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Blogging Articles

Blogging Articles

Blog And Ping Does It Work?

I have been doing an experiment with blogging and pinging, one of the ways which supposedly gets your site listed and ranked higher quicker.

Blog Mania

Do your friends and coworkers turn to you for fashion advice? Are you a bonafide guru when it comes to the hottest designers and trends? Or, maybe you’re a would-be political pundit—the next Walter Cronkite? You could simply have a riveting way of capturing the world around you. Whatever your talent, rant or position, you can share your inner most thoughts in a place called the “blogosphere”—all you need is an Internet connection.

How to Make Money Online with Blogs

You spend hours every day with your weblog. It's become a labor of love. Wouldn't it be nice to find a way to earn some extra money with your weblog?

Kick Start Your Internet Online Home Based Business With Blogging

Short description Blogging has been used for some years as a platform for individuals to record chronological publication of comments and thoughts on the web. They usually include philosophical reflections, opinions on the Internet and social or political issues. This article explains how one could go beyond this to capitalise the strength of blogging to enhance one’s Internet business.

How to Change Your Career With a Blog! Copyright © 2006 Margaret Stead

1) Career Change - Blogs FEEL the future! There is a MAGIC that happens when individuals FOCUS on what they want to do with their lives, how THEY want to make a difference. Suddenly they have a confidence and poise that makes them a very attractive human to be near. Blogs are MAGIC. Three years ago, I started introducing my career change clients to publishing their own blog(s) and their careers literally TOOK OFF! Virtually overnight these people would get ‘legendary’ job ...

Reasons to Start a Blog

Blogging is taking the online world by storm. It is the fastest rising new activity on the internet. It is allowing people to post their thoughts not only about personal things but also about the world at large.

Where Should You Host Your Blog?

Should you host your blog yourself or pay someone to host it? It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a veteran this question always comes up when creating a new blog. Usually someone new to blogging would gravitate to hosting a blog themselves or get a free blog and as time goes by with experience they begin to ponder maybe paid blog hosting isn’t so bad after all. So what is better?

15 Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

There are many factors that make blogs much better than normal WebPages including the speed at which blogs are indexed, ability to submit to blog directories & normal directories, pings and track backs. All these little things can help drive more traffic to blogs. Here are 15 popular techniques you can use:

Blogs vs. Content-Sites

Now, I build content-sites, and in my free time, I still build more and more. To my definition, a content-site is more or less like what James Martell does. I would research for keywords, define my topics, list the content that I want to have in my site, and then start writing (or get somebody else to write for me).

How Good Is Your Blog? Here’s A Free Way To Test It

Ever wondered what people think when they visit your blog? If you’re like most bloggers, you get a few comments but not enough to know whether most people like your blog or not. Maybe they read it, love it, and you never know about it. Or maybe they see something they don’t like and are off browsing before you have time to shout “hey, there’s good stuff here!”

Do You Really Understand the Blog Animal And How He Can Help You?

The growth and popularity of blogs in general has been phenomenal within a very short period of time. Blogs or web logs as they were previously called is where all the action on the World Wide Web is, right now.

How to Find a Niche For Your Blog

It is important to realize that your choice of a niche can have a significant influence on the success or failure of your new blog.

Blog - The New Business Meeting

A very hot Internet driven business initiative right now is a company blog; politicians to consultants, homebased business to Fortune 500 corporations, all are involved in blogging. You may not have a very clear picture of what a blog is and how it can be a useful communications tool for businesses.

Why Google Blog Search Matters to Your Business

According to Google, Google's Blog Search is "Google search technology focused on blogs". It includes search engine results specific to blogs not just in the community, but across the blogosphere at large.

How Business Blogging Can Cause An Increase In Sales

One of the reasons successful business blogging is working for small business is because of many of its direct and in-direct effects. In this series of articles, I’ll be talking about some of these effects and how they occur, including increases in traffic, better search engine results, and the enhancement of online company brands.

Make Money with Blogging

One of the quickest and easiest ways to try your hand at running a web site is to set up a blog. Once you're up and blogging, you can sign up with Google AdSense and start selling ad space. Bear in mind that starting a blog isn't going to bring you instant revenue. You'll have to put some energy into promoting the blog, getting it listed in the search engines, and of course writing quality content that people will actually want to read.

