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Hardware Articles

Hardware Articles

Robotic Factories Require Dedicated Oversight Indeed

Behind every automated robotic factory, there are dedicated professionals who must maintain, upgrade and watch the systems. A smooth running manufacturing plant is the key to success and efficiency is the key. Most modern day factories have developed some incredible processes and are adamant about maintaining a “Zero Lost Units” goal. It is paramount to them. So much so that the 24-hour factories over work the dedicated humans watching over them, many in fact complain that there is not a ...

Super Computers for Our Earth

If you stay up on the Scientific Magazines and Journals you will know that NASA has come a long way in their research to study our Earth. They now have more data than ever before and can use this data with the aid of super computers to process it. In the past computers could not crunch the numbers fast enough to handle the massive data sets and numbers of data sets. Now super computers have changed all that, now we can develop models to answer questions, which help us know the future. To ...

Email Central to Your Work

The use of email in business has mushroomed so quickly and become so ubiquitous that it has become hard to remember working without it.

Create Your Own Download Links

One of the great features of working with the web is the ability to download a file by clicking on a link. As most earthlings know, a link is most frequently visible as blue underlined text displayed on a website, or on an HTML email. Links can also be presented as hot spots on an image, or a button which can be clicked.

HDMI: Guide to HDTV Connection of the Future

Background: As the HDTV market continues to heat up, consumers are in need of being educated on the latest technology. One of the terms that you, the consumer, will surely run into while selecting a HDTV set is: HDMI. For most this is an unfamiliar term and we will explain the details of HDMI in this article so you, the consumer, is armed with the proper knowledge to make intelligent purchasing decisions. What is HDMI: HDMI is an acronym for High Definition ...

Does High Definition Mean Short Distance?

Liberty, Justice, and High Def For All The conversation subject of high definition is no longer segregated to the dark smokey rooms of the cultural elite, the same rooms where gas price conspiracies, global domination rituals, and secret handshakes are created. No friends, high definition is now available to bond and free, to all races and creeds, to rich and, well, semi-rich. Pick Your Poison HDMI and DVI are the two digital interfaces that are quickly ...

Life Experience Recording to Study Human Behavior

Is it possible to record every single aspect of a person’s life? Some say no; others like you may think that it will soon be possible, but you probably are not happy with the concept. What is most interesting is that with all the new technology we already have, it appears it can be done using all the technology to do all the things that that those who wish to map and record an entire life are envisioning. Think about all the technology we have now? Satellites, RFID tags, cell phone 3G ...

Buying printers

Lately I have been receiving some questions as regards buying printers. I have decided to make a mini section based on this topic.

LaserJet Printer Advice

Before you purchase a printer you need to consider many factors, things like, whether you want a color or monochrome printer, do you want to print text or images. Printers are a long term investment and you’d be wise to weigh many factors before making the right choice.

Mac Printer Reviews

You’ll find that many of today’s printers, which utilize USB, will let you print from a Mac, you have to be sure drivers are included with the printer which were written specifically for a Mac.

Printer Review Comparisons

In today’s market, there are basically 4 types of popular printers. • Inkjet • Laser • Thermal Transfer(Dye Sublimation) • Dot Matrix (Yes, they’re still selling these!) The factors that separate them are simple. • Initial cost • Operation cost • Speed and Performance • Durability • Specialty jobs If you are going to be printing strictly in Black & White (B&W), you’re going to be happiest with a laser printer. They offer faster ...

How Do Printers Compare

If you plan to go shopping for a new printer, there are several key features you want to consider before making your purchase.

Printers What is the Difference?

Something to consider, aside from initial purchase cost, is operation and maintenance costs. You can easily pickup an inkjet for $50, but take a look at the size of the ink cartridges. If it runs out every 100 pages, you’re going to spend much more on ink in the first year, than if you had purchased a much better quality laser.

What to Look for in a Video Card

The proper graphics card can help speed up almost any system by taking the responsibility of many visual functions, allowing the CPU to work more effectively in other areas. Let’s take a look at a few of the key features to look for in a graphics card.

What to Look for in a Home Office Graphics Card

Let’s talk about some specifics for the average home/office PC user. This PC is used for word processing, spreadsheets, viewing photos, and even watching a DVD movie or playing a 2D game. Most all of these functions are handled easily by today’s low-end graphics cards.

The Best Business Laptop For Your Company

The little notebook computer or laptop is tailor made for business. It's the perfect communication tool. It's the perfect record keeping tool. It's the perfect presentation tool. And if that wasn't enough, all of the above is neatly packaged into a small portable machine that can be taken anywhere and everywhere.

Zen and the Art of Buying Computer Parts

It's happened to all of us, I'm sure. You are surfing the net and maybe listening to music when all of a sudden...you click the close button on the upper right corner and it freezes. Then you don't know if you should wait until it's done or bash the monitor with the keyboard. Eventually, you get fed up and hit "ctrl+alt+delete" only to get an error. Okay! That's it! I'm turning it off!

