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Hardware Articles

Hardware Articles

5 Ways To Backup Your Data...

The data on your hard drive is the most critical item inside your computer, and the only item which can not be replaced. It may be an unwanted hassle and expense to replace a defective memory module, monitor, or processor, but there is no replacing data once lost. In addition to the possibility of a simple hard drive failure, the threat of internet borne worms and viruses has become an increasing risk to data loss or corruption. Although you may not be able to provide ...

How To Choose A Computer Case

Things to Consider When Choosing a Computer Case In the past, computer cases were all very similar… Clones of the same boring, beige box. With all of the choices available today, this is no longer the ‘case’, and people can use their systems’ chassis as a means to express themselves and to set their system apart from the rest. Although appearance may be a big one, it isn’t the only factor in the selection process and the following items should be considered when ...


Hard Drives: ATA versus SATA The performance of computer systems has been steadily increasing as faster processors, memory, and video cards are continuously being developed. The one key component that is often neglected when looking at improving the performance of a computer system is the hard drive. Hard drive manufacturers have been constantly evolving the basic hard drive used in modern computer systems for the last 25 years, and the last few years have seen some ...

Power and Your PC

Power and Your PC The power coming into a computer is the most critical component, and it may be one of the most overlooked. It is just taken for granted that it will always be there and working properly. A top of the line processor and ultra powerful video card do nothing if a system does not receive the ample, stable power it demands. Having quality components providing and regulating the power supplied to a computer is critical, and this brief overview looks at a few ...

When Good Computers Go Bad

By William Hanke Remember the day that you got your new computer (or the hand-me down from Uncle Larry) and you pulled that shiny case out of the box? Once you finally had all of the cables properly mangled into an unmanageable ball, you powered on, the screen lit up and off you went. The PC was fast, programs loaded in the blink of an eye, and Internet surfing was a breeze. Those were the days. But now your PC seems to need a walker and a dozen ...

Partitioning, Formatting and Reinstalling

Formatting and reinstalling windows 98 is very easy if you have the right know-how. This article will discuss how to format, partition and reinstall windows 98 on your PC. Before going ahead and doing this, it is important to be comfortable with the terms format, partition and file systems. Formatting creates magnetic markers, which define sectors where the data is stored. Basically you might want to format your ...

Data Backup on the Moon: It's One Small

Beaming data to the moon—it sounds intriguing, but is it really the answer to offsite backup? Dozens of businesses were unable to recover from 9/11. Having all of their files and backup data in one location added incredible economic damage to the already tragic losses of life. Should businesses anticipate a graver disaster than that of the World Trade Center? Jumping forward ten, maybe twenty, years... North Korea’s nuclear arsenal ...

Let The Email Wars Begin

© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved [url]http://www.thenetreporter.com[/url] Things just got a lot hotter in the hyper-competitive world of online email providers. In response to Google's announcement that their soon-to-be- launched "Gmail" service will offer users 1 gigabyte of email storage, Yahoo! announced an upgrade of their free email service to allow users 100MB of free email storage along with other enhancements. ...

Data Backup For Beginners

It's 10pm. Do you know where your data is? Data. Small bits of information clustered together to make Word files, documents,pictures, MP3s, HTML etc. We work on our computers every single day never sparing a thought for all those millions of chunks of data spread all over our hard disks. The data is there and it does it's job. Until of course the data is not there anymore. 72 hours ago I suffered from massive data loss. ...

Upgrading Your PC for non-experts

Intro One of the big advantages of PCs over earlier types of computers is that they’re upgradable. If you get to the point where you need a faster computer, more storage space or whatever, you don’t have to buy a new PC. You can upgrade it by buying just the extra part you need. But sometimes it’s better to just take the plunge and replace it… and how do you know what part to upgrade? Here’s my guide: Memory Adding memory is ...

The Best Classroom Computer Training Solution

For classroom training, renting computers, sound systems and projectors from a computer rental company is the easiest and most cost efficient way to coordinate corporate training initiatives with the least amount of headaches. Save Time and Money with Training: Computer, Projector, and Sound System Equipment Rentals Even if you own all the equipment you need for a computer training session you will save money by using the installation services of a ...

Apple and Intel, Sitting In A Tree

Apple And Intel, Sitting In A Tree For this lifelong Macintosh fanatic, the urge to react to the news that Apple would be making the switch to Intel processors over the course of the next year had to be suppressed for a few weeks. I had to calm my nerves and control various emotional reactions that may have been, well, other than constructive. I hoped to get a sense of how Apple planned to manage the transition and what it could mean in the grand scheme of things. I ...

MCSE? CCNA? How To Choose The Best Computer Certification For You

When you’re choosing which computer certification to pursue next, you should also be formulating a plan for your career. Your time is precious, and you should never choose to pursue a certification because it’s “hot”. There are some hard questions you should ask yourself before deciding to pursue the CCNA, CCNP, CCVP, CCSP, CCIE, MSCE, or any of the many other vendor certifications that are out there.

