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Blogging Articles

Blogging Articles

Blogging for Your Work at Home Business

Were you aware that Blog is now an official word in the dictionary? Do you even know what a Blog is? If you have a work at home business, you ought to learn. Blogging is an effective and inexpensive way to promote your work at home business. It is simple and can yield good results.

Business Blogs, Does Your Company Need One?

I’m often asked by clients and prospects whether or not their business should blog. While there is no universal answer, there are guidelines to consider. In general, blogs make more sense for business-to-consumer companies. But whether or not you are a B2C company, you should evaluate a number of factors including your brand equity, your target audience, and your internal resources to reach a decision regarding your blogging commitment.

Google Blog Search: What You Should Know

Google is moving in so many directions, it can be somewhat difficult to keep track of all the services and tools offered by this premium search engine. For the seasoned webmaster as well as the ordinary surfer, keeping a clear picture of what Google is offering is sometimes a little overwhelming.

Blogged Down

When I decided to join the rest of the world and start blogging, I went a bit crazy trying to decide where to blog. The only thing I was absolutely certain of was that I didn't want my blog to be associated with the word "diary." When I think of diary it conjures up an image of myself as a young girl writing her deepest secrets in a small pink book equipped with lock and key to keep out forbidden eyes of parents, relatives and friends. I preferred my blog to be a plain old blog.

New Google Blog Search is Great Marketing News for Business Podcasts, Blogs, and RSS Publishers

Google just introduced Blog Search in beta yesterday. This new search function allows for you to search the internet for Blogs, Podcasts and RSS feeds. You simply type in your keywords and it will show you results that have come from these sources.

How to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly and Widely

1. Submit your blog to all of the directories listed on Pingomatic will ping 15 services all at once.

Google Blog Search - Another Great Reason To Have an RSS Newsletter

Google recently announced a Beta Version of their Blog Search Engine. Blogs are the perfect tool for a Newsletter publisher and now that Google allows users to Search Blogs their really is no better medium to publish your Newsletter (AKA Ezine) then an Online Blog with an RSS Feed.

How To Get More Free Promotion For Your Blogger Blog

Did you know that Blogger is actually limiting your ability to get visitors to your blog? That's right. Although it's free and provides a great service, there is one thing that Blogger could do for you to make it even better. But, as they don't do that, you're about to learn how to do it yourself. Buried deep within the Blogger settings is an option called "Notify", which is described as " is a blog update notification service that many ...

Why Pinging is Good for Your Blog and Your Business!

First of all, if you have a blog then you should ping it. Now you are wondering, what is pinging? Pinging is a way to let other users and other blog tracking sites know that you have updated your blog. You should ping your blog every time you write new content and update your blog. This way others know immediately that your blog has been updated.

Creating A Blog To Promote An Existing Business

If you belong to any of the following groups, then this article is for you. * You already have a business and a website that serves as the official hub for your online sales. The website may be serving as an online store for your enterprise. * You need a venue wherein you can promote your affiliate links. * Your already have a website, which may not necessarily be a commercial one, and it is enrolled with a Pay Per Click (PPC) program, like Google ...

How to Set Up Your Own BLOG and RSS Feed in Less than 5 Minutes

I have a quick question to ask you... "do you know How-To set up your own BLOG and RSS Feed so you Too can take advantage of all the benefits Blogs and RSS(Real Simple Syndication) have to offer you and your business?"

Blog and RSS

If you own a blog and do not update its content frequently, you may end up losing your sites rank through search engines. Not only that, you will lose visitors who come there specifically to get new information. Now, believing that your websites performance is important to you, you need to correct this issue and do so before it causes you to lose these valuable assets.

Generate Traffic with Blogs

Does your site have a blog? A blog is an easy to use communication tool. It can contain information about your product, be a place where you communicate with your customers, or a place to talk with others. If your website is geared towards selling products or putting out information, then a blog can be a great tool to have and utilize.

Finding The Right Blog Template

A blog template is the format in which the blog will appear and how it can be used. If you are designing your website and want to include a blog, you will want to choose something that will serve your needs and not just look good on the page. You first need to decide the use your blog will serve.

Blog SEO - For A Rank Beginner

You've optimized your website why not your blog. Picture it this way. Each new post to your blog is fresh and new. I know you know this - search engines like fresh content. I call it feeding the spider. In this case the food is the new fresh content. What's more appealing fresh fish or fish that’s been lying around for a while? See my point? Fresh fish is always better, who'd stick around smelly old fish anyway? The same with ...

