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Personal Tech Articles

Personal Tech Articles

New iPod Accessories

With the ever-increasing popularity of the iPod and all its various forms, it follows that more and more accessories will become both important and appealing to iPod owners. Here are three new accessories that iPod owners may want to consider purchasing.

How to Keep Your Computer from Spreading Viruses

There are some simple steps you must take to avoid becoming a victim of computer viruses and also stop from spreading viruses to others. Here are some things that you can and should do.

Apple iPod - Why Apple Dominates the Mobile MP3 Player Market

Noticing a growing market for mobile MP3 players, Apple released the original iPod in late 2001, and it was quickly destined to be a huge success. It was exactly what people wanted.. It had a simple interface, it had a large storage capacity, and it was extremely attractive and recognizable. It was only compatible with the Apple Macintosh though, which extremely limited their sales possibilities.

How A Personal Firewall Helps To Protect Your Home Computer From Hackers

There are two types of firewall available to the home computer user. A hardware firewall is a device which sits between your computer and the internet. At home for example it could reside on a broadband router which is used to share your internet connection with a number of computers. One of the advantages of a hardware firewall is that it can be used to protect more than one computer at a time. For this reason hardware firewalls are deployed in corporate networks. For home users who own ...

The Wireless that Wi Fi Promised

I was thrilled when Apple announced its Airport Wi-Fi hardware. Like many others, I envisioned walking down the street with my iBook constantly connected to the Internet. We all soon found out how difficult that was, at least without buying a cup of coffee. A small culture was born from people driving through neighborhoods looking for Open (Without a password) wireless access points. This scavenger hunt was not the wireless network we had envisioned. That dream connectivity came ...

One Step To Safer Computing

As Mac users, we are greatly protected from some of the perils of the online world. To date, OS X has not suffered from any major Trojan, worm, Spyware, or virus. Vulnerabilities in OS X have been only theoretical exploits that are quickly patched, or are infections that relied on gross user error. I, as do many experts, discourage Mac owners from using an anti-virus program because they are unneeded. We all need to remember that change is the only constant, but by just adjusting ...

iPod - A Changing World

I like talking about new inventions and what to do to our lives. Today I would like to focus on the iPod from Apple.

What to Look for Before Hiring Someone to Repair your Computer

With so many computer repair companies/techs to choose from how do you know which one is right for you? I've been doing computer repair for a couple of years now. It started out as a hobby and later word of mouth started spreading amongst my family, then friends, and then friends of friends. So I decided to start a computer consulting business. I want to guide you as to what you should consider before consulting anyone.

Adware Spyware Removal and Prevention

How do you effectively fight adware and what adware removal software is best? I recommend several techniques, used in tandem:1) Use anti-spyware software. This is software that specifically targets the nastiest Adware and Spyware and removes it. There are a plethora of programs out there to choose from so I am actually going to make some recommendations. One I have worked with both at home and in my job is Noadware. It is easy to use and works really well. It catches Adware and ...

Spyware Is Not the Only Malware Threat to Your Home Computer

Given the huge amount of press and industry attention to “Spyware” it is easy to forget there are other types of malicious software or “malware” out there. Viruses, Worms and Trojans are still being developed to steal your personal data or damage your computer. These malicious programs can be hidden in email attachments or files which are downloaded off the internet.

How to Back Up Your Files Using XP's backup utility - Step by Step

To determine how important it is for you to back up your files, you can simply ask yourself the following question: “How bad would it be if I turned on my computer tomorrow and all my files were gone?” If the answer is “It wouldn’t be that bad, there’s really nothing important on my computer anyway” then you don’t really need to be backing up. On the other hand if your answer is like mine and you say “I would be dead in the water, and I would probably go out of business” ...

How To Set Up a Wireless Network in your Home for Beginners: Comcast High Speed Internet

Let’s just skip the intro and get straight to it. This tutorial is for the Windows XP Operating System. If you don’t have it I recommend you upgrade to it.

Setting Up AirPort Express Base Station For Wireless Music Streaming

Here’s your problem. You have a ton of music on your computer. Your computer speakers sound ok but music from your Itunes software would sound a lot better playing through your nice home stereo in the other room. If you run a cord all that way from your computer to your home stereo your house won’t be featured in Architectural Digest because it won’t look aesthetic. Solution? Connect an AirPort Express Base Station to your home stereo and play your Itunes music wirelessly. Sound ...

How to Convert Email to SMS

One of the simplest methods of converting your emails to SMS messages is to make use of an email to SMS gateway. Many SMS gateway providers offer a simple conversion which allow you to send through an email to their servers which in turn spits out an SMS message and delivers it to the various recipients.

Apple IPod Nano Revolutionizing the Mp3 Player World

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that the advent of the Apple iPod revolutionized mp3 players. The look, the style, the sound quality, the navigation, the features, the seamless integration with iTunes and other services, all these separate components added up to a spectacular and revolutionary mp3 player. Each new mp3 player that Apple has released has pushed the envelope for design and all around use. First they miniaturized the iPod with the iPod Mini. Then they ...

