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Ebay Tips and Tricks

Ebay Tips and Tricks

Wholesale Dollar Store Items: How To Find The Best Wholesale Dollar Store Items Deals For EBay

Wholesale dollar store items offers resellers high profit margins along with high volume sales, when done right.

Wholesale DVD: How To Find The Best Wholesale DVD Deals For EBay

Wholesale DVD offers resellers high profit margins along with high volume sales, when done right.

Wholesale Figurines: How To Find The Best Wholesale Figurines Deals For EBay

Wholesale figurines offers resellers high profit margins along with high volume sales, when done right.

Wholesale Footwear: How To Find The Best Wholesale Footwear Deals For EBay

Wholesale footwear offers resellers high profit margins along with high volume sales, when done right.

Wholesale Fragrances: How To Find The Best Wholesale Fragrances Deals For EBay

Wholesale fragrances offers resellers high profit margins along with high volume sales, when done right.

Royal Memorabilia – Right Category Equals Maximum Profits

In this third and final article, I will discuss why listing your item of royal memorabilia on eBay or any other online auction site requires some careful thought.

Dropship Wholesale Beware of Search Engine Results

Because Dropship and wholesale directories have becume so popular on the internet many search results for related products can be scams. Do a search on Google.com for the search term "dropship wholesale" and you will get 962,000 results. The scary part is it's hard to know who you can trust online when you need a reliable directory of wholesale products.

Wholesale Buyers: Attract Wholesale Buyers

Wholesale buyers are the lifeblood of every wholesale business. You need wholesale buyers to build a solid wholesale business.

EBay Selling, Where to Locate Large Wholesale Lots

Liquidation Dot Com (lcom) is an online-auction site for surplus goods. One of the best features of lcom is that you have high visibility with any of your auctions. Unlike eBay, where there are thousands of listings per category, lcom categories generally have 2-3 pages of listings. You will definitely get eyeballs viewing your product.

Looking to Buy High Quality, Cheap Electronics? Here's Why an Online Auction Site May Be the Place

Since they began back in 1995, Internet auction sites have become one of, if not the, hottest phenomenon on the Web.

Beware the Shark Infested Waters of Ebay: Ebay Fraud Run Amok

Fake items abound on eBay, and it takes much effort not to be duped by scammers who peddle these wares. There have been many painful stories relating how a seemingly legitimate item turned out to be either fake or defective.

How to Become an Auction Genius: A Radio Interview with The Queen of EBay

I saw another one on a local TV newscast a few days ago... you know...one of those stories about a stay-at-home mom who had turned eBay into a stay-at-home job.

10 Tips For Selling Successfully On EBay

Many people have chosen a work-at-home career and, thanks to today’s technology, it’s easier than ever. One such opportunity for entrepreneurs is available at internet auction site, eBay. The concept seems simple enough, but having an edge over the competition is always a good idea. For those who already sell, or who are considering a new business venture, a little knowledge can go along way. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. Tip 1: Many eBay sellers accept PayPal, also an ...

The Secret That Will Help You Make More Money On EBay

It was the middle of the afternoon and I was hungry. Nothing decent in the kitchen to eat so I have go to get some food.

Wholesale Products For EBay Sellers

Wholesaler products are a perfect component of every eBay seller’s business. eBay sellers need wholesale products to expand their business, since their initial inventory usually only consists of personal items which they have had lying around the house. As their eBay business develops they find that they need a steady source for wholesale products which they can offer on eBay. So how does an eBay seller procure wholesale products for his business? There are five ...

10 Reasons To Become An EBay Trading Assistant

Many eBay sellers are finding additional revenue in signing up to be a Trading Assistant. This program is beneficial to both sellers and people who wish to sell their items but, for reasons of time or technology, aren’t capable. When that’s the case, they turn to a Trading Assistant to help market their wares. There are many reasons that someone may choose to become a trading assistant and, in turn, why someone would want to hire one.

Don't Get Lost In The Jungle Called eBay

Can you believe that ? I just did a search on Google for ‘ebay secrets’ and I got 3,090,000 (!) results back. Amazing isn’t it ? The search term ‘ebay tips’ resulted in 11,700,000 (!) sites and ‘ebay help’ even in 53,000,000 (!) web pages and so on and so on. I just cannot believe how many web pages exist in the internet offering these eBay ‘tips’ or ‘help’. Certainly, there are damn good eBay tutorials out there, but I think it’s incredibly important for an eBay ...