Set Up Your Own Blog Free

I've received a lot of email lately from people asking how they can set up their own blogs for family, friends, or business purposes without spending much money or hiring an expensive programmer or web developer.

Business Blogging: Why You Should Start a Business Blog to Promote and Market Your Small Business

A business blog is a great way to expose yourself and your small business. There are a variety of reasons why they’re such a great marketing vehicle. In this article we’ll discuss the top 5 reasons why blogging for business is so valuable and has so much potential.

The Lucrative Connection Between Blogs And Google

It's no great secret! No great secret that is, unless you haven't discovered what many seasoned webmasters and just plain ordinary folks have found out. "There's gold in them there blogs!" Yours for the mining, or we should say writing. Many people have discovered and are benefiting from the connection between blogs and Google Adsense. A lucrative connection that's earning them extra money each month as they receive their ...

Blogs: The New E Tool

What are blogs? Blogs are frequently updated web pages on which authors post articles about news items, interesting websites, and their thoughts and just about anything that interests the author. Blogs are the newest information age revolution that allows individuals to express themselves to the world. Blogs operate using a content management system, where the blog owner can add, edit, and delete content from the blog to keep it updated as quickly and ...

Blog and Boost Your Search Engine and RSS Traffic

One of the more recent secrets people are using to get their websites in the search engines, the last couple of years, is with Blogs. Blogs are short for web logs and are like daily dairies on the web.

Corporate Blogging: 7 Best Practices

Blogs have become one of the hottest communication tools on the Web. Offering the opportunity for anyone to create their own free Web site, encouraging opinions and interaction, blogs provide forums for individuals to create their own highly personal presentations to the Web audience. They also provide for consortia of all types to experience the sort of online community feeling that was pioneered by early newsgroups and by the phenomenal success of AOL in the 1990s.

Search Engines Rank Blogs Higher - Here is the Proof!

Nearly a year ago, I had started a business blog about a fictitious “paper” startup company and named it BusinessWorks Inc - A Dotcom in making. In this blog, I wrote articles about brainstorming, technology (RFID in particular), created a complete business plan, tips about Venture Capitalists, Vendor evaluation and many other entrepreneur related articles.

Tips on Using Blogs in Your Home Business Website

A trend that has been growing on the web is the use of blogs. These may be quite useful in your home business since e-mail applications including newsletters have been hard hit in recent year due to UCE (unsolicited commercial e-mail) or spam. Blogs are a content delivery method which might eventually replace commercial e-mail to a certain degree. As a matter of fact, a blogs may contain any content that you want. By using them to help promote your home business you are accessing an entirely ...

Why Every Artist Needs a Blog and How to Create an Artist Blog

As an artist, the key to selling more artwork is maximizing its exposure. The internet is an increasingly popular tool for promoting original art, and if done properly, can be quite profitable.

Choosing The Blog Software That's Right For You

If you’ve been hearing all the buzz about blogging and want to know what it is and how to get started, this article is for you. Here we will discuss what blogging is, what blog software you’ll need, and what you can do with it.

Should Affiliates Really Use Blogging and Pinging To Get Indexed?

There seems to be a huge craze lately with everyone trying to blog and ping to get their websites indexed into the search engines. Although this can be a great tool, all marketers should first understand exactly what they’re getting themselves into before starting.

Blood Test for Your Blog

Blood Test for Your Blog? By Nick Smith ( Website: [url][/url] Just like a real blood test tells you which blood type you have or whether you have a disease or not, this article will help you test which type of blog you are writing and what you can do to improve it. Are you contributing to one of the estimated 36.1 million (and growing) blogs ...

Profit Pulling Niche Blogs with Wordpress

When it comes to building and creating profit pulling niche blogs niche sites) Wordpress really shines and really beat heads down.

Blogs: A Fool Proof Way to Attract Visitors

Blogs might seem like an old hat at this time as by now really everyone has one him- and herself. But exactly this fact is what makes them such a valuable promotion tool even for long existing websites (that are no blog and don't have one yet): The wide and large userbase. There are thousands of bloggers around in every kind of niche that will visit every new blog they can find with great interest and thus making great new customers for your existing website. And the best thing is it ...

I'm a Failed Blogger!

I’ve never been popular in my whole life. I think there must be something inside me that didn’t get enough attention as a kid or something because I seem to find myself looking for it all the time. I think about some of the career paths I have walked down: I’ve been a musician, a pastor (who gets to get on a platform and talk to people – getting attention – even if I do have something selfless to say – I like the feeling I get when I feel like people “get it” – anybody else ...

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