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Internet Marketing Articles

Internet Marketing Articles

The Advantage Of Niche Marketing

Copyright 2005 Patric Chan 'Do You Know The Most Common Question I Get All The Time About Internet Marketing?' The question is ... "How Do I Make Money On The Internet?" Now - I want to be honest with you. It's a valid question but it's impossible to answer that question because there are just too many things to talk about in that topic! I mean, other analogies to that question are ... "How can you make a girl/guy likes you." or "How can I be a good parent." There are ...

Internet Marketing: The Secret Magic Of Converting Your Website Visitors To Buyers.

It is not enough to set up a website to promote your product. It is not enough to attract visitors to your website. So, what if they go to your website, but don’t buy from you, then what? But if you know the simple “magical formula” on how to convert them to buyers, then your sales will increase and you’ll be a shining success. If you want your visitors to ...

Our experiences of internet marketing with no knowledge and a very limited budget

* Our experiences of internet marketing with no knowledge and a very limited budget: How to market your online business "on the smell of an oily rag". "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." - ancient Chinese saying Author's Note: This article is an account of our internet marketing efforts over the past 7 years, so some of the information may be a bit out-dated. We hope it may ...

5 Proven Successful Internet Marketing Business Models

Here is a common question asked by new internet marketers: How can a new internet marketer make money online? There are many ways by which you could earn online. Here are some proven successful methods, as well as some useful tips to help you maximize your earning potential in each one of them: 1. Affiliate Marketing You could earn as an affiliate. An affiliate is a middleman between the merchant and the ...

Marketing for the Beginner

Marketing for the Beginner Copyright 2005 Mark McCormack Marketing can be an extremely frustrating experience. With all the “make cash fast” schemes it’s easy to get sucked into a marketing experience. The opportunity itself may have potential but only if YOU as a motivated business owner are able to attract a market (ie. get people to your site). This is primarily evident in business proposals like “make a fortune with only 4 minutes a day!” or ...

6 Ways To Get More From Your Promotions

6 Ways To Get More From Your Promotions by Paul Curran 1. Settle On The Right Way Forward The purpose of your promotions is to get more sales, not to soley enhance the image of you or your company. As a salesperson you must understand this right at the beginning or you will be wasting your's and every one else's time. You must be enthusiastic about the product or service you are promoting. If you're not why ...

How Important is your Marketing?

HOW IMPORTANT IS YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE? by Charlie Cook Bob called last week from Phoenix, Arizona with some stunning news about his web site. He first contacted me in the fall of 2003. He had a web site that was helping him generate a healthy income but he sensed he could be doing even better. He wanted to get more visitors to his web site and get more of them to contact him about his retail liquidation services.

23 Ways To Use An Ad Tracker

23 Ways To Use An Ad Tracker by Harvey Segal The ad tracker was originally developed to provide a record of all hits to a site resulting from ad placements. This article shows a host of different ways to utilise an ad tracker. FOR AFFILIATES #1. The Long Url Problem Have you ever seen an ad where you are asked to click on an affiliate URL so long that it stretches over 2 lines, like this ...

Five Questions You Must Answer To Build

If you seriously want to make a living from the Internet, no matter what you intend to market, you simply must develop and cultivate your own mailing list. That list should contain names and addresses of people who have expressed at least a general interest in what you have to offer. In other words, they have 'exercised their option' to join your list, in return for more information, training, free promotional items, etc. They have chosen to ...

E-marketplaces from Seller's Perspective

What is an E-marketplace anyway? E-marketplace is a business to business web based venue, where buyers and sellers meet online, generate business leads and conduct business transactions. The e-marketplace features are tailored in a manner so that a large numbers of buyers and suppliers can be serviced as a community. A participant of an E-marketplace can be a buyer, a seller or both. Unlike an E-distribution portal which is oriented to assist ...

6 ‘Must-Have’ Elements of a Money-Making

by Brett Curry Most brochures that businesses put out today end up doing little to impact the sales of that business. By applying the 6 must-have elements listed below you will transform you brochure from trash can lining into a powerful sales tool. 1. A Benefit-Filled Headline. On the cover of most brochures you’ll usually find nothing more than the company name, logo, and maybe a quick slogan like “committed to excellence”. This isn’t ...

20 Website Mistakes That Cost Me Three Years and $22,000

"Learn from other’s mistakes," my Mom always advised me. Learn from mine, save three precious marketing years, tons of frustration, energy, and come out way ahead of the game. Best of all, you probably didn't lose thousands of dollars like I did.

How to Set Up a 7 Day E Course

Be a Winner! Answer the Challenge! An e-course is a sequence of emails set up to be delivered automatically without any effort on your part after the initial set up. Just set it and forget it. Setting up a free e-course is a great way to keep your services on top of mind and educate people about what you can do for them.

There is Hidden a 'Successful Formula' in Everything

Although many say that things change on the net, still what worked before keeps working. You can advertise with start pages or banner exchanges. They are both good tools. They can be the 'Greatest Advertising Technique" to you, although some say that they are outdated.

DOI, a Proven Marketing Tool for Driving Traffic and Increasing Search Engine Rankings

The Digital Object Identifier otherwise known as the DOI is not new. The history of the DOI started when a group of major book publishers realized that the digital age was imminent. They needed an online cataloging system for books on the Internet, not just on book shelves. The ISBN had taken them as far as they could go and was a great bar coding/cataloging system for physical books, but it was not practical for "virtual shelves" where ebooks or digital media live in ...

