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Ebay Tips and Tricks

Ebay Tips and Tricks

Making Money on EBay the Easy Way

The trouble with making an income out of EBay is 1. The competition is fierce 2. Most of the good ideas have been exhausted 3. You may not have the finances to buy in stock

Why the 1 Cent Auction is Killing the eBay eBook Market

In this article we expose the myths that many eBay sellers believe. They believe they can actually make money from 1 cent eBay auctions – but they won’t think that after reading this article.

The Cons of Online Auction Sites Like Ebay

Ebay has over 120 million registered users and it can be a great place to make extra money by selling what you now longer need or even starting a business. My wife and I used to have 7 employees doing Ebay full time and we were making a net of about $8,000 per week. But what about the buyers? They shop sites like Ebay hoping to find lower prices on items that they are looking at buying any way. A pair of pants that sells at American Eagle for $40 and here it is ion Ebay for only $30. Is this a ...

Ebay selling and post selling checklist

Despite the fact that eBay has provided sellers and buyers with a perfect venue to interact, yet there is the need for you to make extra effort in planning and proper coordination to enhance your trading ventures' profitability. This is the difference between the ordinary seller and the extra ordinary or super-sellers. Before you will earn above the ordinary eBay traders, you must move from the ordinary level to the extra ordinary. I will show you how!

Promoting Yourself On Ebay - Tips From A Powerseller

The key to being successful on eBay is getting people to your listings. If no one sees what you’re selling, no one’s going to buy it. And if they get there and don’t like what they see, they won’t stay around and buy. EBay PowerSeller Skip McGrath, of Skip http://McGrath.com, shares some simple techniques you can use to boost your traffic and your sales:

The Value of Drop Shipping: The Calculation

Before we decide what your time is worth to you, let's find out just how much time is saved by using drop shipping. As an eBay PowerSeller, I have some experience in both traditional packaging and shipping, as well as using drop shipping. To begin our calculation, we will take a look at how long it took me to run a traditional auction. Regardless as to whether you use drop shipping or not, some things take the same amount of time (such as the listing time, time spent preparing an ...

The Nasty Little Secret About Making Money on eBay

For our books eBay PowerSeller Secrets and eBay PowerSeller Million Dollar Ideas my wife Deb and I interviewed hundreds of PowerSellers. Male, female, young, old, couples, single folks--they ran the gamut. Some make the PowerSeller minimum of $1000 per month, while others gross millions. Despite their differences they all had one thing in common, and this is the thing that few other eBay experts will tell you.

Locate Hidden Sources of Products to Sell on eBay

When you're trying to come up with products to sell on eBay it seems you have the same sources available to you that everyone else does (yawn). Those include yard sales, flea markets, closeouts, wholesale lots, and droppshippers. Estate sales may be another. As you can imagine, as the number of eBay sellers grows, the competition for products to resell grows. What if there was some other product source that most people were ignoring? Maybe there is.

eBay Why You Must Have A Postage Scale If You're Going To Sell Anything

No matter what you sell on eBay having a digital scale is probably the second most important item you will need in order to be successful (a digital camera is the first). If you've ever shipped a package you know that you need to have the correct weight so that you have the correct postage on it. If you estimate the weight you're either going to pay too much for postage or your package will be returned for not having enough postage. With the price of stamps these days you cannot afford to pay ...

How To Sell $20,000 Per Month On eBay Selling At Wholesale Prices

Home Business Review: Sell $20,000 per month on eBay First of all let me tell you selling on eBay is easy, but it takes time or money. eBay has fees that you have to pay and if you want to grow quickly you will spend a lot on fees while you are learning.

eBay Bans Cash Payments

eBay has officially outlawed cash payments among its 100 million members. The auction site has begun deleting listings from sellers who offer to accept cash through postal mail, saying that these sellers tend to be involved in scams.

The Pros And Cons In Establishing An Ebay Store

Ebay has provided some amazing opportunities for many people to earn online. This widely popular auction site has become the primary destination for users who wish to purchase anything – ranging from tangible products to digital items – hence making eBay a website visited by millions of people every day. Because of the volume of transactions happening in its pages, eBay has also become a virtual market place where thousands, if not millions, of dollars exchange hands on a daily basis ...

The Elusive eBay Product Niche

There’s nothing more disappointing than doing the research, getting the product, and then finding that no one wants to buy it. It can also be quite a shock.

How To Play The Bidding Game On Ebay

Bidding is the act of making an offer for an item that is up for auction. Bidding on eBay however is slightly different, and does not work in exactly the same way as normal auctions, at least in theory. Bidding on eBay is meant to be fun, but remember that all bids on eBay are binding, except in the sales of real estate or businesses and the sales of items that are prohibited by law or by eBay's user agreement.

