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Internet Marketing Articles

Internet Marketing Articles

15 Ways To Start Your Internet Business Sales

1. Find a strategic business partner. Look for ones that have the same objective. You can trade leads, share marketing info, sell package deals, etc.

Top Internet Marketing Techniques

by Edward Rizzo The Internet offers many means of affordable marketing, often with full-color imagery to go along with text. And multimedia components add some spice to the mix and increase online visitors and purchases. Here are some top Internet marketing techniques to help increase your sales and income.

Consumer Website Marketing with Content: The Case of

Amazon is widely recognized as the most successful ecommerce site in history. Much discussion has been devoted to the role of Amazon's affiliate program, website usability, website personalization, and capital investments. But little attention has been paid to the vital role content plays on the Amazon site, and how big an advantage Amazon has over its competitors thanks to content.

The Secret of Targeting Niches

The Secret of Targeting Niches by Gregg Hall This is one of the most neglected and overlooked aspects of internet marketing. Far too many people think that they can simply put up a website for a something that they have an interest in and make money from it. The very first rule of whether an item is going to be successful is the age old “Supply and Demand”.

Duh Idiot's Guide to Starting a Home Business

“Starting a Home Business”…”Work from Home”…“Be a Work at Home Mom”…”Make Millions Working From Home” I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!! So why does everyone want to work from home?? I’ll tell you why, because working 9 to 5 SUCKS!!

How My Business Made $10,000 From My First Promotional Article

Shortly before I discovered the wonders of marketing online with well-written articles, I read a book written by well-known branding expert Al Ries and his daughter Laura Ries, titled 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding. Immutable law number 6 was The law of Advertising. It dealt at length with why conventional advertising does not quite work online and why we should expect to see a revolution with this revolutionary new medium and not just a replay of the past.

Search Engine Marketing – The Past, The Present and The Future

1997 – 1999 were the early years of search engine era. Internet Marketing and more specifically search engine marketing mainly consisted of submitting your sites to the search engines. These "voices from the past" are still heard today when this or that Search Engine Optimization company and / or automatic submitting software will claim to do search engine promotion for you by submitting your site to hundreds and thousands engines and directories. The search engines' indexing programs, called ...

Why Most People Don’t Use Effective But Free Online Marketing Tools

It is rather interesting that most people do not take free online marketing tools seriously. Never mind that there is plenty of evidence around and even more examples of web sites and online entrepreneurs who have taken off in a hurry using only free online marketing tools.

The 12 Things All New Internet Marketers Should Know

The author gives an easy to follow 12-point guide and advice to all new Internet marketers and online business owners to help them excel in this very interesting, exciting, rewarding and yet challenging business venture.

Understanding Search Marketing in 2006

Understanding Search Marketing in 2006 / 2007. By Iwebresources (Sharad Saxena) Visitors find related information by using a search engine. You may have the most incredible website on the Internet, but it will receive little or no traffic without search engine visibility and ranking.

Make A Living On-Line

Is it possible to make a part time or full time living on the Internet? Can you make enough money to make your time worthwhile?

Attention Deficit Sales Letter Disorder

For any marketer, attention is a precious commodity. With consumers bombarded with thousands of advertising messages each day the question of how to make your message stand out of the crowd becomes even more critical.

Where Do All These Internet Marketing 'Experts' Come From?

As I scan my inbox, on a daily basis I have offers to improve the quality of my site, create new catchy logos, and increase traffic through every conceivable method -- but who makes these guys the experts?

How To Create Photorealistic Post-It Pop-Up

Have you seen one of those post-it pop-up? The one that looks so realistic, with awesome shadow effect. If you don't know what I am talking about, try opening the following website:

How I Make Money Online

Nothing beats the excitement you feel when you first start to make money online. Ever since I got my first computer I had dreamed of owning a web site that would make money for me.

