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Internet Marketing Articles

Internet Marketing Articles

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing Viral marketing is sometimes called viral advertising and concerns the type of marketing methods that look to tap into preexistent interpersonal networks in order to create unlimited growth in the awareness of a product or service. With the ease of being able to reach massive numbers of people through the Internet, viral marketing has taken hold of the power provided by online marketing tools and seeks out these types of opportunities continuously. Viral marketing ...

10 Marketing Tips YOU Need

10 Marketing Must Have's Marketing is what makes or breaks any business, and all too often it is simply overlooked or made as an after thought. Though it is important that you get together with a designer experienced in marketing and design, there are somethings that you can do right now to improve your marketing efforts by yourself.

The MOST TRAGIC Mistake a New Marketer Almost ALWAYS Makes

Copyright 2005 Richard Meredith So... you're a new marketer, and you want to make extra money or even perhaps a great living! One of the first things you do is join an affiliate program or downline club of some sort. Or maybe even you are trying your hand at Ebay or another auction service by marketing some nicely profitable product. Now, once you have some sort of online business vehicle, your mind must gravitate to exactly what kind of advertising to generate sales or ...

How to Select Keywords

Selecting the correct keywords can make or break your website. Potential customers search the web for desired sites, and if your website doesn’t have the keywords they’re looking for, they’ll miss you.

Internet Marketing Time Management

"Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time." - Jim Rohn

Planning for Success A Positive Approach

Are you a good or bad planner? Do you cringe at the very mention of the word 'plan'? If you do then you are not alone. Thousands of online (and offline) marketers find themselves in the same position.

Research Steps For Your Niche Business

You have developed an idea and come up with a product. How can you tell if you are marketing to the right niche? Here are some steps to research your niche market. You may want to begin with some informal research. Check out on-line forums and other websites that feature similar products or information. How well promoted are they? How is their copy? Is their information appealing and easy to find? Are sites on your topic abundant, or hard to find?

Business Joint Ventures On The Net!

The term business joint ventures refer to two independent companies or more who agree to establish a new company. These companies legally commit themselves to contribute equity for the new company, as well as share their technology and skills. In return, they share both profits or losses and control over this organization. A joint venture can be executed for a limited period or a continuos period.

Researching Author Clubs for Online Information Marketing

If you own a business you have probably thought about “information selling” whether you realize exactly what it is or not. Information selling is what you see when you pick up a trade journal in your industry and see someone wrote an article about some topic related to the industry and under that article is information about the author and how to contact him or her. Indeed this is now being done online and at least one gentleman; Christ Knight of has figured out the ...

Stephen King, Radio Plays, and Online Marketing

Stephen King, Radio Plays and Online Marketing What do these 3 things have in common? It might seem a bit of a jump right now, but there is a link between the writer Stephen King, Radio plays of the fifties and internet marketing.... Words Let me start from the beginning, I was reading "Danse Macabre" by Stephen King, a book in which he gives his take on horror fiction. In one section he is writing about the radio plays of the early 1950's, and how they gripped the listener by ...

How to Stop Two Major Business Expenses and Save Thousands of Dollars Every Month

Hello everyone, I’ve been in the Internet Business industry for a few years now… always trying to figure out new ways to keep money into my pockets. Yes that’s right, KEEP money… The reason why I’m saying this is because I did make my share of money in the MLM industry, but I lost a bit too. Nothing major, but if I go back and add up all my unnecessary expense, I would have been richer in less time. Now it’s time to outline the places where I was losing tons of ...

The Lessons The Homeless Taught Me About Marketing My Home Based Business

Like so many people in North America I live in a city that has too many people living on the streets and who are homeless or in need of financial assistance. So often these people approach me asking for "spare change" or "help". I always just ignore these request and continue on my way, except yesterday.

How to Tap the Profits Hidden in Your Internet Business!

I’d like to show you five secret strategies to extract profits hidden in your Internet business. Pay particular attention because any of these can boost bottom line revenue fast.

Whose Site Is It Anyway?

I spend a lot of time emailing with online business owners. Since that’s my specialty, I find a lot of people asking me questions about my success. What amazes me is that many of those people are asking the wrong questions!