The Next-Generation Video Card

Nvidia has done it again, with it's newest video card, the geforce 7800 GTX. If money is no object and you demand the best, this is the video card for you.

JunxionBox -- WiFi Access Everywhere

Now you can more easily access the Internet wherever mobile phone carriers offer high-speed data service coverage.

To Upgrade or Not?

To upgrade or not? That is the question. At least, since the release of the new Athlon 64 FX-57, that is the question I have been pondering. Even though the FX-55, (which I am currently running), was everything I had hoped it would be, is the new FX-57 that much better? Well let's take a look.


When buying a new computer, or upgrading your monitor, you may be in somewhat of a conundrum deciding between an LCD or CRT monitor. That's understandable because for most people the difference is just size. But there is much more behind each option than just some space saving. In this article we'll outline the pros and con's for each choice and then tell you what will best suit your needs.

Learn to Find Cheap Laptop Computers on the Internet

Cheap laptop computers are coming to a store near you. In fact, there are many there already. That’s because, like any newfangled electronics device, laptop computers were once the cream of the computer crop, which made them super expensive.

Nvidia Geforce 7800 GTX Review

Nvidia has done it again, with it's newest video card, the geforce 7800 GTX. If money is no object and you demand the best, this is the video card for you.

The Importance Of Current Sense Resistor In Switch Mode Power Supply

Current sense resistor is usually located in the switch mode power supply section. Newer version of monitor-the b+ (boost) circuit also have this current sense resistor. If you repair electronic equipment especially the switch mode power supplies, the current sensing resistor is connected to the source pin of power FET (field effect transistor) and the other end to HOT GROUND. The value of current sense resistor is in the range of 0.1 ohm to about 1 ohm. The values are depends on the design ...

Heliodisplay -- Computer Video With No Screen

Computer Video With No Screen Science-Fiction meets reality with this new video display technology. The Heliodisplay includes patented and patent pending technology to transform normal ambient air and display video images into free-space. Some Heliodisplay models are interactive allowing a finger or hand to move images around in the air as if one were grabbing a tangible object. The Heliodisplay requires a power outlet, and a computer, TV, DVD or alternate video source. The current ...

Ergonomic Products 101

Human beings are scaling new heights day by day. Markets are becoming more and more complex and competitive. Companies launch new products, market them, but even then are not sure if their product will match the taste, need and pocket of the consumer. This is because numerous brands are associated with a single commodity. Some companies try to win the consumer’s heart via a low price while a few others offer an impeccable quality at significantly good amount. But at the end of the day what ...

Basic Technology History

Online Technology Source Computers: First Computer Invented: Most people when they think of first computer invented they think Bill Gates. This, however, is not true, for the computer was invented long before Bill Gates was around. Bill Gates only revolutionized the computer, buy creating a more compact and useful form of the computer and making it available to everyone with a job. There are many people out there who would say that the first ...

OCR Software Optical Character Recognition or Optical Crud Recognition?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) refers to a software technology and processes that involve the translation of printed text into computer searchable text.

Hard Disk Wiping and the Secure Removal of Data

It is important for businesses to recycle their computers, but have you thought about what happens to the data on your computer when it is collected?

What is Booktype / BitSetting?

What is Booktype / BitSetting? Use the bitsetting (Set Booktype) feature in your bitsetting software to set your DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD+R DL Media (Only DVD+R/+RW Media) backup to DVD-ROM for much higher compatibility with older DVD players and Game Consoles such as XBOX and PS2. Bitsetting is done during the burning process when bitsetting DVD+R Media. You can also set/change your DVD+RW Media's bitsetting/booktype, but the difference is that you can be bitset DVD+RW Media even AFTER you have ...

Moving to a New PC

Getting a new PC is exciting and a pain. It's exciting because you get a faster processor, more storage and all the latest stuff even though it's outdated as soon as it hits your desk. The pain comes with re-installing all of your programs, re-customizing your preferences for programs, applications, and Windows, and transferring data to the new PC.

Lock Workstation Fast

When you work in an office, it's important to lock your workstation every time you step away from your computer. A pain, but a security measure. You wouldn't want someone sending a nasty-gram in your email address, would you? Here's a faster way to lock a workstation without going through the CTRL+ALT+DEL route.

Standards Aren't Just for Web Sites

David Strom wrote fascinating editorial regarding formats and provides a historical lesson (ah, the old days of floppies... first black, then green, orange, red, and blue). Imagine if an automotive company decided to produce a car that uses a new kind of gasoline -- not leaded, unleaded, or diesel -- a brand new one also manufactured by the company.

The Advantages of Help Desk Support Software

Help desk support software is a must-have for any new or existing online business. Even if the majority of your business is off-line, many people prefer online product and service support. Customers want their questions answered quickly and personnel need a way to effectively manage their work. Help desk software is an affordable, easy-to-use and useful tool for the growth of your business.

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