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Internet Marketing Articles

Internet Marketing Articles

The Hard Push Technique....turn on or turn off?

A common marketing technique being taught by a number of different groups and marketing teams is the hard push tactic, where you give the prospect no real chance to refuse, create a massive sense of urgency and try and ensure they have no choice but to do as you wish.

4 Steps to Improve Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Search engine marketing can be a complex and scary topic. Endless opportunities to advertise and market, constantly changing trends and technologies, and overly complex solutions all come with the territory. So, what you don't need when you're evaluating or creating your search engine marketing strategy is lengthy explanations about how different techniques work. Instead, seek out advisors who can guide you with simple explanations and techniques based on real results. That's ...

19 Viral Marketing Techniques

With the onslaught of marketing campaigns geared towards Internet users, viral marketing has paved the way and has become one of the top methods used in advertising.

Create a Great Idea for Your Online Niche Market

In order to create the best possible solution, you have to adopt a mindset that anything is possible. What would be the solution to your need in this situation? You recognize a need and you imagine what would fix that need as if there were no limits on what you could create - shoot for the moon.

Pick Yourself A Guru

What is a Guru? A guru is just another name for a teacher, a mentor. On the internet, a guru is recognised as someone who has lots of experience and has made the grade. He/She has set up a business that is financially successful and is willing to pass on their knowledge to other, less experienced web users. Are you a Guru? If not, please read on. The majority of internet Gurus are only too happy to teach. Therefore, becoming a Guru in the true sense of the word. Pick yourself a Guru. ...

Three Things That Matter In Internet Marketing

There is an old saying in real-estate. There are three things that matter: Location, location, and location!!!” Making money online is exactly the same; it’s all about locating your site high on the list of search engines. This article will explain the basics of getting good search engine placement, which will ultimately drive traffic to your site making your online business successful and profitable!

Finding Information Products for Your Online Internet Business

Building your own online information product business takes some work but the rewards can be great whether you are looking to create a part-time or full-time income. The first step is to locate a source for your content.

The 5 Minute Guide To Taking Your Web Business To The Next Level

It doesn't matter what stage your website is at, you'll probably come to a point where you hit the point that well known web personally Ken Evoy calls 'The Hump'.

Your 3 Best Options for Quickly Multiplying Your Website's Income

Have you ever wondered why it takes so many visitors for your website to make any real money for you?

Top 7 Strategies to Build Trust in Your Online Service Business

How do you know whom you can trust online? Which businesses are legit, and which ones are primed to rip you off? It can be tough these days determining which is which. With the advent of phishing and other online threats, some days you just want to shut down your email program and Internet browser and wish for a face-to-face interaction with someone that you know, like it was in the "good ole' days" before the Internet took over our lives.

FAQs Keep Your Customers HAPPY

Customer service, or customer care, is almost never talked about when on-line marketing is discussed. Oh, sure - every book on list-building has a section (usually pretty small) on contacting your list. And every book on sales-letter writing or ad-writing points out that you should write like you talk, and it should be very natural and conversational. But can you remember the last book or article that talked about what to do when your client has a question about your website or your ...

Internet Marketing or Just Marketing?

What is so special about internet marketing? Is it really a different animal with special rules unique to itself or is it just another way to go to market?

Don't Let Irritable Online Marketing Syndrome Stop You From Online Success

Every year, many one-man online stores and small e-tailers close their internet doors and drop out of the race without giving themselves a fair shot at success because of Irritable Online Marketing Syndrome (IOMS). IOMS, more commonly known as information overload, presents a real and present danger and although it sometimes attacks veteran online marketers, newbies and intermediate users find themselves especially susceptible to its volatile effects.

What Makes a Good Keyword Phrase?

Matt from Washington asks: “What makes a good keyword phrase?”A good keyword phrase is one that is closely targeted to your product or service and reveals intent on the part of the searcher.That’s a mouth full. Let me break it down for you:When people do keyword research they often focus on keywords that are far too general. Let’s say I have a site where I sell digital sheet music for classic rock songs. Here is a list of possible keywords:Sheet music ...

