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Hardware Articles

Hardware Articles

How Quantum Computers Will Work

Quantum computers open up a new era for high-speed computations. They will be 1,000,000,000 times faster than current silicon-based computers. Today’s high-speed computer sitting in front of you is fundamentally no different from its 30-tonne ancestors, which were equipped with some 18,000 vacuum tubes and 805 kilometres (500 miles) of wiring!

Inks need a little fuelling

In most prints, ink is the ultimate factor why printing outputs change. Change may be for good or for disaster. Printing is on the run and on top of the list for a business and marketing promotion. To have nice prints and nice colors, inks are responsible for that. Without inks, printing would never be possible and printing would never exist. The ink is the heart of printing because it makes everything visible and evident. But inks sometime cause a disaster. If printing does not turn out good ...

USB Hubs and Ports Explained

The USB standard has become the universal means of connection peripheral devices and equipment to the computer. Computers have either two or four USB port connectors. Each of these can support a large number of connections but to be able to attach more than two or four devices requires a multi-connection hub. There are many different types of hubs and this article seeks to explain some of the important considerations in selecting the best choice of hub for your system.

Computer Rentals: The Best Classroom Computer Training Solution

For classroom training, renting computers, sound systems and projectors from a computer rental company is the easiest and most cost efficient way to coordinate corporate training initiatives with the least amount of headaches.

7 Steps to Cleaning the Laser Toner From Your Laser Printer

Cleaning a laser printer, fax, or copier of laser toner can be easy, provided you know what you're doing and use the right tools. This article will share with you some simple tips to help you clean your laser printers of laser toner like a pro.

Do You Have Computer Panic Attacks?

Computer Panic Attacks can happen at any moment. -You need 10 computers for training in Chicago. You only have 5! -You need a flat plasma display for sales presentations in Washington DC, Las Vegas and Boston on the same day! -20 computers on order are delayed by the manufacturer, and you have 20 telemarketers starting tomorrow. -You need a 42" plasma flatscreen display monitor for a trade show in Las Vegas tomorrow! Don't feel alone, CPA happens to ...

Cisco Certification: Don't Delay Those CCNA Studies!

Every once in a while, a rumor floats that Cisco’s getting ready to change the version number of their CCNA and CCNP exams, which also means the questions will be changed.

Optimize Your Computer For Peak Performance

Is your computer running slower than ever? Does it crash a lot? If so it might be because advertisers have loaded it up with Spy and Adaware without your knowledge. "Spyware" is a common term for files that are installed on your system that allow companies to monitor your Internet activity. "Adaware" is software that will show you pop up ads over and over. These files can be extremely dangerous to your PC and could cause major problems. They track the websites you visit, items that you ...

Selecting an Ink Jet printer-With Low Operating Cost

Printer technology has made tremendous advances in the past five years. Speeds are up and print quality is great. Meanwhile, printer costs have declined.

Learning Computers for Seniors

It can often seem like kids nowadays pop into the world already able to use a PC. But there’s no reason why you can’t learn as well. It doesn’t have to be as hard as it can look — if you go about it the right way.

Keyboard Cleaning

Keyboard Cleaning There are several ways to clean a keyboard. If it is simply clogged with dust, hair and other various particles, you can use a screwdriver to remove a few keys from each side of the keyboard and then use the can of compressed air to blow all of the stray particles out of the keyboard. Just be forewarned - it is difficult to pry out large keys such as the shift keys and the spacebar without breaking them, so you should probably stick to the smaller keys. To remove a key ...

Testing Capacitor How To Test A Capacitor When Breakdown Under Load

Have you ever come across power problem where once you switch on the power supply and the fuse blow? You have checked all the components in the power (primary) and secondary section and all the components seems to be ok! Where is the fault? A fuse blown are usually caused by a shorted bridge rectifier, defective posistor, power transistor or FET, shorted primary winding of switch mode power tranformer, shorted secondary diode and etc. But in this article i'm gone to show you another ...

Computer Help Desk Stupid Questions

Here is some proof from the help desk stupid questions archives at CSN: A customer was enraged because his computer had told him he was "Bad and an invalid." The tech explained that the computer's "bad command" and "invalid" responses shouldn't be taken personally. Another customer called tech support to say her brand new computer wouldn't work. She said she unpacked the unit, plugged it in and sat there for 20 minutes waiting for something to happen. When asked ...