The Money Keyword List - Superchrage Your Website's Earning Power! - Part 2 Of 2

Many webmasters are not making money or want to make money with Google AdSense. The problem is that some of them don’t know the keywords to use in their websites. It’s become necessary that those of us in the know share this key information with them to cut down their frustration. It should also help those webmasters boost their income.

Five Ways to Give People a Reason to Buy Your Product or Service

Overcome lackluster copy and lack of product sales by using the passion approach. Announcements, such as "Here's my product!" do not work. Sure, you put a picture up and maybe a list of its features. What's the promise? Where's the benefits? How will your potential buyer's life be better by obtaining your product? How does a picture or list of features compel your prospective buyer to buy? The consequence? You miss many sales.

Internet Marketing Is No Big Secret

You Do Not Need To Be An Internet Marketing Guru Just follow seven, (not so easy) steps to success. 1. emal campaigns:(followup, autoresponders, etc.) advertising copy (ad title and content). Be sure your campaign has an eye catching title accompanied by well thoughtout meaningful content. Then follow up your campaign using autoresponders.

Using An Autoresponder To Manage Your Email Campaigns

Automatic Responders Whether your e-business is planning to launch an email marketing campaign or simply in need of handling demanding email inquiries, rapid email response to inquiries is a customer service essential. Ideally, customer email inquiries should be answered within a 24 hour period. In this way the customer feels valued; you represent your business as efficient and eager to serve; and you set a processing goal for yourself that keeps your ...

You Know You're an Internet Marketer When...

Did you make the switch from corporate slave to independent consultant? If so, you may be part of the subculture known as "The Internet Marketer's Club." Out here on the Web, things are done a little differently. Nine to Five is a forgotten phrase. "Corporate casual" means tossing on a pair of lounge pants before booting up your laptop. Business meetings are held in the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen!

It Really is only 'early Days' in the Internet Gold Rush....

One of the questions that I am getting more and more used to hearing lately is: 'Is it too late for me to start an online business? Have I missed the boat and have all of the best opportunities been and gone?' My reply is always along the lines of, 'Absolutely not - there is still a wealth of opportunity online and even if you start your online business tomorrow, you are still well ahead of the majority of people'. I genuinely believe that this is the ...

You Gotta Think Strategic Internet Marketing!

Have you ever been lost in the woods - wondering around aimlessly, not knowing where to go or what to do next?

Do You Know the 3 Key Strategies to Using Lead Capture Pages?

Leads are the Life Blood of any Online Home Based Business. The Best leads are the Leads You Generate Yourself using Lead Capture Pages.

All Internet Marketers - How To Get My Business

Copyright 2005 Mike Law More and more people are realizing that the Internet offers great potential to set up a healthy business for pennies on the dollar. This is good news for internet marketers - but it also means that they need to lift their game. Why? Because the would-be "netpreneur" has access to way more training than ever before. It's possible to get up to speed very quickly on what is needed to get started online. This, in turn, means that people quickly recognize what offers ...

Seminar Business Marketing and Promotion

Seminar Business Marketing and Promotion When you feel like you're always busy working on your business, but not getting where you want to go, it can be frustrating trying to figure out how to get your marketing on track. It can easily become a ¡°not seeing the forest for the trees¡± feeling. Here are three big barriers I regularly come across with business owners and how you can avoid them.

Beyond Viral Marketings It's Exponential Multiplication

Exponential Multiplication a Real Life Example: Double a penny every day for a month and what do you get? Over ten million dollars! That's the power of exponential growth, and the Internet is the one medium that can harness the power of That Amazing Exponential Growth... for FREE! Free Multi-Viral Ad: The Viral Ad Concept is very Simple, Each Free Multi-Viral Ad Page has between 4 and 10 Ads. When you sign up for your own Multi-Viral Ad Page, you will ...

10 Deadly Joint Venture Profit Killing Mistakes

1. Not sending out another mailing Sending another mailing (to the subscribers who haven’t bought) will often bring 50% or so of the previous response. 2. Picking the wrong mailing list Remember the 40-40-20 rule. 40% of your response depends on the right mailing list, another 40% on the right offer and 20% on everything else. 3. Targeting visitors instead of buyers Buyers have always been and will always be more profitable than visitors. Let’s ...

FREE Classified Advertising Tips to Boost Any Business!

FREE online classified advertising - the equation is simple. A business needs to reach out to more and more people on the Internet. Each website has a particular level of visitors, otherwise called traffic. In order to reach out to more traffic, businesses barter Internet online advertising space and thus increase traffic. This way, everybody wins. The businesses are more visible at no additional cost and the customer gets a wider choice of products and services. In addition, partner ...

5 Simple and Easy Ways to Advertise Online

Advertising is everything some people say. Regardless if you have a product, a service, a hobby website or just want to share pictures of your wedding, you have to advertise somehow to get the traffic to your site or blog. But not all traffic is equal. There are services that can help you drive tons and tons of traffic to your site and it won't do you any good at all because it's not targeted traffic. Take for example all of the many different 'surf for ...

What is with all these Gurus?

I am sure you have noticed that there seems to be a unlimited amount of experts and Gurus online all telling you the best ways to run your business, get sales, market your website and just about any other subject known.

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