Types of Monitors and Specific Features

CRT CRT or Cathode Ray Tube monitors are the monitors everyone will have seen before. They that look like televisions. They range in size from 15 to around 22 Inch, and weight up to 30 kilos. Advantages Great value for money Mature technology Good for graphical detail Can accommodate many different resolutions Disadvantages Big Take up a lot of space Cost more to run than an LCD LCD/TFT LCD or Liquid Crystal Display ...

How to Select TFT LCD Monitor for Gaming?

You have probably heard it before, but it bears repeating...the best way to know if a monitor is right for you is to view it in person. Specs are a great tool for narrowing down your choices, but they are no replacement for hands-on experience. Plenty of large resellers stock a wide range of monitors and some are on display. Go down to every shop you can and see if you can find the monitor you are thinking of buying. You never know, that slightly low spec one you shunned in favour of that ...

Does It Make a Difference to Connect Your TFT Monitor with PC via DVI Interfaces?

Most TFT monitors use what is known as a digital video interface (DVI) to connect to your PC. Understanding what DVI is and how it differs from the video graphics array (VGA) interface used by old-fashioned CRT monitors is important if you're going to get the best out of your shiny new TFT monitor.

Wireless Networking Laptop Labs for Schools

Purchasing laptops for mobile labs is often a daunting task for an educator. Mobile labs can be a great asset if the right equipment is purchased. Mobile labs have been shown to increase test scores and help students focus. If the wrong type of equipment is purchased the mobile laptop lab will become one giant paper weight.

I Have My IPod Nano, Where's Yours?

Take out four credit cards from your wallet. Stack them and hold them in your hand. Apple’s iPod nano http://www.powermax.com/cgi-global/generate_css_temp.cgi? i=PM_MP_IN&t=The+iPod+nano is about the same weight and half an inch less wide than that stack of cards. Now put three cards back in your wallet and use the remaining card to go buy yourself a nano.

Setting Up Your PC for Dual monitors: It's Easier Than You Think

The traditional view of a "PC" If you ask just about anybody what their idea of a "PC system" is they will probably list a tower, a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor. While it is true that these are the essential elements of using a personal computer, it is becoming more and more popular to use an alternative setup.

Using a Mac Mighty Mouse on a PC

Have you seen the Might Mouse? No, I do not mean the super hero. I mean the latest innovation by Apple computers-- the Mighty Mouse. The mighty mouse is unlike any mouse you’ve ever seen before.

CD Burning Problems A Quick and Easy Guide for Software & Hardware Conflicts

When it comes to problems with CD Burners things can get ugly and users most of the time gives up hope of ever completing a successful CD Burning session. PC technology can be confusing as almost anything could cause a CD Burning problem such as software conflicts, faulty hardware and bad media brand of CD-R or CD-RW discs.

Xeon Chip by Intel Rocks Speed Records

Intel’s revenge on AMD maybe the Xeon Chip, which threatens to break speed processing records and leapfrog AMD technology. While AMD was busy starting legal issues against Intel, it was Intel who was busy working on the next technology for the future of the industry.

Scan/Print/Copy Machines: Do They Live Up to the Hype?

Think Small. Think Cheaper. That's the way the industry seems to be heading these days. Laptops are outselling desktops in some places. Those who can afford them are buying Palm Pilots. Zip drives are nearly all but forgotten. CDs and CD writers are now as common as floppies were in a previous computing life. Now USB drives are hitting the market and showing no sign of going away. You can store so much in them now and they are getting so cheap. Nearly $100 per gigabyte of space. Wow.

Mini centronics: Hewlett Packer Users Beware

As computer manufacturers begin to phase out old standards (e.g. IEEE 1284, RS-232), there is an increasingly large base of computer users who want to use their old Hewlett-Packer parallel printer with newer USB-only laptop and desktop systems. They purchase a USB to Parallel adapter, only to find that the parallel end doesn’t fit on their HP printer. What's the problem?

What's Happened to My Computer?

As you get older your bodily functions and your brain start to slow down. I guess it's a way of preparing for retirement! Just as Einstein might have confirmed, this drop off in pace is relative. As the body slows, so all around it seems faster. Children run around like sparrows flitting from bough to bough. Cars, hours, trains and days move along ever faster.

Digital Libraries; Societies Collective Memory

Human IQ in the modern carbon bi-pod brain is an interesting study. Indeed, it is failry obvious that we are not all created equal despite our very similar DNA. As modern humans all races are less that .5% different, yet we notice a big difference in IQ throughout the world. But even the IQ experts cannot agree on how to pin-point IQ or even which mile marker and theory to use.

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