Explore the Earth from Home

What the!!?? Google Earth? Has a company taken over our world? No, just mapped it out for you to look at.

Do You Have Dead Pixels?

Take a good look at your notebook computer screen. Do you find some tiny dark spots? You could have dead pixels. One of the most expensive parts of your notebook computer is the LCD screen.

Computer Help Desk Stupid Questions brought to you by Computer Service Now (CSN)

CSN Helps desk technicians know first hand that the phrase 'there are no stupid questions' is untrue. It's understandable that people are nervous about computer technology, but everyday computer technicians are asked to help people out of problems that leave them asking... ...how do you get to work?

Wireless: The new trend in Computer Rentals and Projector Rentals

Going wireless is easy with a Tech Travel Agent© from Rentacomputer.com. Just tell them what you want to do wirelessly. Your Tech Travel Agent© will provide you with a quotation for everything you need without all the technical jargon.

Selecting an Ink Jet printer–With Low Operating Cost

Printer technology has made tremendous advances in the past five years. Speeds are up and print quality is great. Meanwhile, printer costs have declined. What has not improved is the cost of ink. Printer manufacturers expected to make their profit on replacement cartridges, and they do. But in charging high prices they created another industry that they have to compete with. Now there are generic or compatible replacements; you can buy refilled cartridges and ...

Boost PC Performace in Seven Easy Steps

Many people wonder why their computer seems to get slower and slower as time passes. Just like a car, a computer needs routine maintenance to continue running properly. Here are several steps to get your system back in order.

Simple Tasks to Boost PC Performance

Many people wonder why their computer seems to get slower and slower as time passes. Just like a car, a computer needs routine maintenance to continue running properly. Here are several steps to get your system back in order.

RFID: A Closer View

Within the last few years RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has steadily migrated from the inner circles of science and technology into the public consciousness. RFID is now well-integrated into the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the car you drive... even what’s in your medicine cabinet.

7 Ways To Save On Your InkJet Printing Costs

Inkjet printers are not only getting better, they're also getting less expensive. Why is that? The inkjet printer manufacturers have built their business around the supplies rather than the printer itself. They make the printers as inexpensive as possible, sometimes selling them at cost, or less and making long term profits from the inkjet cartridges. Manufacturers regularly warn about using generic cartridges, and highly recommend their own. Truth be told, there is very little ...

Give Your PC a Monitor Makeover

Whether you are crunching figures at a front office job or crouched over a blood and gore video game in some deep recess of your room, there is the right kind of screen available to suit your needs.

ERP Consulting – New Horizons

Every new economy recovery and boom brings new type of business paradigm. It is true about economy in general as well as every market niche. General economic development should be left over to the economists and philosophers to review. Here we will try to draw the trends as we see them through the golden Clinton era time to the recession of 2000-2004 and now economy recovery for ERP consulting company. In our case we are Microsoft Business Solutions and IBM Lotus partner. This small ...

XBOX 360 vs. PS3: an in depth look

All gamers are awaiting the release of the Xbox 360 and the PS3. This article takes an in depth look at how the two systems compare.

PDA vs Laptops

PDA vs Laptops   The marketplace for mobile devices  is always evolving. PDA can now do a myriad of functions from email, web browsing,Wi-Fi, cameras, music, mobile telephony, word processing, spreadsheets, GPS and many more A PDA scores in these areas: The trend is towards smaller and smaller handheld gadgets. Its small size allowing you to carry it anywhere with ...

Printer Ink Cartridges - The History

You are working at your computer and trying to print out important documents and all at once you find you are out of ink. Years ago that would have presented a big problem. Printers used ribbons or daisy wheels to print on paper. Let's take a look at the evolution of printer ink cartridges.

What to look for in an assembled PC

Not too well versed with the hardware jargon but need a computer? For starters, read Ask these 3 questions before you buy a computer.

What Is A Server

For those of you who don’t really understand where or how your web page is sitting on your hosting sever, this is a basic over view of how it works.

Selecting an Ink Jet printer–With Low Operating Cost

Printer technology has made tremendous advances in the past five years. Speeds are up and print quality is great. Meanwhile, printer costs have declined.

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