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Internet Articles

Internet Articles

The 5 W's of an Online Business

An online business, as with any business, requires careful planning and consideration. It starts with asking the right questions and researching all the possible answers.

Help Your Online Customers Feel Confident Even If They've Never Heard Of You

The Internet world is truly exciting – there is no limit to what you can learn or how much you can earn. Every day, thousands of new people are staking their claim on the Internet, and putting up their own personal online storefronts, proudly displaying their wares to millions of potential customers.

Will The Internet Marketing Mafia Try To Silence You, Too?

Thousands upon thousands of people today have a dream – that of making money online and being able to control their destinies. They want to say goodbye to the slavery of a job where they are working for someone else. They’re tired of getting permission to go to a simple doctor’s appointment or their child’s school play. They know that with a business of their own, there is no limit to their income potential if they are willing to work hard.

6 Frightening Pitfalls of Ready Made Websites

A question I am asked everyday is "Do I need to have my own website built or can I use a pre-made one? " Good question. Most people who ask this question are looking at shopping malls, affiliate programs, network marketing, or business opportunities to make money whereby the company gives them a website already built with the bells and whistles. My experience has taught me that having your own website built is the right way to go. I know, it costs a little more money but it is well worth it. ...

The Internet Life without It

For seven days this month, my Internet connection ceased to be; apparently (according to the engineer) because the cable-modem box thingy gave up the ghost. Seven whole days with no link to the outside world, except for the telephone of course, which isn’t quite the same is it? Now normally a very short period without Internet access would not cause too much of a problem; fortunately I can complete most of my work off-line so I saw this as only a minor inconvenience.

10 Top Ways to Explode Your Online Business Profits

Do you have an online business that's not generating the online income you expected? Well if it's any consolation, you're not alone. Many online businesses have experienced the 'deadly silence' of the Information Super Highway at some time. If you're selling a product or service online, the necessity for website traffic is obvious, but the methods used to steer visitors to websites, seems to be constantly changing.

Tips for Finding Quality Content on the Web

Understanding how to locate high quality content online can be a strategic advantage for small business growth.

IM + Etiquette = Netiquette: a guide to using IM at work.

Colleges all over America are blocking standard Instant Messaging ports, yet strangely more and more businesses are encouraging employees to use IM. Especially in large offices, IM is much quicker than using the telephone or sending email.

AOL Gives Up The Ghost

The company that dominated dial-up Internet use is coming to grip with the future. As broadband use increases dramatically, AOL has watched subscriptions decline and advertising dollars move to Google, Yahoo and MSN. Facing approaching irrelevance, AOL has decided to act.

Google For Goooooooood - Is Google Searching For Divinity?

Google For Goooooooood - Is Google Searching For Divinity? © Copyright - 2005 Titus Hoskins

10 Keys to Creating a Profitable Online Business

10 Keys to Creating a Profitable Online Business Starting an online business is not always as easy as it may sound. But, running an online business has many benefits over its offline counterpart. First, and the most appealing, is you'll most likely be working from home from your own computer, and working the hours that suit you. And secondly, you have the potential to make a lot more money than you would if you were working for someone else. Before embarking on an online entrepreneurial ...


There is a new branch of the Web growing like a well organized storm cloud. This recent trend on the Web can be used to strengthen your presence with major search engines and reach an active audience that is highly interested in your content. Welcome to the world of "folksonomy" and "tagging."

Copyright Theft - Fraud Gone Rampant

Illegal downloading of music gets high profile publicity. However, those are not the only illegal activities taking place online.

Seecrets on Google: Almost Everything You Want to Know About Google

This article takes a look into real Google-related issues, perhaps whimsically. It will also legitimately challenge for top rankings for the keyword "google". Whether it succeed or fail, interesting results should be forthcoming.

Create Huge Income From Your Web Site - 10 Easy Ways

The cost of setting up a web site is dirt cheap nowadays. You can register a domain for less than $2.00 as I write this (for .info domains). Hosting is also very cheap, and getting cheaper all the time.

