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Hardware Articles

Hardware Articles

Update Prospects' Calendars Without Breaking And Entering

Ever scheduled an event like a teleseminar or product launch? Hopefully they'll copy down all the details correctly, adjust the time to match their time zone, AND actually remember to attend. Luckily there's an easy way to do all this by marking your visitor's calendar with just a couple of clicks using Microsoft Outlook.

Basic Diagnosis Guidelines for Your PC

Simone is exasperated. She has to work on her university assignment but her PC is not working properly. For example: She would like to open a single Internet Explorer window but a whole series of windows are opening up. Simone is not alone when it comes to this sort of problem. As a matter of fact, most of us will come across these kinds of problems in our life. When you fall sick you go to a doctor and he/she asks you a couple of questions as well as taking a look at your case history before ...

Can RAID Systems Fail?

Technology, how we love it until something goes wrong and we end up yelling at our computer screens. If you’ve ever lost data, you know how much time, money, and headaches it can cost you to retrieve it, especially if you are a company. Data recovery doesn’t have to be worrisome.

5 Basic Rules on Typography

Whenever you get projects for designing graphics for different media materials, there are certain rules you need to know before venturing to the complexities and elaborate world of graphic design.

Must Have Gadgets For Notebook Owners (Part 1 of 2)

A Good Notebook Bag Forget those that are bundled with your notebook computer. Get yourself a good notebook bag that is well-padded both on its load-bearing straps, and 100% around the notebook itself. Aren't all notebook bags built the same? The answer is NO. There are countless bag types and variations. Not all of them have your comfort and protection of the notebook itself in mind. Most of them sacrifice style for substance, which is worse than not having a notebook bag in the ...

Must Have Gadgets For Notebook Owners (Part 2 of 2)

An Optical Mouse Notebooks are normally equipped with touch pads which can be awkward. There's no substitute for the mouse. Notebooks are predominantly used on a static, flat surface. With wireless broadband hotspots mushrooming all over the nation's transit locations, table tops have become as much mobile computing desktops as surfaces on which lattes sit. The touch pads on notebooks are also rather vulnerable to damage by static electricity, which is a common occurrence in ...

Local Company gains Four Nominations in Computer Trade `Oscars'

Products of North Staffordshire based computer manufacturers, Optronix Limited, have been nominated in four categories of Computer Trade Shopper’s 2005 Excellence Awards, the computer trade’s equivalent of the Oscars, run in association with Microsoft, Microscope, Intel and VIP Computers.

Starting your desktop publishing project at the end

The only place where you can find the beginning to start at the end is during a typical desktop publishing project. As one designer would relate, for all practical purposes, the process of culling information starts at the end in the printing process.

Successful Documentation Projects - Part 3 of 3 - `Writing'

So you understand your user documentation project and you’ve specced it out. Now you’re ready to write. Here’s some tips to help you on your way. This article isn’t about the actual writing itself; it’s about the things which go along with the writing. (For information on writing online help, see www.divinewrite.com/helpfulhelp.htm.)

Successful Documentation Projects - Part 2 of 3 - `Specifying'

So you’re responsible for managing a documentation project. You know who your audience is, what they’re trying to achieve, how the product enables them to achieve it, and what the audience requires of the help. Now it’s time to spec out your intentions.

Successful Documentation Projects - Part 1 of 3 - `Understanding'

The creation of user documentation is a big component of any software project. Unfortunately, it’s often undervalued and left to the last minute. But that doesn’t mean it should be without a good management plan.

Alternatives to Tape Backup

You may ask, isn't tape an anachronism in the age of optical disks, removable hard drives and a plethora of whiz-bang, random-access storage media? In many ways it is, but because of the nature of backup it doesn't really matter that tape is slow and sequential-access. Remember, tape is cheap. Businesses use tape because they find it to be a cost-effective backup solution.

Printing Troubleshooting Guide

With most printers, over 50% of all problems are customer fixable. This guide was created to help bail you out when you get stuck on tough printing problems. NOTE: If you need specific information or help with a particular printer, please contact the printer manufacturer.