How To Quickly Supercharge Your Local Business Using The Internet - Part 1

If you want to make more money faster and easier than you ever thought possible from your existing offline Business, this may be the most important article series you will ever read.

How To Quickly Supercharge Your Local Business Using The Internet - Part 2

In the previous article in this series, we discussed setting up a website for your local business and how it can work for you 24/7 bringing in customers and sales. How much would this constant flow of additional customers help your bottom line?

How To Quickly Supercharge Your Local Business Using The Internet - Part 3

We’ve been looking at how you can use the web to significantly boost the profits you can make from your local business.

How To Quickly Supercharge Your Local Business Using The Internet - Part 4

In this series of articles we have been looking at how to supercharge your local business right under the noses of your competitors without them having a clue that you’re even doing it…

How To Quickly Supercharge Your Local Business Using The Internet - Part 5

In the last article in this series we were looking at how to Pre-sell your visitors on doing business with you instead of your competitors and started to look at how you can use email to stay in constant contact with your customers.

How To Quickly Supercharge Your Local Business Using The Internet - Part 6

In this article, we’ll wrap up this series on how local business owners can multiply their profits by using the Internet and continue looking at the benefits of building a theme based content website as part of your marketing mix.

Google Co-Op Topics - Annotating Web Content

In May of 2006, among other announcements, Google announced Google Co-op. This article is a follow-on article to a previous article, "Google Co-Op Overview", which provided a high-level overview of Google Co-op. This article will go into one of the components of Google Co-Op, Topics, in more detail than was covered in the previous article.

Separating Tire Kickers from Customers

One of the greatest possible characteristics of any online work at home business is the ability to distinguish legitimate potential customers from those who are simply “looking around.” Those “tire kickers” who have no intention of spending a dime with you are a dead-end. Every minute spent trying to attract their business is wasted. If one can find a way to concentrate only upon real potential buyers, business will explode!

Uncover Why Most Website Designers and Internet Marketing Do Not Mix

Website development is an important and crucial first step to creating an online business. The investment made in your website design can be a large investment and you probably want a website that is an extension of your business and display your products or service in a professional way.

Duplication and Change in Internet Marketing

You have just launched a new internet business and are trying to get it off the ground with an amazing advertising campaign, except that it turns out to be not so successful. Most people want a return on their investment, but when they put money into something big, they expect immediate results, only to discover that they have nothing but an empty wallet and deflated confidence in themselves and in the process. What we must remember is that when we fail, which will happen at times without ...

There is ONE Secret to Internet Marketing

Too many people are constantly searching for the "Holy Grail" of Internet advertising. Instead of just getting out there and doing something every single day, they sit back and wait till they find the "Secret" to Internet marketing.

NICHEING: Jack Of All Trades, Master Of Many More

Ungrammatical as the word may be, Nicheing has been a very popular term in recent years, what with its common usage in internet marketing discussions. Nicheing is obviously derived from its root word. A niche is a small group sharing a particular interest. Serving these small market segments has been very profitable for most businesses, as product loyalty is almost, always assured, resulting in a stable demand.

The Easy Way to Find Potential Niches

Finding a profitable niche to build a site about is a two-step process. 1. Find several potential niches. 2. Check to see which one is most profitable.This article looks at the first part - coming up with ideas.This is often the biggest stumbling block for those starting out in this affiliate marketing business. Where do you get ideas from? I do get a lot of people asking me for ideas, but it really is not that difficult.There are lots of places you can get ideas. ...

Help Increase My Internet Sales- Part I

If you’re like most savvy businesses, then you are probably always seeking ways to increase online sales. However, as the Internet has attracted new buyers to the online marketplace, competition has forced corporations to continually employ new strategies in hope to capture more sales.

Internet Marketing With A Laid Out Strategy

A lot of internet marketers run some unprofitable websites or businesses with no short or long term strategies. Some people do not have any goals, while some seem to jump from one ‘business opportunity’ to another. Some internet marketers treat their internet marketing business like a hobby, and yet expect to earn some good checks from it.

Key Factors To Guarantee Your Success In Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is now a very popular way to earn income. You have the convenience of working from home, you set the goals and you apply the necessary effort needed to achieve those goals.

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