere you go. Think about it. Your family, friends, and coworkers are all looking up different things online that they need to find. Very often, it's local information they seek. Walk into any school campus, library, Internet cafe, or even a Starbucks and you'll see the same scene -- people online, and for hours at a time!

Global Economy and Small Business

The global economy, if used properly, can benefit many small businesses by providing a worldwide marketplace for their goods or services, and it can also be a resource for buying cheaper goods and services. Most companies focus the benefits of the internet on acquiring new customers and cheaper goods, but not services. Small businesses still look locally for graphic designers, media kits, marketing consultants, printing services, programmers, and all sorts of services that can be found through ...

Shopping Search Engines, The Benefits and Explanations

The Shopping Search Engines are a new breed on the Internet market, they are a research tool for both consumers and retailers. Using a shopping search engine the consumer can search at once more than one merchants, products and look at the prices in only one place.

Google's SEO Advice For Your Website: Content

The web pages actually at the top of Google have only one thing clearly in common: good writing. Don't get so caught up in the usual SEO sacred cows and bugbears, such as PageRank, frames, and JavaScript, that you forget your site's content.

Web Conferencing 101

Copyright 2005 Richard Keir First, a small disclaimer: No matter how you slice up conferencing solutions, the categories you use to group them are mutable and subject to instant revision. Combinations of various elements make some applications basically impossible to categorize. Depending on how you look at it mail lists are even a form of conferencing and so is email. Real-time versus asynchronous is even becoming blurred as text, audio and video merge in varying combinations. That said and ...


Many people know how -- and do conduct themselves in the real world properly. However, many people are unaware that this same conduct needs to be applied online as well. Net etiquette is basically the rules you should follow while in Cyberspace. These seven rules are what I learned on my Cyber journey and what I try to follow while on the Internet – let’s see if you agree.

Messageboards, A Great Resource But Be Ready Before You Post

I’m sure most people who are reading this article have run across a messageboard or two on the internet. There are several that I frequent and they are a very valuable resource for information on a chosen topic. If you’ve never contributed to a conversation on a messageboard, you may feel a little scared or inadequate at first, but please, if you have information that will contribute to the quality of the board, be sure to contribute as it’s those wonderful people who take the time to ...

How To Maximize Your Profits With Forums

Forums are one of the most effective free internet marketing strategies, if done correctly. Many people participate in online forums for different reasons. Especially in internet marketing forums, they use it for getting advice and answers to their questions.

Google Is Not Only A Search Engine!

When you now organize a street interview and ask people "What is Google", I assume more than 90 percent of the people answer that Google is a search engine. Indeed, Google is a search engine and it is probably its core business, but Google is much more!

Internet Scams 101 -- Attacking You Through Your E-mail

The Internet is filled with scams, and eventually they wind up in your e-mail box. The ingenuity of these people is astonishing. Their goal is usually to get you to click on an e-mail attachment, so they can infect your computer with a virus, a tracking cookie, and/or a trojan horse.

Internet Scams 102 -- Hijackings and Spyware

My friend Janice is afraid to go on the Internet because of the terrible things that might happen to her. She views a simple trip to get e-mail the way she views going alone, late at night, to a dangerous part of town.

Internet Scams 103 -- Stealing Your Credit Information

Because my business takes me all over the Internet, I have the dubious honor of being on three e-mail sucker lists at one e-mail address and one more at another address. Which is good, because all three at the one address send me the same warnings: my eBay account has been frozen, ditto my PayPal, and an amazing variety of banks need me to update my records.

Internet Scams 104 -- Particularly Vicious Scams

Some scams use the name of organizations we trust, and they are the most vicious. Awhile back scammers sent an e-mail supposedly from the FBI. The address seemed to be, and the message told you that you had accessed illegal websites and that your Internet use had been monitored by the FBI’s “Internet Fraud Complaint Center.” You were then told to open an attachment and answer some questions. The FBI says that this e-mail is a scam. If you open that attachment your computer will ...

Internet Scams 105 -- The Most Vicious Scam of All

Not all e-mail scams are vicious. Some are kind of old-shoe, and a person would feel fond of them, except they are still cheating people out of their life savings. I recently got this classic:

Seecrets On Website Promotion: Results Of Open Source Marketing Plan After 2 Months

Dave Chase in his column at iMedia "Sugarshots: The Big Picture" expounded on the virtues of Open-Source Marketing Plan. In his article, Dave explained the main ideas came from James Surowiecki's "The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations."

The Click Fraud Problem

Click fraud has become a major problem for online marketers. If you participate on Google Adwords campaigns or Overture, you must already pay a lot for your campaigns.

Fat Cat On The Internet

I saw a reference to the term "fat cat" as I was in the middle of doing some little bitsy thing on one of my sites, one of those that you know is not going to make you RICH, it's just a question of sending perhaps 20 visitors a month one way, instead of another.

Search Engines The Masters Of The Internet Universe – Part 1

Trillions of Billions of content pages make up the wide world of Internet. Keeping a house clean and arranged with proper placement for each household item is so big a task for each of us that it is a much despised daily chore. Ever wonder who or what keeps the Internet clean organized and keep them in arms length for you when you need it? This humongous task of making sure the right set of data is kept organized and delivered as information to the right folks when they need it are done by ...

Search Engines The Masters Of The Internet Universe – Part 2

“This is a continuation of the pervious part, split into multiple parts for keeping the article size manageable.”

Successful Online Business Is this for you?

If you are planning to take your business online (or starting a new online business), learn from someone who is there. This story will take you from the initial idea to implementation. Read about the lessons learned and the pit falls to avoid.

The Most Important Principles for Internet Success

For the uninitiated, setting up an online business can be made so much more difficult if the correct path is not followed initially.

Why Submitting Articles Gnaws at You Like an Unsent Thank-You Note

Copyright 2005 Off the Page Writing and Submitting Articles is More about Psychology than Writing Skill I’ve discovered that even when a person understands the benefits from writing and submitting articles, there’s seldom a snowball’s chance in h*ll that they’ll do it. Psychologists have a word for it - it’s called resistance. The mind may know, even agree. But for most people a negative mental loop gets in the way of actually writing. People have long-practiced justifications why ...

To MLM or Not to MLM

Whether you want to be your own boss or you want to be handsomely rich, the internet offers great possibilities. Maybe too many!

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