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Personal Tech Articles

Personal Tech Articles

Buying a Digital Camera

Digital cameras are what everyone has now these days. They are small and convient. They take great pictures and you can buy from many models. Digital camers are used for everything from taking pictures of animals to people to nature. They work great. They are many reasons why you should invest in a digital camera:

Speed Up Your Computer : Inner Cleansing Tips for Your PC

Renewed energy and vigor applies to us, surfers, as well as to our computers, too. But when web pages seem to load forever in your personal computer, and programs take a snail's creep to complete, then it is high time to do some inner cleansing in your computer so as to make your computer run faster.

Cisco Certification: In What Order Should You Take Your CCNP Exams?

When you choose to pursue your Cisco Certified Network Professional certification, you've got some decisions to make right at the beginning. Cisco offers a three-exam path and a four-exam path, and you select the order in which you'll take and pass the exams.

Three Books Guaranteed to Improve Your Programming Performance / Experience!

The following book recommendations cover what I have found to be the essentials of any good programmer: CreativityGood methodologyPlenty of experience

Screensavers: What Are They And Do I Need To Use One?

What is a screensaver? A screensaver is a program, just like many other programs on your computer. It is specialized by the fact that Windows will utilize it in a specific way. When your computer has been idle for a certain amount of time, Windows can sense it and will turn the screensaver on. The program will then display some kind of graphical design or text that constantly moves around the screen. You will usually see it in action when you walk away from the computer ...

Friendship and Operating Systems

You should have the OS (a s/w program which acts as interface between the system and the user )to deal with the friends and best friends. where as your data base should have different page entities for friends and best friends.

Computer Lightning Damage: How to Prevent It

Imagine this: You leave your home for an extended vacation, taking care to shut all of your appliances and electronic items off. You set your thermostat to an economical reading and make sure that the mail is on hold. You’ve pretty much covered everything, right? Wrong. Now, imagine this: You come home from your extended trip to find that your house has been struck by lightning. Minimal damage has happened to the structure, but you go ...

Stop Annoying Email NOW

Do you get odd emails and wonder how they got your email address? Never been to a porn site and yet get porn emails? Do you get viagara emails? Or any medication emails at all? Home mortgage emails?

Outlook Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Most full-time office workers have an employer-provided e-mail account, and chances are, it's with Microsoft Outlook. Many of us send and receive dozens of e-mails per day. Here are some tips about making the most of Outlook's substantial capabilities when you are the sender. Not taking advantage of what is available is like keeping your brand new Ferrari continually in first gear.

Why Do I Need an External Antenna for My PocketPC?

For stronger signal strengths, lesser static interruptions, and better GPS reception and accuracy, use an external antenna. PocketPC gadgets from HP iPAQ, Dell, and Palm, especially those with cellular phone and GPS capabilities, can work better with various signal enhancers.

How Can The CompactFlash Expansion Plus Improve My iPAQ?

With an iPAQ Compact Flash Expansion Pack Plus, you can go and buy Type I or Type II CompactFlash cards compatible with your Pocket PC's operating system and extend the functionality of your iPAQ. The HP iPAQ CompactFlash Expansion Plus, as far as PDA handheld accessories go, is indeed a smart buy for your PDA.

On Wall Home Theater Speakers

First step after you decided to have theater speakers at home is to choose the suitable product. Speakers can have various shapes and characteristics and some of them are pintable. There are two kinds of on wall home theater speakers. The round speakers are usually integrated in ceiling and rectangular speakers suit better in walls.

How the Heck Do CDs Actually Work?

Most of us use CDs and DVDs almost every day, yet few people have any idea at all how they work. To make matters worse even less is known about the difference between a CD-ROM and CD-R. Understanding how different types of media work, what they cost and the advantages of each can be very valuable when deciding how to proceed with your next project. Asking for only what you’re familiar with may be comfortable, but isn’t necessarily the best use of the technology or your budget.

Five Tips to Buying The Best MP3 Player on the Market

You have decided that you want -- no, you deserve -- the best MP3 player on the market. Although "best" is always subjective, there are a few things that every top-quality MP3 player should have. Use this handy guide for choosing the best MP3 player for you.

