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Internet Marketing Articles

Internet Marketing Articles

How to Communicate with Prospects All Over the World Who Speak a Different Language

I discovered a free service online, that allows me to communicate with people and watched my international sales begin to go through the roof. Did you know that over 50% of all Internet traffic is from non-English speaking countries? Companies like Adobe, Baxter Healthcare, EDS, GE, Microsoft, NetGear, PepsiCo, Socratic Technologies, US Government, are relying on this type of service already to get more done, with no language barriers.

Keep those Back end Sales Flowing 24/7 Using The Funnel Theory of Marketing and Automated Tools

The Funnel Theory of Marketing Relies on the fact that it is far more expensive to attract new customers then to resell existing customers. By Combining Automated Sales techniques with the Funnel theory of marketing you can keep your Back End Sales Flowing 24/7

How to Turn Your Articles into a Viral Traffic Stampede

By writing articles you can send targeted traffic to your website at any time without paying a single cent. Articles are one of the best online marketing investments you can make because you write them once and they send you instant visitors each and every day. The more articles you have circulating the internet, the more targeted traffic they will send to your site.

Website Marketing Secret: Why Your Website Is Not Making Money And How To Turn It Around

The secrets on how to send a floodgate of traffics to your website and explode your sales. Why do hundreds of millions of people from all over the world have websites today which are not making any money for them? They have tried many different types of website marketing, internet promotions such as search engine optimization and promotion, banner ads, ffa ads, e-mail marketing, link exchanges, e-zine ads but failed. The one problem that all website owners or marketers ...

Attitude The Marketer's Most Important Trait

Attitude is a key part of each of us. A central part of our make-up, who we are as individuals. It is also a major factor whether you succeed at what you do or fail. Your attitude about life can give you many different outcomes to a situation, the choice is up to you.

Golden Rules For The Use Of Autoresponders

Autoresponders are a perfect way to increase traffic to your site. They can save many valuable hours by automatically answering emails concerning frequently asked questions about a service or product or by sending a welcome letter to new members of your program. There are many ways that autoresponders can help your business. One of the most important is their ability to track the effectiveness of your promotions. Since autoresponders are one of the most popular marketing tools ...

Five Proven Methods For Increased Internet Sales

There are hundreds of ways that you can promote your online business or website, some more effective than others. These five proven methods will help you to generate traffic to your site and also to generate income into your wallet.

Internet Marketing Secrets Spiel

Wouldn't you like to know all the Internet marketing "secrets" that have made me the man I am today?

Keywords are the Key

Niche marketing is focusing your business efforts to a target market, or a niche within the market. However, this can prove difficult if you are not aware of the most productive ways to market your products. If you are going to put forth the time, effort and resources to market you might as well make it worth your while and market as productively as possible. Of course, everyone wants to do this and few people are actually aware of how to make their part of the niche stand out above the ...

Believability You've Either Got It or You Ain't!

Believability is what's missing, and the majority of all businesses have the same problem. They advertise Institutionally, they fail to inform and educate their potential customers, they believe (and sometimes it's true), that they have the best product/service in their field. Trouble is, the customer usually doesn't appreciate that fact! Big Problem.

The Right Mindset : Key To Success In Online Business

Today we are going to discuss a very important requirement to succeed in online business. In fact it is the important and essential ingredient of any successful venture. It becomes more relevant in running an online business because of the nature of the business involved. It is the most talked about and discussed element yet poorly understood and often neglected.

8 Excellent Ways to Sell Your Back end Products More Successfully!

A back-end product is a product that you attempt to sell to your customers after they have recently purchased a related item from your business. Selling back-end products is an extremely effective way of boosting your profits. It is a lot easier to sell products to those who have already bought from you than to seek out new customers. Of course, it is extremely important that you have a steady flow of new customers but it is also important to keep up with older customers and always be ...

10 Things the Work at Home Online Business Owner can Do to Improve their Search Engine Rankings

Search engine theory is great but most Web Masters Say Show me the Results. These 10 easy to follow tips are sure to boost your Page rankings for a Targeted Keyword or Phrase.

Take the Direct Route to Internet Gurudom

- Are you tired of chasing down publishers just to get a few of your articles distributed? - Do you wonder where those Article Announce emails you faithfully send out *really* end up? - Is the monthly search for fresh email newsletter content giving you premature gray hairs?

Are You Limiting Your Income?

