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Personal Tech Articles

Personal Tech Articles

Wireless Camera Detector to Protect Your Privacy Anywhere

Carrying a wireless camera detector is almost becoming an indispensable tool for almost anyone.

8 Steps To Secure Windows

The Internet is awash with viruses, Trojan Horse programs and worms which are constantly looking to infect vulnerable computers that are connected to the internet. If a worm gets into your computer it does not limit itself to the individual e-mails you send to friends, family and colleagues, as it can spread itself automatically to all addresses stored in your email program.

Taking A Look At Cisco's CCVP Certification

I hardly have to tell you how important voice technologies are in today's networks; what we all need to keep in mind to maximize our career potential is how important knowing voice is going to be tomorrow.

The Future Of Computer Certification Exams

The format and difficulty of computer certification exams is constantly changing. When I took my first certification exam (Novell NetWare 3.1x CNA, January 1997), there was no such thing as a simulator question, and my practical skills really were not tested. The exams then were much heavier on memorization.

Passing Your CCNA and CCNP: Configuring And Troubleshooting Router On A Stick

For CCNA and CCNP candidates, it's hard not to laugh the first time you hear the phrase "router on a stick". Let's face it, that's a pretty silly term. But as those who have passed the CCNA and CCNP exams know, this is a vital exam topic that you must know how to configure and troubleshoot.


To become a certified MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, you must complete several levels of training for several exams. One of the methods of training that many students find valuable to attend are the various MCSE boot camps, as they are called.

Top Tips To Secure Your Online PC

Most of us use a PC these days, but how many of us are really serious about securing it? Well, not most of us! They just need to get their job done sitting on the PC and hence look no further. But they do find themselves in great trouble when the PC crashes, files are corrupted, login information are stolen or attacked by viruses and malwares. Now, we know that "prevention is better than cure" and "self help is the best help". So according to the lines of these famous proverbs, I will try to ...

Pivot Tables Excel Magic

Pivot tables are magic. For those of us who know how to use pivot tables, we can’t imagine using Excel without them. If pivot tables and their potential are a mystery to you, this article will help.

iPod Versus PDA Upgrade Consumer Trauma

The iPod technological blessings bestowed upon the public have been numerous. Upgrade frenzy hasn't really died down just yet for this particular brand of portable digital audio player. Of course, as evidenced by the Windows Mobile Team Blog, upgrade strategies adopted by corporations may be contingent on that pesky cost factor. My Windows Mobile 5 upgrade article sheds some light on upgrade trends and how consumer base plays no small part in the ...

Mp3 Player Basics Finding the Right Mp3 Player

Mp3 players are everywhere you look now, and it seems like everyone's got one. People on tv, in movies, at school, on the bus, or even walking or running down the street. And the selections are endless. But with so many options it's almost impossible to find the right mp3 player to suit your needs, especially if you don't know what you're needs are!

iTunes Fails In Motorola Rokr Cell Phone Bid

Marrying iTunes capability with Motorola Rokr cell phones was theoretically quite sound. MacNewsWorld has reported, however, that the new Rokr phones by Motorola are proving to be virtual hot potatos. The mobile phone return rate is roughly six times the usual for these new iTunes phones, according to the article. Apparently storage has proven to triumph over functionality with consumers, leaving them blindly apathetic to the over-hyped MPEG-4 playback of ...

Microsoft Patch Management for Home Users

With easy access to Broadband and DSL the number of people using the Internet has skyrocket in recent years. Email, instant messaging and file sharing with other Internet users has also provided a platform for faster spreading of viruses, Trojans and Spyware. Being on the Internet without proper protection is like walking in the rain with no umbrella - you're gonna get wet no matter how fast you run.

Security Process

What is ARBIL? Asset and Risk Based INFOSEC lifecycle. To implement a comprehensive security plan in I.T. and strategies for risk management. What is CIA? Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability Confidentiality- making sure your data is available to only those allowed. Integrity- making sure your data has not been altered in any way. Think bank transactions or chemical formulas. Availability- making sure your data is available. Hackers often ...

What is a Firewall ?

Simply put it acts as a barrier between your computer and the internet. To protect you from crackers, hackers and malware.

Computer Cookies: Are They Good or Bad?

Explaining “Cookies” (the non caloric ones that reside in your computer!) You can’t talk about all those nasty ‘things’ that can ‘attack’ your computer while you are surfing the Internet, like viruses or spyware, without talking about ‘Cookies’. But what are they and are they really bad for my computer? Ok, first let’s define the term, and then we’ll explain the good and the bad about it. Cookie(s): A small data (text and ...

