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Internet Marketing Articles

Internet Marketing Articles

3 Out of the Box Web Marketing & Conversion Tips

In the world of online marketing, being on time is too late. It’s no longer enough to simply ride the wave of the latest marketing trend, you must anticipate the wave and be ready when it hits. In an environment where banner ads are becoming increasingly ineffective, Pay Per Click is becoming increasingly expensive, and natural search is becoming increasingly competitive, companies need new and creative ways to reach their target audience without ...

Internet Marketing & The New Website Model

The NEW generation of websites will have a very different way of communicating information to visitors. They will be actual communication platforms that will use multimedia capabilities with the Internet's broadband ability.

The Best Internet Marketing Product To Sell

I've been selling successfully online for almost ten years now. I've sold everything from ninety cent $3,900 information products.

What to Look For When Buying Resell Rights Products

There are 2 types of resale rights category – the low end and high end resale products. There are some products that are bundled with the resell packages that are very useful and then there are others that are a waste of computer space.For example, there are outdated pop-up generators and meta tag generators. Do you really think someone is going to buy a software that will create a few paragraphs of text for you? Only if you’re selling to those who have never buy any resale ...

Site Development: Extreme Online Marketing

The key component to the web's best sites is ‘content’. These netrepreneurs understand the need to provide a professional site that is well developed, informational and error-free. For top websites quality content is essential.

Internet Marketing Newbie? Tailor Your Website

You have decided to zero in on product creation? You have reached the point were you know your goals inside out. You have even written your goals down.

The Truth And Myth About Internet Marketing: The Lie By Implication

The Top Ten Things You Must Put Into Your Internet Marketing Business If You Want To Make A Living At It. Just read the ads from the Internet Marketing gurus and you’ll be led to believe they will make you rich if you’ll just buy this course or that software. After all, the ad will tell you, “this is the exact same system I used to rake in over 2 million dollars last year.”

Internet Branding: Being Authentic

What you do and how you do it is more important that what you say. We have known that intuitively all of our lives. That's why we have phrases like "He talks a mean game", "Put up or shut up", "Practice What You Preach" or "All Talk". Parents talk to children about setting a good example for others. Celebrities must consider their behavior as role models, whether they accept the responsibility or not (Google "Charles Barkley and role model"). When what we say is in sync with what we do, ...

The One Ultimate Secret To Profiting From Your Keyword Lists Effortlessly

We all know that doing good, solid keyword research is part of the battle towards building an effective site – one that generates a revenue – wether that be from affiliate sales, pay per click revenue or just simple sales of your own products.

How To Use Google Trends As An Internet Crystal Ball

It doesn't seem possible to understand the behavior of Internet users, far less anticipate it. Google Trends doesn't explain why some changes happen, or how, but it does a good job at visualizing them. A marketing analyst however can get much more from this tool than just graphs.

Marketing - How to Sell More

When selling online, there is always the fear factor to overcome from all potential buyers. People are nervous to buy online and there are several steps to help with this problem.

Niche Markets - Tips to Find a Profitable One

Choosing a niche market is a very important step that will really be the difference between possible success and failure.

Why You Shouldn't Listen to Website Designers

Have you decided to build a website for your Internet business? Do you have a business mind, but are not skilled at creating websites? If so, you may have consulted website design experts. While this may seem like a logical choice, it is not the best option out there. Website designers can create esthetically pleasing websites, but the website yields no profit. This can be the downfall of your Internet business.

Fatal Errors in Your Web 2.0 Marketing Strategy

Each and every marketer is constantly trying to find answers to the question of how to increase his sales even more. For thousands of web designers and eBusiness owners sales are to be closely connected with traffic their web site get. Some succeed, some never do. However, most of marketers ignore one simple fact.

Teach Your Site to Sell

Internet Sales is No Different It is just a different sales venue. Not many years ago the word internet was a small blip on the radar. Now it is one of the dominant forces in our lives. Think of where you go for information. Right where you are now, at your computer. Even Grandma knows how to send email. The children of today will never imagine a world without the internet. There are thousands of people who have built a successful sales business on the internet. The ...

What Type Of Website Do You Want? a Content Site or Sales Site?

There has been a mild controversy of late as to which is best. (1). A web site that is built on selling a product Or.....(2). A content-rich site that is used to provide visitors with valuable and useful information.There is a lot to be said for both points of view, after all it has been proven that they both can be used to develop a successful web site.Internet entrepenuer Marlon Sanders believes in developing a web site designed to sell.Ken Evoy, of the best selling ...