When first starting out in internet marketing, I was afraid of the big ticket items. I think most people are at the beginning.

Internet Marketing You Have to Give a Little to Make a Little

Internet marketing by definition is "the use of the Internet to advertise and sell merchandise or services."

Competitor Analysis How Writing Rubbish Can Give You an Edge

The Gobbledygook Competitor Analysis Tip When typing cap can tell you a lot about your competition… One of the great things about Adwords is it allows you to test so many different things ever so quickly. It is a very useful tool but if it were likened to a sword - it would be double-edged. What do I mean by this? It's very simple - your advert - when it is displayed - is in the public domain and can be seen not only by your prospects but also your ...

Never Underestimate the Value of Giving Things Away

"Never underestimate the value of giving things away." I remember as kid hearing these words on a regular basis. In fact this philosophy was re-enforced so much by my parents in my younger years that it has become a part of who I am today. But, I'm also a businessperson who enjoys earning a living, and in business, our primary goal is to maximize profits. So we have what appears to be an obvious conflict here. How does one remain profitable, let alone increase profit levels if ...

How To Hold On To Your Customers Like Hell And Make Them Pay You Again And Again!

With the years competition online, has become fierce. Studies shows already that there are more web pages in cyberspace today than there are humans on the face of the earth. All these jostling for the same customers. And if you remember that the primary purpose of every business is to acquire customers, then you will understand how serious this is.

Googletestad - Profit From Optimizing A Meaningless Keyword

Sometimes, researching for profitable keywords for Search Engine Optimization can lead to some astonishing and unusual surprises. You may come across meaningless keywords that are:

Learning More About Your Customers to Achieve Maximum Online Profits!

Knowing about the people who buy your products or use your services on the internet is extremely important. If you know what your customers like, dislike, want and think, then you know exactly how to update your site and adapt it. Nothing pleases a visitor more than a site that fulfils everything that they desire. Pleased visitors lead to buyers. Not only will this boost your profits but it will also lead to satisfied customers who will leave your site and tell others. This will boost your ...

Five Step In To A Successful Online Shopping Business..

Before you set out to explore the online shopping market you should do some planning, take a piece of paper and pen and write down the steps that will help to bring in traffic to your website.

Writing a Website That Sings!

If your online sales have taken a dip lately, your product or service isn't necessarily to blame. Even the best products and services can be hidden in obscurity when covered by a blanket of bad website copy. So what can you do to make sure your copy sings the praises of not only your product, but your business smarts and credibility as well?

10 Explosive Ways To Turbo Boost Your Sales

1. Design your web site to be a targeted resource center. Choose one subject and build on it. You'll gain repeat visitors that are interested in that topic.

10 Ways To Increase Sales By Promoting Yourself

People will feel more comfortable purchasing your products if you give them a little information about yourself or business. The information could be your profile, employee profiles, overall business history, education credentials, awards you've won, etc. Below are 10 ways you can use to promote yourself. 1. Teach a free chat room class on a subject related to your business. You could install a chat room on your web site or use a free one from ...

What Big Pharma Can Teach You About Niche Marketing

A recent newspaper review of a new book, Selling Sickness, got me thinking about niche marketing (The Globe and Mail, Saturday, August 6, 2005, D8-D9). The book in question considers case studies that purport to show how “Big Pharma” (the entire pharmaceutical industry, from manufacturers to drug salespeople) manipulates data to “create” a disease that they have the “cure” for.

Unique Niche Markets

1. Your niche could be that you offer free delivery. This may cost a little money, but, you will gain the extra customers to make up for it.

Niche Marketing For Home Based Business

Copyright 2005 Paul Jesse In an age of technology, niche marketing has become easier and harder at the same time. It is easier in the fact that computers and software programs have been designed to practically do all the niche marketing work for you, and is harder in the sense that if you try to go at it alone you will not be able to reach the amount of people you might have been able to a couple of decades ago. The reason for this is today people hit the Internet looking for something in ...

The ABC's of Online Customer Support

Want to provide great online customer support? Want to provide the kind of customer support that will grow your business, by building customer loyalty and satisfaction? It’s not as hard as it sounds! Just remember your ABC’s.

The Most Powerful Niche in the World and How You Can Always Profit from It

There is one piece of software that is always going to be purchased like hotcakes regardless of how the market is. No matter if it is a recession, no matter if most people experience a "slow" market. It is not even new. It is what made the industrial world what it is today, and it all started with a man called Henry Ford.

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