The Importance of Web Analytics :: Using Your Analytics Properly

Analytics are very important to your web marketing campaign. If you do not use analytics properly you may not understand how effective your search engine marketing is.

The Power Of Internet Marketing

Since instigating proper SEO techniques I have seen my web site visitors increase by over 1500%. My conversion rates have also gone from a meagre 0.5% to a very healthy 8%. How has this been achieved? By following seven simple guidelines which have not only seen my visitor figures sky rocket but also the web sites position in the major search engines has gradually improved until it sits on page one for all the important search categories and many surprising ones also.

Is It Possible To Earn A Fulltime Income Online?

Most of us have seen numerous adverts promoting programs that will earn us yachts and mansions for only a few dollars investment. Too good to be true? Unfortunately yes. Most of the time you will waste time and money with these programs. So is there a way to make a full time income from only working online a few hours per day?

Customers – Attracting Them Part 2 – Out Of The Box Ideas

In parts one and two of this series we covered the basics of how to identify who your best customers are and how to attract more of those types to your business web site. In this issue we will be covering some slightly more Out-of-the-Box ideas on how to attract them.

Customers – Attracting Them

So now you’ve figured out who your current customers are and you’ve decided that you want to attract more of those top 20% types? You’ve got a web site, so what’s next? How do you find them? Let’s find out…

Customers – Who Are Yours?

What every business has in common is that it needs customers. Sounds a little basic but what do you really know about yours? Do you know who they are, what they like, where they hang out, what they do when they’re not working? And if you know these things, are you targeting your sales message to your best customers? And if you are, are your new customers becoming good customers, buying again and again?

Interactive Content – Blogs, Forums and Feedback – what does your web site need?

Both search engines and customers love fresh, updated information. Nothing promotes a business online better than staying in touch with prospects. The more interactive the continued contact, the better the relationship that is built with a potential client. But there’s no need to groan at the thought of having to work hard at adding new content to your web site, it's not as complicated as you might think.

Content, Content, Content

A lot has been written and said in Internet marketing circles recently about the importance of “good quality content” to both web site visitors and natural (crawler based) search engines. Many factors go into making up the content of your web sites pages but how do you define what is “good” from what is not? In this article we will establish what good content is and how to write content that will appeal to both your web site visitors and the search engines.

How To Profit From Private Label Articles

Free content is great. I love how easy is to enrich a website in minutes republishing free articles written by real expert authors. Furthermore they give me the invaluable ability to profit from niches I really don’t know nothing about.

How To Become A Top Internet Marketer

Marketing is not for everyone. Most people desire a sense of stability to their jobs. They want an 8 to 5 job that pays this much all the time.

How To Build Any Online Business Fast

Online business has now been a trend in the modern day of doing business. It is an effective way to make product selling and responding to client orders or comments. With this trend, all of us are hooked to do it. In order for us to build an online business, here are the following tips that we need to know:

Why Owning Your Own Internet Business Right Now Is a Good Thing

Andy Jacob, CEO of a world renowned Internet traffic monitoring company ( has said, "a market of young super Internet consumers will be utilising the Internet in all parts of their lives by 2012. They will be unlike any consumer in U.S. history". This statement comes from his prediction that by the year 2010, the online commerce (e-commerce) market will be a 1 trillion dollar industry.

The Essentials of Internet Marketing

The internet is a place where people often throw themselves into the darkness hoping that someday, somehow they'll strike riches. Most people nurture a mistaken notion that a huge amount of traffic will build a good business without paying any attention to what sort of people are coming to the website. This is the worst kind of Internet Marketing.

Writing An Internet Business Plan

Many nine to five workers dream of the independence and financial power that is created by owning their own business. Owning a business requires lots of hard work, and longer hours than any wage slave will be required to put in, but the rewards are great as well.

7 Critical Reasons Why Marketers Use Mini sites

The use of mini-sites has become the mainstream for most internet marketers. Some people claim mini-sites to be “trendy”, while others know they are here to stay.

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