Is Blogging Necessary to Your Internet Business?

Almost three years ago - We used to keep in touch with your customers using phone calls, email messages, and face to face meetings. Today the world has altered. Clients require even more continual updates, yet it's almost impractical to meet with every business contact on a routine basis.

Blog Promotion - Creating A Buzz!

No, I’m not going to start this article off with a cliché such as “a blog is this, they are new, they are so powerful etc etc”. No my friend, if you have read articles about blogging in the past than you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, and I’m sure that you’re getting sick and tired of hearing the same regurgitated garbage that these folks are feeding you.

About Blogs

Unless you're very new to the internet or you've been hiding under a rock for the last year, you already know about blogs.

The Importance Of Content – Adding A Weblog To Your Site

Continuing my theme of how as a small business you can improve your search engine results. In a previous article I extolled the virtues of article writing and in this one I shall consider the practicalities and usefulness of adding a weblog to your site in order to drive more traffic to your web pages.

Corporate Blogs - Good or Bad?

Pete Blackshaw of Intelliseek predicted that blogs would experience anti-hype backlash. The EMarketer report on corporate blogs is one example.

How Using Blogs Can Help Your Online Profits

Just what is a blog and why should you use one? A blog is an online diary or journal where you can post your thoughts, opinions, articles or anything at all for that matter. What it really is is a 'web log', and that is where the term 'blog' comes from.

Blogs and Your Business

There are 600+ corporate bloggers at Microsoft. They use blogging as one of their greatest marketing assets, generating an astonishing amount of online and offline word of mouth interaction. Microsoft takes blogging seriously and these blogs are all linked to the corporate site. They help put a human face on the corporation by injecting individual’s passion for the company. What they are really involved in is building relationships on behalf of Microsoft.

How to Get Your Website Linked To Blogs

Blogs are all over the internet and gaining popularity all the time. Just do a search for anything and see all the results relating to blog entries. Search engines love blogs. Content is king, and blogs can get updated on a daily basis.Also, blogs link to other blogs, and if you have an interesting site you will find you get lots of others linking to you. This is something you really need to focus on.

The Dark Side Of Blogs

America Online (AOL) announced recently they will pay as much as 25 million dollars for Weblogs, Inc. ( in a move to expand their reach even further into the consumer market.

Bloggedy Blog Blawg

“Do you Blog?” This seems to be the new question that is popping up in business and social circles around town, across the country and throughout the world. A year ago almost nobody, except those who were really hip, had heard of blogs, and now they are one of the hottest topics on the internet. What is a blog? A blog is a reverse-chronological log that is hosted on the web, or also called a weblog (blog for short). It can be either formal presentation or a random ...

BLOGS! What They Are... And WHY They're Becoming A POWER TOOL For Internet Marketers

BLOGS! What a crazy name for the "NEWEST" Internet marketing trend to hit the Internet. But, I like it. It makes this new form of communication kind of mysterious in a way, though, BLOGS have been around for quite some time and only recently have been recognized as a VERY valuable asset to Internet marketers. Recently, I was visiting some Internet marketing related Forums and noticed many of the threads having similar "Subjects" saying... "What the heck are ...

How To Get Your BLOGS Site Feed Listed In Yahoo! and MSN Within HOURS Is Easier Than You Think

BLOGS... they seem to be the talk of the Internet marketing world these days, and for good reason.

Simple and Free Ways to Start a Blog

It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to start a blog and it is easier than you think. In fact I would say it is easier to start a blog than it is any other type of website. I will show you haw to get your feet wet in only a few minutes.

Internet Basics: A Blog is Like Aunt Mabel

A Blog is like Aunt Mabel. Ever tell something to Aunt Mabel? She's the one who, no matter what you tell her, everyone else knows about it before you've had time to get home. She's like the main entrance to the universal grapevine. That's what a Blog is like (except a Blog is intentional and desired). Blog is short for Weblog. Say you're going on a trip to New Zealand and normally you'd keep a journal to record the day's events. But Aunt ...

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