It ALL Starts With A Click

1. Use reverse psychology on your banner ads. You could tell people not to click on your banner ad. For example "Don't Click Here If You Are Comfortable With Your Looks"

Making Your Online Testimonials More Believable

1. PICTURES Ask people if they would e-mail a picture with their testimonial. If they don't have one scanned you could have them send their picture by mail and you could scan it. This technique will give your testimonials more credibility.

Tribal Business on the Internet?

The problem with internet marketing, web design, or even referral sales is that all of these companies, web pages, and assorted flashing banners are made by people who are specifically out to make more money. There is no common cause, there’s no personal help outside of “I’ll help you make me more money.” The competition is still there, just as it is in the outside world. It’s a breeding ground for wealthy arrogant “consumers” or “hopeful” castaways from a crumbling social ...

One Man's Quest For Ethical Internet Dealings

Remember the first time you bought something over the Internet? Making an online purchase can be nerve-wracking when it’s an unfamiliar experience.

Web Analytics More Than Just Numbers

UNDERSTANDING YOUR USER'S WEB SITE EXPERIENCE According to, Web Analytics is defined as, "the monitoring and reporting of Web site usage so businesses can better understand the complex interactions between Web visitor actions and Web site offers, as well as leverage that insight for increased customer loyalty and sales." By tracking movement and monitoring the path and activity of site users, Web analytic tools provide valuable information about ...

Web Site Etiquette

Contrary to what some may believe, the Web is not an anything goes environment. Considerations and courtesies need to be implemented by all users so that everyone can look forward to a more enjoyable or productive experience.

A Simple Way to Make Money Online

Most people believe that making money online only involves putting up a website selling a product or service, and then promoting it.

Keeping your kids safe online - slang every parent should know

Do you know what your kids are up to online? Of course you do! You’ve blocked all the porn sites, set up filters, and even have a monitoring program to let you know if your kids are talking about sex, or porn, or meeting up “uncle bob” from the chat room. You’re a smart parent, but you probably have no idea what your kids are up to online.

Internet becomes a major source of counterfeits: Counterfeit & Piracy Report

Counterfeit and piracy seizures and losses for June exceeded $623 Million (USD), as reported by Gieschen Consultancy. The Internet now accounts for 13% of incidents where counterfeit and pirated goods are sold. Intellectual property theft incidents (trademark infringement and copyright violations) also reached its highest level this year at 42% of all counterfeiting activity.

Internet Income Squeezing The Juice Out Of The Web

Think of someone you know who makes money from the internet. If you don’t know anyone personally then think of someone you know of who makes money online. It could be someone in your upline or your favourite guru if you like.

Surf Smartly

Internet is a place to find something – be it Information, Money or Relaxation. But it is not easy to find the desired,adequate and reliable information in a flash. Suppose we need some information about soccer .What we do ? We use some search engine.Most of search engines will give you thousand of results.Now you have to click the links .More than 60% among them will be irrelevant(you can get a link to a place named after D.Soccer)Then check whether it has the information you are ...

Promote Your Article

Promote Your Blog Well, you've joined the others and have created a blog. It is time to tell the world about your online journal. Most blog services generate an RSS feed. If your blogging software does not create an RSS feed, consider using software like FeedForAll to create an RSS feed. Like blogs, RSS is growing in popularity and is a great way to spread the word about a new blog.

The Saga of the Annoying Adware

When we think of adware, what comes to mind are those annoying and pesky ads that pop up out of nowhere whenever we are surfing the net. Anybody who has surfed through the net has encountered those irritating pop-up adwares advertising everything from computer software down to Viagra. Adwares are some of the most derided objects in the web alongside viruses, spyware and other malicious softwares and programs. Although adwares are alleged to be the most benign form of spyware, most web users ...

Life Beyond The Internet

Am I letting the Internet take over my life? I sit here on my one day off this week and think about how I have spent the last three or four months of my life. Except for the time I put into my regular job, all of my attention has been focused on my computer. I even eat at my desk while continuing to work. In February, I learned how to create a mini-site and had one up by March. I tried all kinds of advertising, paid and unpaid, ordered every report that promised the skills, ...

Business Website Content Copyright Violation Scare

It seems everyone who has a website is worried about having their copyright violated by web content thieves. But are web content copyright violations really such a big problem?

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