Article Length Thoughts For Online Article Marketers

It is recommended by the leaders in the field in online marketing thru the use of informational articles to keep them short and tight. They recommend keeping the articles between two hundred and five hundred words. As an article writer I agree with these gurus in online article marketing and most of their points in theory, as smaller articles get picked up on the Internet faster. However, in practice I can say that my large articles have been picked up too, although it is true not to the ...

The Massive Rewards Of Aggressively Self Publishing Your Website Content

Very few people ever think of self-publishing their website or blog content. Yet behind this simple thought lies a secret that has opened the flood gates of traffic for many.

Start a Fire Sale! Give Your Faithful Clients Bonuses!

When is the last time you received an unexpected gift? Or a larger gift than you had expected?

What Does Your E Address Tell People About You?

How much time did you spend on deciding on the appearance of your business cards? Or your letterhead? Why was it so important to get them just right?

How to Benefit from Comment Spam

It happens all the time. You have your blog up and running. You're writing interesting stuff and you're even getting some attention. All of a sudden there's a flood of comments on your site. Having comments helps a blog look busier, so everyone wants to get comments.

How Sneaky Links Increase Your Click Throughs

If you find that your site visitors have developed a high level of resistance to clicking through your affiliate links, you're not alone. What is it that makes affiliate links suspicious to people? They're certainly not meant to be offensive.

Internet Profits Revealed: The Simple Philosophy that Works

Why is profiting on the Internet so hard for most people? If there is so much money to made, why do so many continue to struggle? There are secrets to profiting wildly online, and I assume you’re as deserving as the next person, so what rationale could you possibly use for justifying missing out?

Profiting From the Online Business: Tips to Boost Your Sales

Creating a lucrative online business is not an easy task. Ask any successful web entrepreneur, and chances are you will receive the same response. While some only intend to use the profits from their Internet ventures to supplement a current income, others aspire to eventually produce a full-time cash flow. Although those striving for a full income through an online business do have quite a tedious road ahead, it can be accomplished. With research, time, and patience, your business can ...

Ten Ways to Sell to Your Customers Again and Again

OK, so you’re making some sales, either of your own products, or through affiliate sales. What you may not know is that you’ve got a virtual gold mine in your possession, and all you have to do is follow a few simple steps to turn these one-time sales into lifetime customers, and to potentially create more and more customers simultaneously.

Two Steps to an Investment Free Online Empire

If you’re like most of us, you’re not on a budget that allows you to spend massive amounts of money on advertising for your Internet marketing campaign. With that in mind, let me show you a fairly simple two-step formula for profiting online with little or no investment.

Use Your Yellow Page Savings to Finance Your Internet Local Search Visibility

A Yellow Page Ad Says You’re "Open for Business" Most small businesses that have a storefront or provide a service are committed to a Yellow Page directory ad. It was a safe bet, since buyers went to the directory when they were ready to buy. Every year owners renew their ad. And steadily the costs go up. Many advertisers "beefed up" their ad, hoping to stand out - making it even more expensive. For too many, their directory ad is their most expensive (or only) promotional ...

The Executives Guide To Marketing On The Internet

THE NEW INTERNET... You would have to be a cave dwelling hermit living in outer Mongolia not to have been inundated by hype and hoopla about the internet. Hardly a day goes by without major coverage of the net as it has come to be known. In the last six months alone, Business Week, Advertising Age, Business Marketing, Time, Newsweek, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and dozens of other lesser known publications have touted the internet as the major marketing event ...

The Extraordinary Power Of Duplication

I am a firm believer that when we help others to succeed, we in turn succeed ourselves. In the world of Internet marketing, this philosophy will take you far. So far, in fact, that you may be blown away by the results of putting it into action in your own online marketing campaign.

How To Identify, Exploit, and Profit From Niche Markets

There are two basic approaches to advertising or lead generation... the shotgun approach... or the rifle approach.

The Why Seven Real Reasons to Own an Online Business

I’ll be blunt with you. You don’t own an online business to make money. Don’t believe me? Just hear me out. The real reason you own an online business is to do the things that money allows you to do. Life is short. It is precious. We really want the time to do the things that deep in our heart feel right for us. Here are seven real reasons to own an online business.

Eight Mind Blowing Residual Income Breakthroughs

Would you rather be sitting here reading this, or would you rather be out golfing, or if golf isn’t your thing, doing something else you enjoy It’s obvious, of course. You’d rather be having fun. So let me share some secrets with you that should help you develop a steady residual income online.

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