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Hardware Articles

Hardware Articles

The Future is hear, will trans humanism be dear?

Our science and technological advances in this present day are staggering indeed. What will the next 50-year period hold in store for mankind? Long life, multiple careers thus providing more transfer technology and sharing of ideas and concepts? What does this mean for over all civilization? If you have these thoughts and others like them; then let me recommend a worthy book in which you might read;

Understanding Projector Screens: Be Careful, You May End Up With TOO Bright An Image!

Today's compact yet powerful front video projectors may leave you with a too bright an image to watch! This being especially so if you intend to watch a projected image in a darkened room – which after all, is most often the case with a home theater setup.

Interactive Charts are Reinventing Visual Data

Interactive charts have revolutionized the way visual data is displayed. Think back to elementary school geography class, sitting drowsily in your desk as the teacher pulls down her roll-up world maps and charts to review the 50 states and their capitals. Visual improvements have been made over the past few years to improve those maps and charts. Most maps and charts now are divided into topographical, population, climate, economic resources, physical, political, and road maps, color coded ...

Data Visualization Tool: Information as Fast as the Imagination

Imagine the possibilities of an interactive data visualization tool. You can go almost anywhere and see how the data visualization tool is already being used to make information more accessible and interactive for your business and for your clients.

RFID: Electronic Pharmaceutical Pedigree

A growing number of U.S. states are formalizing electronic pedigree requirements in order to comply with the FDA's anti-counterfeiting initiatives.

Lotus Domino Implementation and Tuning – Mobile Solutions

Today, the usage of such technologies as e-mailing, WAP, GPRS, calendar, etc. via mobile devices (telephones, PDA) is common. Moreover, the sphere of these technologies extends from using on “entertainment” level to the business level.

Lotus Domino – Enterprise e mail Server

Any success software product developing extends the implementations areas. This is the requisite condition to integrate the software into business, company, etc infrastructure. Practically always such software products have the score which is the basis for new technologies and modules. A lot of experts hold the opinion that for Lotus/Domino the enterprise level email system is such the score.

RFID: AT90RF135602 Smallest RFID Reader

The AT90RF135602 definitely needs a nickname. Even in 8-point type it's too big a title for the world's smallest RFID reader!

Artificial Intelligence and Why I Think Turing was Wrong

What is Artificial Intelligence? Consider this excerpt from Tom Holt’s novel “Almost Human”:

The ISO Network Management Model

The rumor on how Disney uses Network Management. When the temperature rises on the park grounds at Disneyland all the prices of the beverage vending machines automatically goes up by 10% to fully capitalize on consumer demand. I believe that is an old Information Technology rumor to explain how network management works... at least I hope it is a rumor.

The Birth of Artificial Intelligence

The birth of Artificial Intelligence (the science of creating computational systems with simulated intelligent), can be traced back to the early 1950, research into the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI for short) has not as yet created anything like the systems seen in Hollywood productions like the Hal 9000.

RFID: Traceless Truth

Life usually seems to me to be a series of Rorschach tests. We each interpret events and patterns through the filter of our personal history, and no two people experience the same stimulus in the exact same way.

Death by Robot

In the automotive business there is a saying; “parts is parts” in other words any delay is due to parts not getting their in time and the cost is generally higher because of the cost of the parts and not the repair itself. Now then when does a human die and become a machine? In the future humans will get extra parts to stay alive, but when does the human become a machine? And if the machine parts are better, faster and stronger. Why would you wish to be a pure human anyway? After all you ...

Microsoft Great Plains: if you are orphan client - what to-do and FAQ

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains, former Great Plains Software eEnterprise, Dynamics and Dynamics C/S+ is very popular ERP and since 1994 has been successfully implemented for mid-size and mid-size to large companies in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Middle East.

Recovering Microsoft Great Plains Customization - tips for IT Director

Remember nice and prosperous Clinton era? When you implemented innovative those old days accounting application – Great Plains Dynamics. And did a lot of customizations to fit your business requirements precisely.

Protecting Your Computer from Adware and Spyware

Recently, while checking our company web site statistics, we noticed a number of referrals from gambling and pornography sites. Since we are certain these types of sites would not house links to us, we investigated further and determined that some of our faithful visitors may be the victims of adware or spyware.