DB Integration - software for combine MS Access databases

Our company, Novaprof Inc., developed unique software - DB Integration. This software makes it possible to integrate two databases of *.mdb format. An integration, in this case, is combining the objects of two databases. Software features. This software makes it possible to combine two different databases. Final database can be made on the basis of one of the initial database, i.e. the objects of another initial databases are imported to one of the initial database. Another variant of ...

Adware - Is It Safe?

What is Adware? Adware is a software program that you install on your computer that displays advertisements while the program is running, either as a banner within the program or as a popup. This can be a good thing. It helps keep the program free or low-cost for the end user. If the program displays random advertisements without gathering information about your online activities, then it's considered safe or ethical. You'll see the same advertisements that every user of the program ...

How To Avoid Becoming A Victim of Identity Theft

With identity theft statistics currently at an all time high, and climbing, it just makes sense that we should all be doing everything we can to protect ourselves.

PHP Scripts Don't Have to End in .PHP

PHP Scripts Don't Have to End in .PHP By Robert Plank If you tweak your site to perform better in search rankings then you practice the science of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It's possible to start using PHP scripts on your site without losing that high ranking of yours. You've probably noticed your site rise and fall in search engine rankings quite a bit. That's just how it goes since search engines such as Google like to change their algorithms around. If one day ...

Inkjet printer technology

Inkjet printer technology was developed by some of the biggest names in the business in the late 70's. There were actually two technologies developed, one based on heat and the other based on an electric current applied to a crystal. Both methods are used to force the ink out of the ink cartridge on to the paper.

Ink cartridges - shopping online

Getting ready to buy printer ink cartridges online? It really is amazing how much you can save versus store bought ink cartidges. The ability to compare prices really makes shopping online a sweet deal. There are however a few things you should look for in an online printer supply store before buying those ink cartridges.

Defend Your Thank You Folders From URL Guessers

Defend Your Thank You Folders From URL Guessers By Robert Plank If you sell downloadable products, you're going to have a thank you page (a URL where the buyer is redirected after a sale). With just a couple lines of HTACCESS code you can make that folder airtight. You shouldn't be putting a buyer through a mandatory signup process to download the product. They already paid, just give them the file right away and offer a chance to opt-in for updates later. Otherwise you'll be ...

Computers Are Not Scary

Do you remember when you were a kid, and saw your first automobile? To the older crowd, the answer might be yes. To them, the first automobile was most-likely an object of wonder. It wasn't necessarily a thing to be feared, just an unknown. It was something that you had heard of, but hadn't had any experience with it. It wasn't scary.

The many ink cartridge choices

So, you are in need of an ink cartridge and are thinking about purchasing it online. It should be easy right? Well, the purchasing part is easy. However, deciding on which type of ink cartridge to buy can be confusing.

My favorite gripes about forwarding

I don't know about you. But I'm getting sick of people that don't clean forwarded email before they send them.

Emerging Printer Interfaces

There are some new and exciting technologies for printers that we will all be enjoying in the very near future. Actually the technology is available right now but many people do not understand it or know how to use it.

Gravity Method For Refilling

Gravity refilling was introduced as a method of refilling those pesky HP color cartridges. Since HP color cartridges are so susceptible to air pockets when refilling in the conventional manor a better refilling method was devised that all but eliminated the air pockets.

Cartridge Not Recognized

Sometimes when you refill a HP or Lexmark cartridge you get the dreaded message "Cartridge Not Recognized". What does this mean? It recognized the cartridge before I refilled it!

Can You Refill A Rock?

Before you begin refilling your inkjet cartridges bear in mind one thing, most inkjet cartridges have sponges in them. When the sponges dry out they can become rock hard.

Overfilling HP Color Ink Cartridges

There is a situation that concerns most HP refillers. In our refilling instructions we use a suggested amount of ink that TYPICALLY will sufficiently charge the cartridge without overfilling it. This is just a guide and sometimes an overfill can occur. What do you do then?

Three Things You Can Do to Keep Your Computer Running at Maximum Performance

Although there are many things that can affect the performance of your computer, there are a few simply things you can do each month to help keep your computer running at maximum performance. This article will focus on two problems that impact the performance of your computer and will then explain what you can do about it.

When Is Black Not Black?

Did you notice how many different black inks there are available? At last count we have forty different black inks listed on our web site. You may be wondering how many shades of black can there be? Well there are actually different shades of black which I will explain in a bit.

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