Now You Can Watch Pocket PC Mobile TV Wherever You Are

Just as you think that you've got the most out of your PocketPC, you are suddenly made aware that it can actually function as a Pocket PC Mobile TV. Yes folks, bring your television with you.

Are The TMobile Pocket PC Exchange And Repair Programs Worth The Effort?

TMobile Pocket PC exchange and repair programs are just one of the things that consumers like about this top notch carrier. Through this program, a customer may ask for repair services or an exchange of his handheld via TMobile Pocket PC Repair Centers or through the assistance of a T-Mobile Customer Service representative.

Thoughts on Think Mapping Trends

Something of interest flew across my radar screen today, which is along the lines of some very interesting thinking. A four hundred and eleven million dollar Contract awarded to Carnegie Mellon University to assist software to track group and team behaviors. This could lead to tracking bad humans, International Terrorists and/or murderers or assault perpetrators?

Tips for Buying a First Computer

The first question you need to ask yourself is why you need a computer and for what purpose you will use it:

Viruses & Spyware I'd Be Willing To Bet That You Have Viruses & Spyware On Your Computer!

Hi, I started offering my services as a computer tune-up guy in my home town in order to further promote my dialup services.

Surfboard Lighting Concept

There is just not enough time during the day to surf. Many times the best surf is at night, how often do you challenge a sunset to catch that last wave? Well thin you are a surf-aholic and as you have seen out there you are not alone. There is some new killer technology on the horizon for the dedicated surfer.

Gamers Graphics Our Guide

Graphics for Gaming The die-hard gamer has some important features to examine when making a graphics card selection. Memory is probably the most important. For most gamers, a 128MB might be sufficient, but you have to check the specs on the game and think about what resolution you like to play it at. At a resolution of 1600 x 1200, you’re going to need a 256MB card. Bare in mind that the memory is used to store image data, the more data it can store, the faster the rendering ...

How to Make the Most of MP3 Downloads Entering the World of Digital Audio

Some industry experts claim that the increasingly wide availability of MP3 downloads is showing signs of taking over the way that we buy and listen to the music that we love. The days of the CD may not be over as such but it's certainly true that many more consumers nowadays are using one or more download services to build their music collections.

How to Buy an MP3 Player that Works for Your Life

If you've just decided that the time is now right to buy an MP3 player then you might well feel completely confused about the choices you have to make. It doesn't matter whether you have a big budget or whether you want to keep it cheap and simple - there are a bewildering number of different players out there to choose from. Like any purchase if you buy the right MP3 player then you'll spend your money wisely - buy the wrong model and you'll end up having to spend more money ...

Tips on Finding the Best CD Duplication Services

Are you in the music business and you want to get you CD ready to be distributed out on the market? Or perhaps you are in the computer field and you need 500 CDs made for your employees on some recent protocol or software? Whatever your reasons may be, if you are in need of some serious CD duplication you should get CD duplication services to help you. There are many different places to go for CD duplication services. If you are in unsure of where to go for CD duplication services, ...

Find the Best Digital Camera for Your Needs and Maximum Enjoyment

Digital Cameras have become a common site wherever you go. If you're getting ready to purchase your first digital camera, or maybe you're looking to replace one you already have, it is best to familiarize yourself with the knowledge of what makes one digital camera different from another and choose the one that is right for you. In this article we'll cover one of the most significant factors in picture quality. This is the “digital film.”

Toshiba Has HD DVD R Ready for Mass Production

The time has come for Toshiba and Nec, the main backers of HD-DVD format to announce they're ready for write-once HD-DVD-R disc mass production.

The Ten Most Common Mistakes When Buying an MP3 Player (and How to Avoid Them)

The Ten Most Common Mistakes When Buying an MP3 Player (and How to Avoid Them) One of the most common reactions after buying a new MP3 player is "GEE! My player doesn't have X!” Substitute “X” for FM radio, microphone, or enough memory and you get an idea of some of the options which are available on MP3 players. Everybody has different requirements for an MP3 player, so avoid the first common mistake -- 1. Not considering how the MP3 player will be ...

Computer Do's and Don'ts

Here are a few helpful pointers for your computer experience. DON'T Store personal information on your computer or PDA. Stored data is always open to hackers. Consider storing passwords on CD's or disks that you keep locked in a box or closet. Shop on-line without being sure of two safety features. Check the order page for the lock icon at the bottom. This way you know the system is encrypted and your personal data if transfered safely. The URL on the address ...

Sony PSP Not Just For Games

The Sony PSP is the most powerful handheld gaming platform currently on the market. But it is not only capable of running games. Its wide screen is very well suited for movie playback and it has the capabilities of playing audio with outstanding quality. Here are a couple of utilities which will help you bring your favourite songs and movies to you PSP.

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