Why Use Pictures For Your eBay Auctions

There are many sellers on eBay that slave away each day listing hundreds of auctions daily and reaping very small profit margins. This is unfortunate because there are many ways to easily increase your auction profits without a lot of extra work. One of the ways is by simply adding pictures. Study after study has shown that auctions with pictures will have a final ending value much greater then auctions without pictures.

Having A Backup Plan For The Serious eBay Seller

Not a day goes past when I here of some seller frustrated that eBay have pulled their auction listing. It is very easy to violate an eBay listing guideline without knowing, the first you’ll learn about it is when you receive an email from eBay.

How eBay Took Over The World...

On September 4th 1995, San Jose resident Pierre Omidyar created the foundation to what would soon become one of the most prominent figures on the Internet. The site was originally intended to be an online marketplace where individuals could sell goods or services, though was to become so much more in the decade that was to follow.

Time is Precious! How to Maximise Your Time to Make More Money on eBay

I reckon most people waste at least three minutes every hour, probably a great deal more. Taking phone calls from sales reps. selling something you just don't want, for example, creating all eBay listings from scratch rather than using 'fill in the blanks' templates for repeat products, checking how many of those 100 emails in your box today are genuine and how many are spam or scams, arguing with unreasonable buyers whose sold aim is to ruin your day. And so much more.

Posh Up Your eBay Listings and Pack More Money Into Your Bank Account

Some words just sound better than others meaning much the same thing and can create an air of mystery and excitement for your products. 'Gold Plated' for example, sounds cheap; 'Vermeil' and 'Gold Overlay' sound just that little bit more expensive! Here are some more ideas to help you make ordinary things sound very impressive.

How to Spot Fake Deals On eBay

With millions of auctions running at any hour of the day, there is no doubt good deals abound on eBay. From flea treatments for your dog, to a mini-van for hauling your family around, the selection runs the gambit. With everything under the sun for sale, the only thing an auction surfer needs to know is whether or not to actually put in a bid.

12 Easy Ways to Maximize Your eBay Product Photos

It’s a fact. Clear, high-quality photos will greatly enhance your chances of selling your products on eBay. Here are 12 simple tips that will help you make the most of your eBay product photos.

Create Winning eBay Auction Titles

It’s probably fair to say that one of the key reasons why many auctions end unsuccessfully on eBay is because people have got their auction title WRONG.

Create Winning Auction Descriptions

You’ve managed to get people to click onto your auction, now you must convince them to buy your product. eBay is a highly competitive environment. People that don’t do the ‘right’ things will fail. It’s harsh, but true.

Selling Antiques & Collectibles Online: What You Need to Know to Get Started

You want to sell your antiques or collectibles online but before you get started there are a few basics that you need to know. Online auctions from Ebay to uBid.com to Yahoo! Auctions are becoming a more common venue for sellers of everything from teddy bear collectibles to antique armoires.

Search eBay Super Tips For Find Great Deals on eBay

We have all seen the phenomenal growth spurt of eBay and have been amazed by it. Today eBay is a major market place that sells billions each and every day. With some basic skills you can find anything that you heart might desire on eBay. However, the problem is no longer is it being sold on eBay. eBay is such a huge market place that the new problem has become can you find it on eBay. This article is filled with useful tips to help your search eBay to find the exact products you are ...

How to Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Site via eBay

Ebay is one of the most visited sites on the net. When you hear about ebay, you might think that it is just an auction site. Do you know that, with little creativity, you can actually drive traffic to your website via eBay? Sure ebay has certain rules and regulations on external links. However, when done properly, you can utilize this heavy trafficked site to drive in targeted visitors to your websites. Personally I’ve used ebay to drive tons of traffic to my site. Here’s how: 1. ...

How To Sell $20,000 Per Month on eBay Selling at Wholesale Prices

First of all let me tell you selling on eBay is easy, but it takes time or money. eBay has fees that you have to pay and if you want to grow quickly you will spend a lot on fees while you are learning.

How to Use eBay for Front End Sales and Make the Biggest Profits Later

Once you have a buyer on eBay it's vital that you keep that person's name and address and look for additional items to offer them later. Research shows that around one in five buyers ultimately become regular buyers. This happens in mail order, on the Internet, by direct mail, and on eBay.

All About eBay

eBay is currently the most popular and widely accessed online shopping destination for online shoppers around the world.

Breathing Life into Old eBook Titles To Sell On eBay

Those who sell eBooks on eBay recognize that certain titles tend to decrease in popularity over time. A new release that is enthusiastically greeted by buyers may eventually linger without a single offer after a few short months. If the eBook was handled wisely, the seller made a significant profit when the market is hot. However, he or she will still own resell rights to the eBook after the initial surge.

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