How To Add Unlimited Pictures To Your Ebay Auction Listing – For Free.

I get a lot of questions from people wanting to know how to add more pictures to their auction listings. Do you know that eBay charges for additional pictures? Yes, that’s right. Pay attention when you launch your next eBay listing. Only the first picture is for free. For any additional photos you will be paying $0.15 per photo. This does not sound much but you will be surprised how these figures add up: Imagine you add 3-4 photos per listing. This will end up to an additional $0.50 – just ...

How To Check An Ebay Seller’s Reputation (And Why You Should Do It).

When you buy something from an eBay seller, you are giving them your money and hoping that you will get something in return. However many guarantees of safety eBay might make to you, nothing is certain: if you just give your money to scammers all the time without doing any checks then the chances are you won’t get all of that money back.

The Power Of Ebay “Store Newsletters”.

eBay Stores come with a very powerful feature: store newsletters. When buyers add your store to their favourites, you can offer them the chance to join your mailing list. You can then send highly targeted emails to people who you know were at least interested enough in your products to add the store to their favourites.

Design Tips For Ebay Templates.

Templates are the design elements that you might have noticed some sellers using on their auctions, like the borders around the edge, and the different fonts. Many sellers who are new to eBay don’t bother using them, and you might not have either – generally, a descriptive listing and a good picture will do the job just fine.

The Hidden Costs Of Selling On Ebay

There is little doubt that given the potential audience advertising on eBay can be very cost effective. Compared to other forms of advertising it is relatively inexpensive. However, many eBay users rarely bother to work out exactly what it is costing them to make a sale.

The 5 Mistakes That Can Lose You Money On Ebay

I am often asked by subscribers to UK Auctionline web site to have a look at their eBay listings. This is usually because they are not doing as well selling their items as they had hoped. When I go and look at the listing I will often find that they have made one or more of the common mistakes that deter bidders.

How Do Dutch Auctions Work On Ebay?

A multiple-item (‘Dutch’) auction is an auction where more than one of the same item is being sold at once. There are two kinds of Dutch auctions.

How To Use Ebay’s “Featured Gallery” Section.

The ‘featured gallery’ is a little-known and little-used eBay feature, but that’s part of its power: it is far more used by buyers than it is by sellers, which means you can pick up some new buyers by advertising there.

How To Turn Ebay Bidders Into Long-Term Customers.

Once someone’s bought something from you on eBay, you suddenly have all sorts of details on them. In marketing terms, this information is gold dust. If someone’s bought from you once before, then the chances are that at some point in the future they’ll want to buy a similar item, and you can take advantage of this to market to them directly.

When To “Buy Now” And When To Bid.

You will often find yourself facing the choice of whether to pay a fixed price or keep on bidding. This choice might be presented to you in a single auction, or you might be choosing between different auctions of the different types. So should you use that ‘Buy it Now’ button or keep on trying to outbid everyone else? It’s all a question of weighing up the advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding Ebay's VeRO Program.

‘VeRO’? What on Earth is that? Well, it’s a very scary eBay program that can get your auctions shut down, that’s what it is. VeRO stands for ‘Verified Rights Owner’. It is the eBay policy that deals with complaints about your auctions from companies who own copyrights, patents or trademarks on the items you are selling. Unfortunately, it is often abused to remove items from eBay that are perfectly legitimate to resell, simply because the copyright owner doesn’t ...

Tips And Tricks For Using Ebay Search

If you know what you’re doing, you can quickly find what you’re looking for on eBay. Here are a few golden rules. Be specific: If you’re searching for the first edition of the original Harry Potter book, you’ll get further searching for ‘harry potter rowling philosopher’s stone first edition’ than you will searching for ‘harry potter’. You’ll get fewer results, but the ones you do get will be far more relevant.

Ebay Auction Starting And Ending Day Strategies.

It’s usually when auctions are about to end that they get half their bids – sometimes they even get their only bids. If you want your item to sell for a good price, then, it makes no sense to let it finish on a day and time when no-one’s going to be around to care.

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