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Hardware Articles

Hardware Articles

Finally... An Easy To Understand Introduction To Computers

When you mention the word "technology," most people think about computers. Virtually every facet of our lives has some computerized component. The appliances in our homes have microprocessors built into them, as do our televisions. Even our cars have a computer. However, the computer that everyone thinks of first is typically the personal computer, or PC.

Electronic Schematics Diagram The Four Commonly Asked Questions

I came across quite a number of questions about electronic circuit schematics diagram. Most of the question asked are: a) Do we really need a schematic diagram in order to repair any electronic equipment? b) Will schematic diagram help us to repair faster? c) At where we can get a particular schematic diagram? d) How to read schematic diagram? Well, the answers is as below: a)-Theoretically yes, practically not necessary, it all depends on how ...

The End of TV

In the not-so-distant future TV as we know it, will cease to exist. This is going to have huge ramifications on the whole of human society, or at least the so-called 'wealthy' countries that sit in front of the 'magic-story-box' religiously everyday. I say 'so-called' because we obviously measure wealth in terms of material gain and not internal peace or gratitude for life. When television first appeared, like the telephone (see last article on the changing world of ...

Artificial Intelligence

Science fiction has built up the idea of artificial intelligence for years. Giving machines intelligence often spells the end of mankind as they then rise up against their creators and violently free themselves from oppression. There are cautionary tales such as in the film "Spider Man 2" in which the robotic arms of Dr. Octavius start controlling his brain thus forcing him to perform actions of benefit to them. I've never really had an interest in artificial intelligence until recently ...

Killer Applications for Virtual Reality Environments

Currently there are many uses for augmented and virtual reality environments, which are coming online due to the rapid advances in this technology. We started to see such uses coming online at the turn of the new millennium as researchers and entrepreneurs started collaborating on real market applications and looking for the “killer ap.” I would like to discuss some of the early applications, which were brought forth and how they help with everyday uses in our civilization.

Eye Tracking Technologies

Eye Tracking technologies have been in the news a lot and can assist us in many ways. Much of this is now transfer technology from the military, but it has lots of uses in the private sector for trucking, race car driving, boating, private aircraft, computer use and even teachers in class rooms trying to keep control of 35 kids who may have forgotten their Prozac.

MIT and Micro sensors Making Progress

Micro-sensors are making a lot of progress these days. MIT, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon and many others are moving the ball forward thru collaboration much faster than would have been anticipated. The number of applications is staggering. Some is simply fun and games while others have great ramifications in medicine, robotics, military, space and institutional instruction. Virtual Keyboards, smart dust:

3 Ways Computers Can Hurt Your Ministry Part 2 Weak Network Security

Our computers have become almost indispensable ministry tools. What would you do if the worst happened and you had to function without your computers? Would your ministry survive?

Prophetic Nerds

I am an Internet creative writer and journalist and yet knowledge of the technical side of computers still eludes me. As I work with tech-heads I've always had a feeling that they were a different breed of people, with their strange language of numbers and abbreviated terminology. I've also had the egotistical belief that because they are always sitting at their computers, that somehow they were missing out on life, as opposed to people like me who try to spend as much time in fresh ...

Blackhole or Fail Which One Is Better For Your Mail Server?

Very often SPAMMERS take advantage of catch-all email setup on webservers. Every email no matter what the recipients email address is will be caught by the default email account. It is highly recommended not to use catch-all email accounts and to discard SPAM send to non-existing email addresses. SPAM will clog up your SMTP server and consum resources like bandwidth and disk space in mailboxes. In most mail servers and web control panels (like cPanel) the user or admin can decide what will ...

Cross-Platform Custom Software Development and Integration - IT strategy for large corporation

Microsoft Business Solutions products: Great Plains, MS CRM, Navision, Axapta, MS RMS integration with UNIX/Java based platforms & non-Microsoft applications: Oracle, Lotus Notes/Domino, DBII, PeopleSoft, SAP

Rear Projection TV Facts Understanding the Pros & Cons of Rear Projection in the Home Theater

Rear Projection Television - An Affordable Option A great deal of consumer appeal for Rear Projection TV systems arise out of the shear simplicity that this product offers as an immediate solution to getting a bigger TV. No mess, no fuss, if you have the space, either visit your local big screen retailer - or better still, check at your favorite online electronics superstore - to order your product and get it delivered in just a few days; unpack the product and there ...

Top Three Factors to Consider While Choosing a Data Center for Your Business

Data Centers are the core of the Internet. The computer servers that power the Interne,t call Data Centers their home. If you think of how many billions of online transactions that happen every day you will be amazed to know that the final resting place of all these stored transactions is the Data centers. This Amazement quickly turns into Panic when you think about how much private data and vital data is stored there. Over years the Data Center technologies have evolved a lot into much ...