Unleash The Dragon ... Inside Your Computer!

What can you do to avoid computer slow down? – Part One Last week I promised you an article about avoiding computer slowdowns. The topic is so close to the hearts of most computer owners that I want to write about it over two articles instead of one! In this first part I will give you an overview of what to look out for, while in the second part I will detail how you can improve the way the various parts of your computer interact to give you a faster, more stable and secure computing ...

Ten Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Television

By the time the normal American teen has become eighteen years of age they would have spent about 25000 hours watching televison. This means they would have actually spent more time watching televison than learning in the class.

3 Summer Computer Tips

#1 – Summer Computer Travel Holiday travelers should be on alert when arriving home from long weekends, such as the Fourth of July, a popular time for computer viruses to spread.

Parts of a Laptop: Batteries, Screen and CPU

Electronics and computers are very popular today so it is no surprise that more and more people are getting them. And as technology advances, electronics are becoming smaller and smaller and also portable. This is where we get laptops, or notebook computers. Laptops use batteries to run the computer so you can make it mobile. You can take it anywhere you go. But there are other components aside from just batteries that are needed to make the laptop work. In case you ...

What Makes Up A Laptop? Batteries, Screens And Cpus

Laptops, also known as notebook computers, are trendy and functional computer devices that are now giving business people the best of both worlds in terms of business efficiency and mobility largely due to the fact that you can use batteries to power up the laptop for use anywhere, anytime. But what are laptops and what components go into making up a laptop device? For those who know little about laptops here is a quick overview of the various components that make up these versatile and mobile ...

What Is Wiki?

Wiki is web server software that allows users to contribute content. Collaboration is the key to Wiki, which is designed as a powerful system for online communities to build web pages and web sites. Unlike blogs and forums, all users are allowed to contribute and edit existing content. Wiki is derived from the Hawaiian term "wiki wiki" meaning "quick". The concept behind a Wiki is that collaboration on projects will move it along quicker.

An Entrepreneur and a Life To Be Remembered

I was reminded of my own mortality today. I guess you can say I had a near death experience, though the death I experienced was not my own.

The Newbie's Guide to Personal Computer Maintenance

When you turn on your computer, does it act like it needs a coffee to wake up? When you surf around the Internet, are you bombarded with pop-up windows? Does your computer freeze up or turn off for no apparent reason?

Daffodil DB: Web Database

What is a Web Database? A web database is a database for the internet. You can get access to your data via the internet from anywhere in the world. Or, you can create a database driven website by using such databases. A web database stores large amount of information in an organized format that is easily accessible from scripting languages (like PHP). In web databases, modifications, like the ones constantly used by e-commerce sites, for example, can be performed without any hassles ...

Comprehensive Meaning Of Segmentation By Clustering

Segmentation as a word, means to classify the objects that are exists in an image, it has many theories and methodologies, assume that we would like to recognize objects in an image, there are too many pixels to handle each individually, instead, we should like some form of compact, summary representation.

The Hidden Tiger:

What can you do to avoid computer slow down? – Part Two Even the most experienced computer users find it extremely difficult to control all resource and system settings of their computer. How do they do it? The answer is simpler than one might think and anyone can bring out the tiger that is hidden in your PC! Avoiding computer slow downs, degradation of performance, long boot-up times, delays or stuttering and crashes is a question of controlling your hardware and your system settings. ...

Finding the Right Performance Optimizer

So, you’ve decided to fine-tune your PC by using a performance optimizer. But there are hundreds of products available on the market and to find a solution that fits your need can be daunting. In this week’s article, I will explain what performance optimizers are and how they work while suggesting what you should look for when choosing such a utility. Performance optimizers are software utilities that allow you to ensure your PC is automatically optimized and its performance ...

Free Up Memory (RAM) in Windows

The processing power stored in the CPU of a PC is extremely important when running games, movie players, compression products and graphics software.

Industry experts answer the one million-dollar question - Why Genie Backup Manager?

In the old days, everything used to be scarce. Options were limited to whatever comes our way. But these days, as we live in a time of abundant supply—with all the upsizing, freebies and mass discounts—consumers keep on looking for reviews and experts' opinions to determine which product is better suited to serve their needs.

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