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Ecommerce Articles

Ecommerce Articles

Are You Wasting Your Time In Pursuit Of Money?

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh There was a time when I had no idea how I could earn money on the net. I had just purchased my computer and got an internet connection. I knew nothing about internet beyond checking my mail and do search. I do not remember how I got started but after a while I started searching for money earning opportunities on the net. I would sit and search for long hours every day. I would search till my eyes get sore. I was wasting my time but I did not know. Everyday I ...

E-commerce, a no nonsense business perspective (Part 2)

Copyright 2005 Oliver Phillips. May be freely reproduced "as-is" for private or commercial use. In Part 1 of this guide, we focused on the potential applications of e-commerce and explained in detail the first 5 of my "Ten Golden Rules of e-business" In Part 2 we recap on the rules, and explain in detail rules 6 to 10. The other document in this series is also avialable at Ten Golden Rules of e-business 1.Start re-skilling now. If you don’t have huge financial backing your ...

The Web: Your Window of Opportunity

Thinking about starting up a business? The web is the way to go. Look around! More and more, people are relying on the internet as an information resource, a way to foster personal relationships, and method of purchasing goods and services.

Identity Theft: The road back

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine mentioned that one of his co-workers recently recovered his stolen identity. I asked how long the process took. "Only two years" he replied. Compared to the six year nightmare suffered by one of my business associates, "only" maybe appropriate. However like most victims of identity theft, my friend's co-worker probably thought in terms of "when". As in, "When will I get my life back?"

Finding Keywords Straight From The Bank...

Copyright 2005 Kurma Group I still remember the day I read about this strategy in an excellent newsletter and was blown away. I went straight to my computer and started using what I learned and I was amazed at how much money I made! I had found golden keywords straight from the bank – or at least ones that went straight TO my bank! What keywords? MISspelled keywords. That’s right – I actually found profit in something people are doing “wrong.” Any time someone spells a word wrong ...

We'll fix that later...

Copyright 2005 Ron Hutton Wife: "Hey honey, the brakes seem to be leaking on my car." Husband: "We'll fix that later." (BAD ANSWER) Wife: "Hey honey, how's the new website coming along?" Husband: "It's up and live! It may not be perfect, but we'll fix that later." (GOOD ANSWER) Wife: "Hey honey, the sewer is backing up and the toilet is overflowing all over the master bathroom floor." Husband: "We'll fix that later." (BAD ANSWER) Wife: "Hey honey, have you started with ... Solicits business in the Nordic countries. a name resounded for its quality and workmanship in custom tailoring is now looking for business development in the Nordic regions which remains a rather new market. After a spectacular response from the UK and US markets is planning a rapid expansion.

How A 11-15 Year Old Kid Can Help You Produce Smooth Flowing Marketing Messages!

Copyright 2005 Nick James Have you heard the phrase - a person who DOESN'T read, is just the same as a person who CAN'T read! Pretty insightful. But, listen to this: of the people who do read, 90% of them (NINETY) do not even get passed the first chapter of a book! Staggering, but true. So, what can we learn from that? For starters, the majority of people only read the things that really interest them, and, turn away from all those things that B-O-R-E them. (The number ONE ...

How to Make eBay Pay You $25,000.00 per month

Copyright 2005 Anthony Samuel There are many ways to take your business to the next level. There are a lot of strategies you could employ to bring in an extra $25,000.00 dollars each month. Unfortunately, few of those strategies are free, and even fewer promise to work for you as hard as the eBay Affiliate Program. The eBay Affiliate Program will be your business ally, equipping you with easy cash flow and more business tools than you can imagine. The Program works with all kinds of ...

Science of Advertising and How to Benefit From It

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh It is very important to realize that persons buy from you. It is the mind at other end of the internet who will decide a sale from you. Thus it is very essential to know how your customer's psychology works. What is the process that goes in the mind who reads your promotion? An understanding of the whole process will make you achieve your goals and build your business better. Many a theories have been developed to explain the process when person views ...

Is there a shortcut to successful online business?

Copyright 2005 Richard Grady There has been quite a discussion in my forum this week regarding the latest online 'craze' to generate fast money.... In fairness, this method of earning quick cash has been around for quite a few months but it is just starting to trickle out to the masses as more and more people realize the potential and jump on the bandwagon. In case you have missed the forum chat, the overall concept of this opportunity involves using software products such as Traffic ...

The Hidden Key To Making Massive Amounts Of Money From Your List

Copyright 2005 Rick Miller Would you like to know the secret to quickly making money from any list, regardless of size? What will you do with the extra money that you'll generate when you use this strategy? As you *read every word* of this article, you'll discover how to quickly position yourself so that readers on your list will eagerly pull out their credit cards and give money to you. Michael T. Glaspie, one of the pioneers of viral marketing, recently revealed his most effective ...

HOW to Use Fear to Your Advantage

Copyright 2005 Jason Tarasi The invisible force surrounded him, squeezing tightly around his chest. His eyes became wide and bewildered. Suddenly his mind raced with dark thoughts, his stomach churned, and he became engulfed with a sense of hopelessness. This man had just come face to face with FEAR. Now he had a life altering choice to make, one that we all must face: Fight it off, or let it destroy his dreams. You will never face a more worthy adversary than your own fear. It knows all of ...

Five Ways to Kill Your Home Business

Copyright 2005 Craig Friesen I know it is better to be positive than negative. But speaking from experience sometimes you can do things that are bad for your home business without realizing it. You might even think you are doing the right thing when in fact you are hurting your online business. So here are some "top 5" ways you can throw your work-from-home opportunity down the drain (and how to avoid doing so): 1) Have no plan, vision or goals. Sure, you may find success in your home ...

E-commerce, a no nonsense perspective for new business

Success is about making fewer mistakes Why you should read this Guide Whilst failure is one of the best ways we can learn, learning from others’ experience is far less painful - and that’s essentially the point of this guide! Learning from others makes achieving your own goal quicker and easier, plus lets face it, making unnecessary mistakes is just plain dumb! Spend just 2 hours digesting the information in this guide and you could save years of trial and error. Which route do you ...

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