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Pay Per Click Articles

Pay Per Click Articles

Keyword Perspective - Avoid This Mistake At All Cost

In this article, we are going to discuss a major problems involving keyword selection for existing businesses. It is a simple mistake, but one most people do not think about.

Keyword Matching Options - Who Should See Your Ad?

Not every will enter the same keyword spellings (word combinations & phrases), as you would specify, to search for your type of products OR services. Now its time to target your keywords and to increase chances of reaching more prospects by using Keyword Matching Options. These enable you to pin-point your ad trigger OR can help you to refine your ad targeting so that your ads reach people precisely when they are searching for your product or services. There are four types of Keyword ...

Effectively Using Overture/Yahoo To Get Website Visitors

Overture or now known as Yahoo because of Yahoo’s takeover, was the original inventor of the use of the P4P or Pay for Performance. Overture saw that the internet was fast becoming the easiest and most convenient way to shop, and advertising was going to hit at an all time high because of the many businesses in the arena.

Easy Profits Using PPC In Your Affiliate Marketing Business

PPC is one of the four basic types of Search Engines. PPC is also one of the most cost-effective ways of targeted internet advertising. According to Forbes magazine, PPC or Pay Per Click, accounts to 2 billion dollars a year and is expected to increase to around 8 billion dollars by the year 2008.

Keywords? Trust Adwords

Cruising along 6-lane expressway that skirts east of Kolkata, the city I grew up in, my mind wandered off to my childhood days. Kolkata was then a pleasant place, not overtly intolerant or arrogant. Life was easy, schools nearby, offices not afar, amenities close at hand. Yet, on occasions when we were to visit relatives outside city’s periphery, plans had to be readied in advance. Road connection beyond city was poor, and so moving about longer distance was cumbersome.

Paid Search Marketing Campaigns That Work

Find buyers searching for what you sell with Adwords, Google says. Yahoo Search Marketing asks, Instead of looking for customers, what if they found you?In the past few years, businesses of all sizes have rushed to capitalize on the benefits of paid search. The advantages are well known…low start-up costs, shorter lead times, opportunity for global reach or local targeting, and more accurate campaign tracking.The potential benefits are clearly compelling, but what’s less ...

Home Based Business Advertising: Is Pay Per Click Right For You?

Pay-per-click advertising has emerged into a highly effective marketing tool, but it has also developed a darker side. Seeking a competitive advantage, some advertisers have repeatedly clicked on a rival's link in an attempt to drain their marketing budgets. Other rogue Web sites belonging to the ad networks maliciously click on commercial links to generate more commissions for themselves.

Increase Sales and Turn Profits Using Google's Adwords

Most Internet users use Google and other search engines on a regular basis to find information, products, services and more. Most website owners will find that Google directs 2 to 3 times as much traffic to their website than Yahoo and MSN combined. Therefore, it may be a good idea to pay Google to send focused traffic to your website. This can be accomplished by registering for Google's advertising service - Adwords.

Google Paid Advertising Part l

With the recent 'Florida' update on google & its impact on the SERPs, typically on the commercial search phrases, it has become imperative that we now examine paid advertising scenario at google. For scores of merchants, now paid advertising will be the only way to help them salvage their holiday sales, as also future revenues. This will be a two parts article, with the first part focusing on the google paid advertising space & the second part on the best practices thereof. However, ...

Pay Per Click Metrics

To practically gauge the success or failure of a pay per click account, advertisers need to understand certain metrics and what they mean. Here is a simplified account on pay per click campaign optimization, focused on three factors - keyphrases, ads, and landing pages – and three metrics – click-through rate, cost per click, and conversion rate.

Mastering Google Adwords from Your First Hour and Beyond

When promoting a competitive product, “pay per click” (PPC) advertising has become almost essential. Most affiliates stand to profit using the right keywords during their PPC campaign. Although PPC traffic is not cost-effective for any an all niches or businesses, it is surely worth giving it a try.

Using Google Adwords To Attract Qualified Traffic

The success of any Internet business or e-commerce is dependent on traffic. No traffic equals no sales and profits. This is no hidden secret. Everyone wants web traffic.Website owners have spent time and money to design elaborate websites with all the bells and whistles. The bottomline is without traffic, any online business is doomed to fail.

Driving Targeted Traffic To your Website

I guess everyone will agree if I said that obtaining enough highly targeted traffic is the key to success in affiliate marketing business. This method is proven to be effective if you’re promoting or reselling product or service online. One of the best and most secured marketing strategies that affiliate marketers can employ is the strategy of paying for performance. This means that your investments are used only on results such as additional sales and incomes.