Notes About Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

Background: IPV6 stands for “Internet Protocol Version 6”, it is also called the “Next Generation Internet Protocol” or IPng. IPV6 is the commonly used abbreviation where the 6 refers to it being assigned version number 6. It was recommended by the IPng Area Directors of the IETF at a meeting in Toronto, Canada on July 25th, 1994.

Reply Email Automator

I avoided, delayed and ultimately never got to replying many emails in my life. I may have lost many opportunities because of this. The common cause for such an incident is lack of time or having other higher priority tasks at hand.

Motivational Quotes

Random causes of motivation can be effective in our daily lives. Sometimes we find inspiration in the least expected places and at unexpected moments.

The Newest Thing in Lighting LED Lighting and What It Can Do

The other day my son said to me, what else could anyone possibly invent? Sometimes it would seem that way, but I think that couldn’t be further from the truth. Back in the late sixties and early seventies someone realized that light emitting diodes could be used for indicator lights. They only were available in the color red, but that didn’t stop anyone, in fact we all became quite familiar with that red color in things like calculators and hand held games. That is pretty much where ...

40 Million People Hacked - YOU as Identity Theft Victim

June 18, MasterCard blamed a vendor of ALL credit card providers called CardSystems Solutions, Inc., a third-party processor of payment card data, as the source of loss of 40 million consumers credit card information.

The System Development Life Cycle

[1] Identification of problems: The proposal to develop a the new information system started with a formal request resulting from the identification of existing problems identified in the current systems used in the mail order and wholesales business operations.

Computer Disposal - Throwing Away Your Computer, Money, and Idenity

You may reprint or publish this article free of charge as long as the bylines are included. Original URL (The Web version of the article) ------------ href="http://www.defendingthenet.com/Newsletters/Throwing AwayYourComputer-Money-And-Identity.htm" target=_blank> Computer Disposal - Throwing Away Your Computer, Money, and Identity? Title ----- Computer Disposal - Throwing Away Your Computer, Money, and Identity? Computer Disposal and Security ...

Ten things you migt want to know about television

By the time the normal American teenager becomes eighteen years of age they would have spent about 25000 hours watching Television. This means they would have actually spent more time watching TV than learning at school.

A Short Introduction to Blu Ray

Blu ray is a next generation optical media format developed by the Blu ray disc association, a group of leading consumer electronics and technology companies such as Apple, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, TDK to name, but a few.

Be Free with Wireless Speakers

Are you tired of laying wires through your house, creeping through small places just to get the right sound effect? Wireless speakers are the answer to your headaches. With wireless speakers you gain the freedom to move your music to where you want it to be without the hassles of cables. Planning to have a party outside? Don't move your whole entertainment system outside while you can make use of outdoor wireless speakers which can move right along with the party.

Finding the right Mac for you.

So the lure of buying a Mac has finally overcome you and you’re going to take the plunge. The only problem is that when you start to look at machines there are to many to choose from. Do you pick new or used / refurbished, Power Mac, iMac, eMac, Mini, G3, G4, G5... argghhh.. Hopefully this article will help you through that decision.

Blu ray: what is next

Blu ray is a next generation optical media format developed by the Blu ray disc association, a group of leading consumer electronics and technology companies such as Apple, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, TDK to name, but a few.

Vulnerability Assessment and Network Security

Dicar Networks 97 East Brokaw Road Suite #230 San Jose, CA 95112 http://www.dicarnetworks.com/

How To Buy A Printer That Won't Break The Bank

OK I confess I’ve bought at least 10 inkjet printers in the last 5 years and finally found one that I really like. I’m not going to mention the brand here but I will tell you what the must have features are for me.

Integrating RFID Into Your Packaging

Market forces such as the RFID mandates from Target, Wal-Mart, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) have many manufacturers and suppliers focused on RFID simply as a compliance tool, overlooking the significant additional benefits of automatic identification technology.

Printer Cartridge Economics -- Four Ways To Make Your Ink Last Longer

Printer cartridge overheads can be a major expense for any busy office -- and even if you're working at home, it's important to factor in the amount you spend on your printer ink when assessing the cost of running a home-based business. And what you spent on that bargain-priced printer may turn out to be only a fraction of what you pay annually in printer supplies.

An Introduction to HD DVD

High density digital versatile disc is a digital optical media format which is being developed. HD DVD is similar to the competing Blu-ray Disc. It is currently in a format war with the Blu ray disc proposed by the Blu ray disc association.

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