Apple I Pods, Why Are They So Popular?

These days while your just walking around school, work, the mall, or just about anywhere you’ll see many people listening to their Apple I-Pods. You might see some with cool accessories such as portable speakers, cool looking cases, voice recorders, FM transmitters, remotes and much more. Lets face it the Apple I-Pod has become the most popular mp3 player around and it doesn’t seem like it will loose that #1 spot anytime soon with all their new little inventions. So what makes the Apple ...

Digital Camera Storage Media

When someone buys a new digital camera for recreational purposes, they rarely look at the type of storage media the camera supports. How important is the storage media, exactly? Well, it's where your pictures are stored, so it must be pretty important! Someone doesn't want to be in a another country before they figure out the camera blinks "Memory Low" in red. A new digital camera usually comes with a means of storage, but the storage media is, most of the time, not sufficient enough ...

HDMI Switch: Insiders Guide

Background: The High Definition TV “experience” continues to drive manufacturers to offer truly digital devices. The days of analog video interfaces are limited. In previous articles, we touched on HDMI connections. It is clear that HD sources such as DVD players, Cable settop boxes, satellite boxes are transitioning to the HDMI standard. It is inevitable that future HD sources such as HD DVD players (HD or Blue Ray), and Playstation 3 will utilize HDMI as the ...

Passing Cisco's CCNA and CCNP Exams: The 'VLAN.DAT' File

CCNA and CCNP candidates who have their own Cisco home labs often email me about an odd situation that occurs when they erase a switch's configuration. Their startup configuration is gone, as they expect, but the VLAN and VTP information is still there!

The New Age Of Video Editing

Video editing used to be something that was only used by movie makers and those that had a good amount of money to spend. Today, there are some very cool video editing software programs out there that are designed and used by many home computer users. This makes editing a video just as easy as snapping and using a photo. There are many things that you could not do before that you now can. Video editing is something that many will use throughout the coming years.

What Is MCSE?

MCSE stands for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. What is this term, really? While the term sounds like a degree that you would get in Microsoft, it is not really an engineering degree, per say. In fact, that is one of the biggest complaints about this learning process. Nevertheless, MCSE is a training course of sorts that is designed to teach individuals who want to learn how to handle various aspects of Microsoft skills. The goal is to have a group of people who are knowledgeable ...

MCSE Training: What You Need To Do

If MCSE training is in your future, you have many ways in which to get it. For many, the best way of doing this is through taking courses at a local training center. Others simply like to study from CD ROM’s or even through books. But, it is important that you get a thorough education of the topics that are included in the MCSE training courses. These courses will then prepare you for the 7 exams that you will need to take in order to be certified. There is a large base of knowledge ...

Temperature Control: Effective

Temperature control is the control of the amount of heated or cooled air that is in an area. By monitoring these levels, temperature can be adjusted to fit the needs and the desires of the people in the area. In most cases, a thermostat is used as a gauge to allow this process to happen. Temperature control can be set at whatever is needed but this does have a direct bearing on the resources that are used as well. Managing effective temperature control goes beyond this though.

Do You Have An Evil Twin?

What you don't know can hurt you. Next time you connect to one of them, be very observant you're connecting to a legitimate one and not an evil twin.

The New 5th Generation Apple IPods

To date, there has been a number of Apple iPod models. Well, with the release of the new iPod Video, there are now officially three iPod models for the 5th generation of iPods. The earlier 4th generation models, including the popular iPod Mini, iPod Photo, U2 and 20GB iPod are now officially history.

Refurbished Laptops Vs. Used Laptops

If you have been searching the web for very long looking for a laptop you have seen these three phrases. Do they have different meanings? Yes they do as we will point out some reasons laptops are labeled differently. Let's begin by examining each phrase followed with a short definition:

Passing Cisco's CCNA and CCNP: Ping And Extended Ping

I often tell CCNA and CCNP candidates that you do your best learning when you screw something up. I often get a funny look right after I say that, but the only way to develop your Cisco troubleshooting skills - the skills you'll need to pass your Intro, ICND, and CCNP exams - is by actually fixing configurations. Since your employer will take a dim view of you practicing these skills on his or her network, you better do so on your home lab!

Passing Cisco's CCNA and CCNP Exams: Traceroute

In preparation for your CCNA and CCNP exam success, you've got to learn to troubleshoot Cisco routers. And while ping is a great basic IP connectivity tool, it doesn't give you all the information you need to diagnose network connectivity issues.

Mp3 Player for Running (or Any Exercise)

Using an Mp3 Player for exercise, whether we are running or working out in the gym, we like to do it to music. To our favorite music or music we've chosen for what we're doing - possibly vigorous music for aerobics, soothing music for weightlifting, or a good beat for running, snowboarding or skiing, whatever works for you, is the best for you.

Choosing the Best MP3 Player for Travel

MP3 players are now capable of many things including making your life easier while traveling.

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