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Ebay Tips and Tricks

Ebay Tips and Tricks

Becoming An eBay Power Seller

Most people think of eBay as a place where they can change some of their old junk into cash, gaining some money from what otherwise might have ended up taking a trip to the dump. There are those, however, who have recognized the money making potential of eBay and brought it to a whole new level: the power seller.

eBay – How It Came About

The internet is not all about eBay, but that will be very hard to prove to some people. The auction site is the main and sometimes only destination for online shoppers these days, and you tell me this is not staggering if i tell you the site is adding to its online customer base everyday.

Guidelines For Completing A Transaction On eBay

Completing your eBay purchase couldn't be any simpler and easier. There are various ways to make payments on eBay. From credit cards, postal orders to bank drafts, cheques to e-cheques, these are all accepted on eBay.

19 Secret Strategies of eBay Powersellers, Part 1

As if you haven’t already heard, millions upon millions of people of people buy and sell on eBay every single day. Some only make a few sales here and there. Others have figured out what it takes to become “Powersellers.” Powersellers are the very small minority of eBay sellers that do at least $2,000 per month in sales on eBay and maintain a 99% positive feedback rating. Powersellers are the ones that really know what they’re doing and if you really want to be successful on eBay then ...

19 Secret Strategies of eBay Powersellers, Part 2

As if you haven’t already heard, millions upon millions of people of people buy and sell on eBay every single day. Some only make a few sales here and there. Others have figured out what it takes to become “Powersellers.” Powersellers are the very small minority of eBay sellers that do at least $2,000 per month in sales on eBay and maintain a 99% positive feedback rating. Powersellers are the ones that really know what they’re doing and if you really want to be successful on eBay then ...

Setting Realistic Goals for your eBay Business

Setting goals sometimes seems like a useless task. It would seem if you want to do something, you just get to it and finish. Though that sounds easy enough, I think there is more to it than that.

What Is An Ebay Professional?

For many people, the first time they realized that there was such a thing as a person who will sell other people’s items on the Internet was while watching The 40-Year Old Virgin. In that movie, one of the main characters owned a store from which she took the unwanted items that other people had and sold them on the world’ hottest auction block.

Online Auctions - How to Turn Online Auctions into Successful Home Based Business

Nowadays most people are aware of what Online Auctions are all about. Most of us have, at some time or the other bought or sold something on Online Auctions. But very few people know that Online Auctions can be a very profitable home-based business. A lot of people worldwide have made a lot of money with their online auction sites.

Start Your Own Online Auction Business

How to get started AND make profit right away. If you’re serious about having your own online store; who will help you to get your business going? Even if you’ve never sold a single item online. How can just about anybody do it without having experience? There are a handful of online auction operations who will supply you with all the tools you need to help you decide what to sell; set up a web site that is totally your own online store where you will list and sell your items. A ...

Beware Of Ebay

On April 11 of this year I was shopping for bed linens on the internet. I found some sheets on Ebay that seemed to be wonderful items at reasonable prices. One of them I liked was described as “Court of Versailles Queen Fitted Sage Sheet”. My bedroom is done in sage colors. Nothing could have seemed more perfect. The picture of the sheet was quite effective – it was just what I wanted. I couldn’t find out what the thread count was from the seller, as they weren’t quite sure, ...

How To Create Automatic Delivery For Your Ebay Items

So you want to sell ebooks and/or digital products on eBay and you want your customers to have instant access and for this to be done automatically? Up until recently automatic delivery has never been so easy!

Why Do Some Ebay Members Have Private Feedback?

Have you ever looked at an eBay members feedback profile and noticed they had a private profile? I bet you have, and I bet you also wondered just why that member has chosen to make their profile private. I asked myself the same question every time I saw an eBay member with a private feedback profile, so I did some research and here are my findings.

Re-discovering eBay & Amazon

It is some time (a couple of years at least) since I did any selling on eBay (although I have used it quite a bit as a buyer) but this week I decided to list a few items that have been lying around the house for months. Makes sense as I am never going to use them again so I might as well let someone else benefit and make a little money on the side ;-)

eBay - the Power of the Misspell

Anybody looking for a 1976 Nolan Ryan basball card? How about a pair of stirling silver demitasse spoons in your grandmother’s pattern?

How to Market Your eBay Business.

So you want to market your eBay business? Well, you probably won't have too much luck with traditional marketing methods they're just not targeted enough. The best way to do things is to pay for targeted advertising, which comes up when people search for keywords you specify: they're looking for exactly what you're selling, and so many of them will click on your ad.

