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Hardware Articles

Hardware Articles

Lowering The Risks In Developing123

Vsworx Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an IT company working in the arena of creative graFix , customized software development , internet & intranet based development. In simpler jargon, we are all juiced up for innovations.

3 Simple Steps to Stay Safe from Spyware

There are several basic concepts to keep in mind when deciding to stay spyware free for good. This article will outline a spyware checklist for you to keep in mind when getting tough on spyware and taking back control of your computer using two popular free applications, Ad-Aware,and Spybot - S&D. Using these two programs in conjunction will eliminate a vast majority of spyware problems from your computer. For the purposes of this article, "spyware" refers also to adware, malware, and other ...

Get Down With OCP: Evaluating DBA Job Applicants in an OCP World

Not long ago, weeding through DBA applicants with a tech interview was a straightforward process. You'd ask candidates 200 or so technical questions. If they got 100 correct answers, you knew they'd been around the block; 150 or more and you knew you were on to superior talent. But once the Oracle Certification Program (OCP) became popular in the late 90s, the traditional tech interview lost its effectiveness. These days, candidates can answer 180 questions correctly and you still ...

3 Things You Must Know About Spyware

1)Spyware is on your system. Like it or not, statistically speaking, you probably have spyware on your machine right now. There are so many malicious programs floating around out there that one or two have bound to have gotten past all of your security settings. McAfee and Norton Anti Virus are both excellent programs, but even they can be beaten by the determined spyware makers and distributors. One recent computer repair man said, close to 80% of the machines that he services have spyware on ...

The 70% Solution: Practical Testing and Version Control

"What do you mean you need to push back the launch date?" Says the CEO. Says the CFO. Says the user community. CTOs, CIOs, and all officers who oversee major development projects have had to deliver the dreaded message. But a deadline for the sake of a deadline is a dangerous pitfall that can consume an entire project and stymie it to the point that it never launches. Over the years I've come up with six simple rules that help deadlines become more meaningful, while keeping the ...

Strategic Outsourcing: Testing the Outsourcing Waters and Staying Afloat

Before Gertrude Ederle began her historic swim off of Cape Griz-Nez, France, she underwent extensive training for endurance and technique—even though she was already an accomplished record-breaking swimmer with Olympic medals to her name. Outsourcing IT may not garner the same attention as being the first woman to swim the English Channel, but it is no less important to gather as much experience and knowledge as possible on a small scale before diving in for the big swim.

Hidden information is stored on your computer about every url you ever visit

What is an index.dat? An index.dat file is a hidden file that contains a record of every web site address you have ever visited and holds information on all your Internet activities, yes including emails sent and received through Outlook or Outlook Express One of these files can be located and viewed by Windows Explorer but none can be deleted using either Windows Explorer According to Microsoft these files are used to help speed up the loading of web pages in Internet Explorer. This ...

The Seven Deadly Habits of a DBA... and how to cure them

Calling widespread bad habits in database administration "deadly" may seem extreme. However, when you consider the critical nature of most data, and just how damaging data loss or corruption can be to a corporation, "deadly" seems pretty dead-on.

Beyond Repair: The fixed-price model

Don't get me wrong. I certainly don't think the majority of vendors who use a fixed-price model are trying to rip you off. In fact, when I started my business that's the way we worked—which is why we have such great insight into the flaws in the system. But there needs to be a transparency to the work. You need to know exactly what you're getting, how long it takes, and how much it costs. You need to know that you're only paying for time actually spent on your account. And ...

User Friendliness: Do Computers Have to be Clinical and Boring?

While sleeping through a lecture recently I roused for just long enough to catch the lecturer saying that "Error messages should not try to be funny or amusing, they should be clear and concise". This got me thinking about the ever-elusive goal of user friendliness. The concept has changed much over the years with packages such as DOS going from being one of the easiest packages on the market, to now being complicated, convoluted, and ignored. I have begun to wonder why I am being taught that ...

Where Can I Find The Best Case Mods Online and Save Money?

Are you captivated by the stunning Case Mods you've seen online but shell shocked at some of the prices.

Types of computer infections

Computer Infections can be broken up into 4 main categories which are explained in detail below: Viruses Computer Viruses are small pieces of software that attach themselves to real programs. An example would be a virus that attaches itself onto windows explorer. Each time you run the program windows explorer the virus will also be executed and perform the function that it was meant to perform. This can be several things such as damaging files on your computer, or erasing them all ...

Computers: You CAN Master Any Program

There was a time when I didn't think I'd ever be a "computer" person. I was in the seventh grade, taking a class in MS-DOS and learning some program called Turtle. (I know why they called it Turtle. It was pretty darned slow.) I had to key in about 50 commands just to draw a half-inch line. I wasn't all that skilled at doing this. One little typo, and my line was going in the total wrong direction. I got a C+ in the class.

Legal Music Downloads

On July 28, 2004, French Internet access providers and music copyright owners signed a joint national charter aimed at cracking down on illegal downloads and expanding the amount of legal music tracks available online (AFP). This is the latest in a series of moves taken across the world to combat music piracy as production labels see more and more of their profits being lost to illegal downloads of music files.