Backing Up Compact Flash Card

Compact Flash card backup: the benefits Backing up one's Compact Flash card has a number of benefits: storage, convenience and reliability. Backup for storage First of all, backing up one's Compact Flash card to a laptop is great for storing all kinds of data, stored on a card, like images, audio files and what not. Since Compact Flash card size is limited (to 4Gb for now), backing up one's card can be a convenient way of using a single card ...

What You Should Really Know About the Sony Mp3 Players

The Sony NW-HD5 20GB hard drive audio player is a solid competitor: It certainly has a leg up on its wheel-sporting white rival in the battery life department, and it has a couple of navigation features that should make Apple take note.

Types of mp3 Players: a Quick Overview

MP3 players are pocket-sized electronic devices that have the ability to not only store, but play music and other sound files.

DNS How It Works and Why It's Important to Your Website

This article describes how DNS works and why it's so important regarding your hosting account. DNS stands for Domain Name Service. It translates your domain name into an IP Address, so that visitors wishing to view your web pages can contact the web server that is hosting those pages.

Comparing MP3 Players

The main benefit of the Digital Age is convenience. MP3 players are one of the most popular components in recent years. They way they work is simple. You simply download your favorite music to an MP3 player and begin enjoying your music. MP3 actually refers to a method of audio compression that maintains the original quality. People often download music from their favorite CDs onto their MP3 player, but downloading music from the Internet is becoming more popular. There are websites ...

How To Take Good Care Of Your Computer Even If You Are A Clueless Newbie

You know you should take care of your computer, but you don't know what registry is and what's the difference between hard-drive and memory stick is. Don't worry, these tools will do it for you and you don't even have to set them up.

HDTV? You Aint Seen NOTHING Yet!

Remember the Osborn? Or was it the Osborne? Actually, I knew it existed, but didn’t care. This thing was a personal computer. Like we’d ever need one of those? Those new electric typewriters with memory were the rage. THAT was something!

How To Watch Movies On Your Pocket PC And Other Handheld Secrets

Handhelds, like PocketPC and Palm are incredible pieces of hardware. With appropriate software you can turn them into TVs, DVD players and much more. Curious? Read On.

Cisco CCNA / CCNP Home Lab Tutorial: Buying And Configuring An Access Server

A Cisco access server is generally the last item a CCNA or CCNP candidate has on their mind when they're putting together a home lab. The thinking tends to be that since this router isn't really doing anything in the production part of your practice lab, it's not really important.

What to Consider When Buying a Computer

What will the backup service be like if there is a problem? Will service be on site? Does the vendor offer a collection service if there is a problem? If not, is the vendor close enough for me take the computer back or will I have to pay to send it? Is it worth paying a little more to a local dealer with immediate access to backup services if/when something goes wrong?

A Java Developer's Guide to Web Hosting

You make a living writing enterprise java applications, and you would like to work on your own projects for fun or profit, you would like to create your own web site or you would like to have a place to host your open source project. You look around for hosting providers, and all you see is PHP and PERL support, with very few hosting companies supporting Java, what to do?

Autocomplete Passwords How To Clear Stored Passwords

"I asked Windows to remember a password for a website I visited in the past. Now I don't want Windows to remember the password anymore. How do I clear this setting?"

Speed Up Your Surfing with Bookmarks

Do you visit the same sites often? Do you, for example, log into your web-based email account, visit online forums / networks, visit blogs, etc. on a daily basis?

Update Your Windows for Free

If ABC and CNN had done their Windows Updates, there would have been no crisis last month when the “Zotob” virus took down their computers. Microsoft found and fixed that security flaw on April 9th 2005, and the virus hit on August 17th.

So You Want to be a Games Developer?

In the good old days, back when the Internet had about 10 users and the web was a far off vision, PCs were called Home Computers and anyone could learn to write computer games. Three of us set up in business to write and sell our own games for the ZX Spectrum (Aka Timex/Sinclair) and Commodore 64. We didn’t sell many games but we were saved by getting into the game conversion business. A publisher would release a hit on the Commodore 64 and we’d write the Timex, Amstrad, MSX, CBM 16 ...

Defragmentation Explained

Defrag Your Hard Drive, don’t think you can't do it sure, you can. Let’s get started.

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