How To Spot Shill Bidding On Ebay

If you are a user of eBay then the chances are, that you have already come across the term “shill bidding”. Shill bidding, is bidding that is used to artificially inflate the price of a certain item. Shill bidding usually takes place when the seller of an item wishes to increase the price, or generate interest in the item. The seller would usually get a friend or family member to bid on the item in question so that it looks like the item is more popular than it actually is, sometimes the ...

Use The Global Reach Of eBay To Save Money

Maybe like you, when I need to purchase items I always do a search online first. Normally using two of my favourite websites, eBay and Google to search for a suitable item and get some idea of the appropriate cost.

Online Auctions - How Much Do You Know About Them?

Online auctions are a great way to find a bargain on almost everything and it is an excellent way of getting the best price for selling something of your own. These are Virtual auctions on the Internet. The seller sells the product to the person who offers the highest price. These products include houses, cars, seized electronics, jewelry, books, antiques and others.

How to Think Like eBay Power Sellers

So what's a PowerSeller? PowerSellers are the people on eBay who've made it, recognisable by the little ?PowerSeller' badge next to their name. You've probably seen these people around ? and to succeed on eBay, you want to think the way they do.

How To Price Your Item Correctly On Ebay

Many new ebay sellers often fall into the pricing trap. Either they price their items too high to be unsellable or they price it too low to make any profits.

How I Make Money on the Internet - Part 1: eBay

Ever wanted to make a little extra cash online, or wanted to turn your internet career into something big? Then this is the two part article for you, focusing on the main aspects of making money on the internet, and how you can generate a good revenue solely from advertising and auctioning. In this first part I will look at eBay, and how you and others can easily make good money, just from selling online.

The eBay eBook Market is Dead! Are You Kidding Me?

“The eBay eBook market is dead, flooded, useless and a waste of time.” I am a little tired of reading those comments in various forums and message boards. In my opinion the eBay eBook market has never been better, that is if you know how to use eBay to your advantage.

Ebay Linking - What You Can And Cannot Legally Do In Your Ebay Listings

More and more people are realising that Ebay is not only a marketplace to sell and buy products but also an extremely valuable source of traffic to your own website, the thing is like any business entity Ebay realises this and has various measures in place to prevent an abuse of this.

eBay Selling Secrets: eBay is much More Than a Marketplace

You don't need to be a marketing genius to sell on eBay, but you should enter the marketplace with some knowledge and understanding of what helps drive sales. Even if you have never sold anything online, eBay can create a powerful opportunity for you to launch an online business. Getting started is much easier than you may think, once you understand the power of what eBay offers to the average, everyday Jane or Joe.

The eBay Auction Site

Which other site is more familiar to the ears of any person with any idea of what the internet is? Of course, there are those that do not know what eBay is but most of them don’t know what cars are either.

Beginning eBay User’s Challenge – How to start selling your stuff tonight

Unless you've been living in a hole for the past ten years, you've heard some wild eBay success stories. There was the woman who sold a grilled cheese sandwich that had a burn stained in the shape of the Virgin Mary. (Not only sold it, but grossed a whopping $25,000 for it!) Another man sold a wedding dress way above cost after modeling it on eBay, mostly because of his angry tirade against his ex. Every week, there is another eBay story that seems stranger than the next - usually involving ...

How to avoid negative feedback on eBay

If you are a regular eBay user then I am sure you will have seen someone with a negative feedback comment in their profile. Negative feedback is usually posted when a buyer and seller have a difference in opinion about a certain product, or one of the parties fails to fulfil their part of the transaction.

Ebay - When my Dispute went Wrong!

I decided to write this article to warn everyone using ebay, what can go wrong for the buyer when the goods do not turn up. Recently i won an auction on ebay, which luckily for me was at a low price and what a relief that was after what happened next. After a week had gone by and no goods turned up, i contacted the seller by email, a few days passed and no reply so i wrote another email a bit stronger this time to hopefully get an answer.

eBay Feedback : How to Grow It and Keep Positive Feedback for Your Business

Positive feedback is vital for growing a business and good reputation on eBay, especially when building feedback to sell BUY IT NOW or open a shop on eBay. Bad feedback can be avoided, even removed, read on to learn how.

Fountain Pens and Bad Spelling Equal Huge Bargains

Most fountain pen seekers take a stroll through eBay looking for great deals. However, one secret to huge bargains are fountain pens up for an auction that are spelled wrong. There are a lot of people that have no clue what that fancy pen they found at home or inherited is worth, so they put it on eBay.

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