4 Quick and Easy Insider Tips To Turbo-Charge Your Google Adwords’ Sales

If you want to boost your clickthrough rates and slash your advertising costs moments from now, then pay close attention. Because you're about to uncover 4 surefire techniques to dominate your Adwords' listings… practically wiping-out your competition at the same time.

Google Adwords Ad Diagnostic Tool

If you are running a Google Adwords campaign, you may want to run the ad diagnostics reporting tool. One of the reasons you may want to use this tool is if you have ads that are not showing up online and you don't know the reason why they are not appearing.

Adwords Conversion Tracking

Are you using Google Adwords to promote your product or service? Are you getting the results you want? You'll only know this information if you are tracking the conversion rates of the click-through you are paying for. Then, depending on what you learn about the conversions, you may need to refine your campaign.

Pay Per Click VS Organic SEO...and the winner is?

Pay Per Click has changed the way we advertise our businesses. PPC has made it possible for small and large business alike to show up on the first page of Google, as long as they are willing to pay for it. Even if you don't have a website, you can create a landing page and push a product or service. This would certainly save you the time and money of building and optimizing a site. Still, how much better is PPC compared to organic SEO? Well, let's take a look...

How to Pick Keywords That Will Deliver Hot Targeted Traffic for Free

I recently delivered a talk to a small group of budding entrepreneurs. The subject was becoming an online business owner. I worked closely with 5 individuals who were looking to make a living from the Internet. They all had varying interests and varying levels of technological experience. The only thing they had in common was a passion to live a better life.

E zine Advertising, An Affordable Alternative To Google

You would like your website to be at the top of the search engines result page, that way, you can get some free targeted traffic, and save money on advertising. However, this has been more difficult than you would like it to be.

Make Money Online With Google AdWords

More and more people in today's world use the Internet as a tool to get or sell product, service or information.

Remove Those Annoying Goooooogle Ads

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the "goooooogle" adwords are showing up almost everywhere?

How to Setup a PPC Campaign for an Established Website

I'm sure most of you have seen articles about how to set up a Pay-Per-Click campaign. The majority of such articles are written for novice webmasters who don't receive much website traffic and have never done the comprehensive keyword research that is so critical for any successful internet effort. As I discovered recently, creating a PPC campaign for a mature website can differ greatly from a typical PPC campaign setup.

You Need To Understand Pay Per Click

"Pay-Per Click", is an easy to understand advertising strategy. Most people are on the internet in search of information. In fact, 80% of the internet traffic is searching. Your Web site needs to be known if traffic and business is to come your way.

The Top 5 AdWords FAQs

The number one AdWords FAQ is: How much does AdWords cost? The cost depends on how much you want to spend. You decide on the keywords and the cost per click for each keyword. You also choose your daily budget which is how much you spend per day. The daily budget and the cost per click for each keyword can start as low as $0.01 and go to as high as you want it to go.

Why You Should Avoid Google's Content Network

When you create an AdWords campaign you have a choice as to whether you want your ads to appear on Google’s network of content sites. These are sites that have signed up for Google’s Adsense program, which allows them to display AdWords ads on their pages. Generally speaking, this is not very targeted traffic. Google tries to display your ad on pages with relevant content, and it does a pretty good job of it. Nonetheless, I personally do not like this traffic, and I will tell you why.

Indispensable Strategies For Google Adwords Advertising

Pay-Per-Click search engines are now the rage on the internet. Never before in the history of internet marketing can you instantly drive hundreds or thousands of targeted visitors to your website at several cents per visitor. In this article, I would like to focus on the strategies for Google Adwords specifically, and not for other PPC search engines like Overture. This is due to the multiple advantages that Google Adwords bring to smart marketers on a budget, as compared to the ...

What Exactly is This Google Smart Pricing?

If you are experienced in the Adsense arena, then you know that Google has now developed a new way to decide how much you earn through your Adsense ads with their new Smart Pricing formula. What is the formula? No one knows exactly. There is a theory though...

Pay Per Click Marketing - Make Sure You Know Your Conversion Rate!

Looking from 50,000 feet, Pay per click advertising seems like the perfect solution for web site owners looking for targeted traffic. You can target “keywords” that match your service and product. The only time you pay for the advertising is when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your web site to take a look.

Pay Per Click Madness

Having been on the Internet for close to ten years the affiliate market has changed dramatically. It wasn't that long ago that several large online sites held command of the affiliate universe. Even today they still have the largest number of affiliate memberships. What has changed is that just about anyone can have an affiliate program due to the emergence of sites like ClickBank and Azoogle. The affiliate member has the opportunity to share in the profits by as much as 70%! ...

Find Your PPC Niche

Pay per click (ppc) advertising can be costly. If you take the standard approach i.e. bidding for popular and competitive keywords, then you're open to high costs and potential click fraud. I know this from experience.

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