Software Consulting

We are the india's best in giving quality work in time.We have developed many Software for Imaging service providers , Home builders, Ticket booking, Travelling agencies, Small ERP for Textile companies etc.

Spyware Statistics -- What's New in May 2005?

The results of Spy Audit survey made by ISP Earthlink and Webroot Software are still fresh in memory of IT security experts. The study lasted for the whole last year; more than 4.6 million system scans were made in 2004. On May 3, 2005 the Webroot's State of Spyware Report was released. What's new in Q1 2005?

Quick System Restore with ASR Backups

ASR (Automated System Recovery) is a feature available on the Windows XP Pro and Windows Server 2003 operating systems for quick and efficient system backup and restore.

Choosing a Tape Drive

Tape drives remain the leading technology used by organizations for backup and archiving. However, the plethora of tape drives on the market can make choosing the appropriate tape drive a confusing task. How do you select a tape drive that satisfies your needs without blowing the budget? The following are just some of the main factors to consider.

Start Developing Your Own Software

Learning how to program software seems like a daunting task fit only for the geeks and nerds who lock themselves away in dark rooms staring at their monitors for days on end as they pour over thick manuals written largely in zeros and ones. Fortunately the reality is that it’s not as complicated to make basic applications as people may think. If it were, the majority of nerds wouldn’t be doing it because the defining factor of our kind is an inherent laziness. Why do you think we like ...

Guidance to free ecards on the web

NATURE OF ECARDS ON THE WEB... Ecards bring beauty and smiles to thousands of people worldwide but what folks need to be aware of is that some of these cute ecards carry malware with them ranging from simple spam, while some will install nasty spyware and on rare ocasions even viruses! As a result many people have decided to ignore them completely, however there are many really Beautiful cards, you just need to know where to look for them. We`ll take a look at some decent sites and software ...

Why Bud Redhead can make you totally stupid

Bud Redhead http://www.deprice.com/budredhead.htm If you long for side-scrolling arcade games like Sonic the Hedgehog, you should check out Bud Redhead. Featuring fast-paced action and whimsical graphics, Bud Redhead is a lighthearted game with some classic flavor. Bud Redhead is out with his girl-friend when Feyatta-a greenish, feline-looking alien on the run from galactic authorities-absconds with her. As any good hero would, Bud immediately sets off to rescue his love. In the process, he ...

Seecrets on Security: A gentle introduction to cryptography

With the increasing incidence of identity thefts, credit card frauds, social engineering attacks, the digital world is facing challenges in the years ahead. Obviously, cryptography, a young science, will play a prominent role in the security of protecting digital assets. This article tries to explain the basics of cryptography (encryption) using plain language.

Computer Data Backups: Test Now or Cry Later

If you’re like most small business owners, your computer data backups are one of those things that you rarely pay attention to. Computer data backups are kind of like flossing your teeth and eating low-fat, high-fiber foods... everyone knows what they’re supposed to do... but how many REALLY do these things religiously?!?

The Essentials of Wireless Security

With wireless networks proliferating it is becoming more important than ever that sufficient security measures are put in place. And yet many people, especially those new to the technology or computers in general, are just not aware of the dangers of not properly securing a wireless network.

10 Things to Ponder Before Moving Your Office Network

Moving the office network? How hard could it be? Anybody who's ever moved the office network knows the risks and challenges associated with this colossal task. This mighty endeavour is not merely a case of logging-off, shutting down and pulling the plug.

Computer Security - What Exactly Is It?

Although the term 'computer security' is used a lot, the content of a computer is actually vulnerable to only a few risks unless the computer is connected to others on a network. As the use of computer networks (especially the Internet) has increased dramatically during the past few years, the term computer security is now used to describe issues referring to the networked use of computers and their resources.

Basic Steps To Optimize Your Internet Security

After seeing many people complain about their weak Internet security I decided to write down some things that will help you for your Internet security.

What is Spyware?

The most frustrating part of having Spyware on your computer is the sheer feeling of helplessness that is invoked. Your computer slows down, it no longer does what you instructed it to, it seems to have a mind of its own. You effectively have lost control of your computer. Spyware (also referred to as Adware or Malware) is software that is installed on your computer without your consent. Spyware software monitors or controls your computer use. It may be used to send you pop-up ads, redirect ...

5 Things You Need To Know Before Deciding On A Certification Training

The right certification training Trainings vary a lot when it comes to quality. It's essential to choose your certification training provider based on things such as the quality of materials, trainers' competence and skills, counseling facilities, track record etc. A good trainer is essential because you can learn from his real life's experience. Cost Usually, the cost of the training is a big issue for people, sometimes even a deciding factor. But the price shouldn't be your ...

Image conversion In Computers

JPEG, GIFF/JIFF, BMP, and TIFF are the most commonly used formats for storing still image files such as photographs, graphics, and drawings. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and is a standard for image compression. However, some amount of data/detail is lost in the process. JPEG therefore is characterized by a glossy compression technique for still color images, just as MPEG is used for compressing motion picture files. GIFF/JIFF stands for Graphics Interchange format, which ...

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