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Internet Marketing Articles

Internet Marketing Articles

Internet Marketing: Give Me Good Content

If you peek into the esoteric world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you will be greeted with a vast array of speculations, rumors, and theories of how the major search engines determine which sites get included in their listings and how a site moves to the top of its category.

Internet Marketing: Give Me Something New

There have always been writers, through the ages, who complain that the best books have already been written. There are others who exclaim that every worthwhile story has already been told. Movie producers stick with remakes of old standards rather than risk untried directions. The world of art, literature, and music has become a vacuum filled with the merely derivative.

Internet Marketing: Give Me Something I Can Use

There is a huge amount of material available free on the Internet. Part of the reason for that is tied to the beginnings of the Net when it was merely a source of information that was freely exchanged among interested parties. As the commercial potential of the cyber world started to become recognized, merchants gave away information to entice the public into using the new medium and becoming familiar with moving around the web instantly and effortlessly.

Internet Marketing: Give Me Immediate Gratification

When we buy physical items on line, there is obviously the need to wait for delivery. Make it as fast as possible, surely no problem in a world where things have to "absolutely, positively, get there overnight."

Internet Marketing: Give Me Quality

You may have very valuable and unique information or products in which I am intensely interested. However, remember that I receive a zillion offers and recommendations a week so I'm going to read your sales letter carefully before I make any commitment.

Internet Marketing: Give Me Follow Up

There is an old saw in marketing that very few sales are made on the first contact. Research has shown that it takes an average of five to eight contacts with a prospect before a sale is consummated. Smart marketers know this and that is the basis of the online proliferation of auto responders. Automatically, without the need for monitoring or adjusting, such a system will issue follow up messages posted to it, on a schedule that the sender determines.

Internet Marketing: Are You Feeding These Customer Demands?

I am both a consumer and a marketer. I buy frequently online because I hate to shop. Before the advent of the Internet, I bought everything I own through printed catalogs and customer service telephone lines. Ordering online is easier and faster, assuming good site navigation and minimal credit card snags.

A Successful Niche Matches Your Skills and Knowledge

When you’re trying to choose the precise niche that your business will fill, the best strategy is to make sure that you know what you’re doing with the product, so that you’ll feel much more comfortable in your niche and you’ll enjoy what you’re doing. The best successes are always achieved by those who like their work. Therefore, the first step that you can take for defining your own niche is to make a list of all the things that you like to do best. This may have to do with ...

Creativity, Fun, and Originality in Internet Marketing?

Sometimes it seems to me that everyone on the internet is busy copying everyone else. This is not entirely a bad thing, but this perspective can also be limiting.Allow me to explain how creativity, fun, and originality can spice up your internet marketing.While I certainly understand the concept of modeling, using the tried-and-true experience of someone else to cut corners, save time and money, and be on your way to depositing serious amounts of money into your bank account, I ...

The Biggest Mistake New Website Owners Make And How To Avoid It

The first big mistake I see many first time content website owners making is not paying for traffic in the early stages of their website's life.

More Visitors for Your Web Site with Quick Keyword Optimization

Your web site can be great. But if the search engines can't find it, it doesn't really exist.

Marketing with a Smile

It just amazes me how many new marketers start their journey by looking for something that will make them money instead of something that will make them happy.

Make Money Online With Targeted Keywords

A keyword is a word or concept with special significance which describes a concept used to organize webpages and objects on the Internet. In today's world, more and more people use the Internet as a tool to get or sell specific product, service or information. Compared to previous model—directory search, keywords search has specific advantage, convenient, fast and also exact.

How To Get The Most Squeeze From Your Squeeze Pages

We all want them, some of us have them, but we all need them. This could easily be a verse in the internet marketers’ anthem.

The Truth About Online Business

Online Business is not a difficult thing to do, and really anybody can do it, but if you don't know how, then regardless of the nature of the business, it will be hard for you to achieve your goals even if you have the magical product or service. I am sure that many try to answer the "how" question by bombarding you with many e-mail messages telling you all different sorts of ways to market or advertise online, and each way is said to be the best way that can generate traffic, sales, exposure ...