Internet Marketing Expert - Gain Credibility By Flaunting Your Authority!

Don’t you hate to look for prospects? Wouldn’t you rather have people look for you and stop worrying about when your next paycheck will come in? And how is internet marketing the ‘lazy persons’ way to wealth if we had to constantly do all that?

Challenge-Does Most of Your Traffic Really Come From Search Engines?

One of the first things that I learned about Internet marketing, was that over 95% of your web traffic comes from search engines.

Profitable Internet Marketing Strategy - Inflict Pain On Your Customers And Gain

Although the internet is a ‘cold’ way of doing business compared to face to face business, you should remember that you are still dealing with people. The computer has changed the way we do business, but it did not change human behavior.

10 Simple Ways To Kick Up Your Internet Sales In Five Minutes Flat!

Every entrepreneur wants to know the secrets to kicking their sales up a notch. The key is doing so quickly and easily.

The Marketing Guru Who Cried Wolf

**THE QUESTION** Are you are as tired as I am of the hype, the greed and the uncertainty of not knowing which Internet Marketing Guru to trust?"The Marketing Guru who Cried Wolf"OrHow Will I Ever Succeed in Internet Marketing?We all should remember Aesop’s fable of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and the moral of it that has been passed down from generation to generation. For those a little foggy on the story I will paraphrase it for the sake of this article and the updated ...

Boost Your Online Sales With Long Tail Marketing

Years ago, when I first heard the phrase 'Long Tail Marketing' I did a double take and wondered what the heck the phrase was referring to? Little did I know then how important a factor it would play in the overall success of my online websites.

Why Pay for Advertising That Does Not Yield Sales, Increase Your Conversions

Before you part with your cold hard cash, consider various ways to increase and maximize your conversions. The term conversion simply represents the number of website visitors that take the action that the web publisher desires. In most cases, conversion refers to an individual browsing a website and purchasing the product(s) or service(s) being sold. The idea is that a browser has been converted into a buyer.

Is Search Engine Marketing Right for My Business?

Perhaps you’ve redesigned your website and are wondering if search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine optimization (SEO) is right for your business. Or maybe you don’t trust most search engine marketing companies to do what they claim they will do. Maybe you feel like you are running in place, spending money on SEM but not seeing the results you anticipated. Or you feel abused because your site is re-optimized every time you work with an SEO company and still no results.

Internet Marketing Quiz

Question - If I need to target a specific region, is it helpful to have a domain from that country?

Newbies' Guide to Create a 24/7 Profit-pulling Mini-site for your Niche Product

The next important step you need to do is to decide how you are going to take your orders and collect payment. With the internet, this is no longer expensive nor difficult. With your own online payment processors, you can collect money and deliver your products automatically.....even while you are sleeping.

Ten Sure Fire Signs You're An Internet Marketing Junkie

Does Internet Marketing success continue to elude you, even though you spend most of your waking hours thinking about it?

How to Create Profits Using Viral Marketing Techniques

The Difference Among Viral, Buzz, and Word-of-Mouth There are certain words, jargon that stands in for theory, that starts with marketing industry insiders and before you know it becomes the 'in' subject of books, blogs, articles, and MBA dissertations. But as jargon filters down to the less sophisticated, the meaning and ideas behind these words becomes lost. Such is the case with the current state of thinking on Buzz, Viral, and Word-of-Mouth marketing.These terms ...

How to Create Your Marketing Funnel Online

I've been working with several clients recently on the notion of creating a marketing funnel, also called a sales funnel, sales pipeline, or marketing platform, depending on what business you're in. If you imagine a funnel, wide end at the bottom, and gradually narrowing as you go to the top, this is the sales pipeline through which potential, current and former clients travel in their business relationship with you. The idea is to get prospective clients in your target market to ...

Intenet Marketing for your Small Business

A decade ago, the internet wasn’t considered an important part of a small business marketing strategy. Today, it’s paramount. That doesn’t mean that your small business marketing strategy has to include a lavish 25-page website with sounds, flash movies, and thousand-dollar graphics. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend $5.77 per click to advertise under the keywords “small business marketing” on Google. It does mean that you need to understand, at the very least, what the ...

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