Internet Marketing Is Going To The Feeds

This change is permanent: Marketing your website without taking advantage of RSS feeds will be the biggest mistake you can make in 2006 and beyond.

The Key to Niche Marketing is the Right Product

When you become experienced with niche marketing, you quickly learn that there is one extremely important factor that plays the most important role in determining whether your business will be successful or not. This factor is the original concept of the business itself. It begins with the product that you have selected, as well as your target market niche, and then your unique selling proposition (USP) – as well as the implementation of these elements. If your business idea – ...

Insight Into Your Website!

Improve your business online... just by reading this article. Businesses that succeed online understand the importance of analyzing their Web traffic. All the traffic in the world will not mean a thing if you don't have an understanding of what is working and what is costing you money. Do you know what happens when a visitor gets to your site? How many visitors are going to your site? Where do they come from? What pages do they read? What keywords lead to sales? Are your visitors ...

6 Pillars Of Internet Emotional Marketing

Got into a rut with your marketing? Let’s face it, it happens to all of us. We overlook the basic essentials until disaster strikes. Get out of your rut now. Stay fresh and focused.

10 Powerful Internet Marketing Strategies That Bring In Sales

Increasing website traffic is the name of the game on the internet. It's important to note, however that there is no one thing that can bring instant traffic or ongoing sales. It's a combination of strategies that promote contact and networking.

Maximize Your Profits With Mini Sites

Mini Sites are simple 1-2 page sites that usually consist of a sales page and sometimes an affiliate program. There purpose is simply to sell a product or service. They are quick and easy to build and can usually be up and running in a number of hours.

Where is Your Revenue?

Faced with the unlimited possibilities for earning revenue from your online business, how do you structure your business?

Creating Content for Your Online Marketing

It has been discovered that visitors to websites read the content differently than they would if they were reading the same content in print. When a website visitor is reading a website’s content, then instead of reading it word for word, it is more likely that he or she will scan over the page looking for the specific information that he or she wants from the page. Therefore, the style of writing used for print material is not the same as that which should be utilized for a website. ...

The Toughest Click

Do you know what is the toughest click or, in other words, do you know which click is the hardest one to get your visitor to make? The toughest click is the one that leads to your payment processor!

Change Your Web Site for Explosive Sales, p2

Are you making this mistake with your web site? Too many web site owners look at their site as an online brochure. They use it as little more than a place to store their product or service list. A different way has emerged. Now your web site can be used as an effective marketing tool. Used in the right way, it can spear-head many successful marketing campaigns for you in the near future.

5 Big Internet Business Lies

You have heard from people saying Internet Business is a waste of time, you will not make any money, there is no real money to be made online, it will never work and so many others negative words coming from people who don’t really understand in this Internet Business industry.

The Worst Internet Marketing Mistakes

Today we are blessed to have a tool as powerful as the internet, but we should not overlook basic marketing techniques used in all business organizations. Marketing is critical to the success of any organization, often the chief reason for their existence, also the chief tool for their survival. How do we get our product to market? Go online and seek success.

5 Bad & Lousy Words You Should Never Say In Your Salesletter

Do you know exactly why people don’t seem excited to buy your product? Have you ever wonder why your competitors make more sales even though they have a terrible product to offer? Even worse, why people couldn’t even be bothered to live their email address in your opt-in form and subscribe to your free newsletter?

Business Planning and Search Engine Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

It's all about being Number 1 for search engine results, right? Wrong.In our rush and enthusiasm to jump in and optimize our own or our clients' websites to achieve stellar ranking, we often forget the first, and most important step of all: business and marketing planning.The business and marketing planning process is not difficult, but it does take time, and that's what most hurried-up cyber folks don’t want to hear. After all, things are moving so fast that if you ...

48 Hours To Profit - A Lesson

Have you seen any ads or promotions for the instructional ebook on making 'desperate' money? It's a group of several different marketing gurus that are issued a challenge...they have a couple hundred bucks, no list, no web site, and they have to make $1000 bucks in 48 hours or something bad happens to their families...

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