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Anti Spam Articles

Anti Spam Articles

Customers Demand Internet Privacy

... and you'd better sit up and take notice! Customers concern over Internet privacy issues is on the rise, and for good reasons.

Email Chain Letters Harmless Fun or Not?

I'm sure I'm not the only person on the planet that remembers getting the occasional chain letter in school.. you know, the kind that was actually written with a pen or pencil on paper that told you either something wonderful would happen or something terrible would happen or both if you did or didn't send out 20 copies within 7 days. Ugh. I still remember my fingers cramping as I tediously re-wrote the letter 20 times and the looks on my friends faces when they realized the note ...

The Cybermagic of Whitelists

Before we start getting deep into the meat of this article it's important to explain some standard terminology to make sure the rest of this article makes sense. *An IP address is a number which identifies your location on the Internet. *A blacklist is a list of IP addresses which your antispam software uses to block incoming spam. *A whitelist is the exact opposite of a blacklist. A whitelist is a ...

Why Your ISP Takes Bribes From Spammers

The lifeblood of the spammer is email. They need to be able to send lots of it on an ongoing basis to stay in "business". High profile spammers can send 80 million pieces of junk email every single day. Yes one single person. ISPs all over the online world have vowed to stop spammers sending such vast amounts of email through their mail servers. Do they really keep their word? All the end user sees is that the spam keeps coming. There must be a loophole there ...

Is Your Website Blacklisted?

A blacklist, as the name implies, is a list of people or companies who have met with the disapproval of others. In the online world a blacklist refers to those people who have been marked as responsible for generating spam in a very big way. Blacklists are also known as blocklists. Blacklists are used to combat spam in a very specific way. When spam is reported to one of the relevant spam fighting organizations the IP address the spam originated from is added to a banned or ...

Bayesian Spam Filters Explained

In a word Bayesian spam filters are "intelligent". Bayesian spam filters are intelligent in so far as they're capable of comparing two sets of information and acting on the result. This is in direct contrast to the vast majority of other spam filters who use pre-built rules to decide which e-mail is spam and which is not. Bayesian spam filters can take one group of legitimate e-mail and another group of spam and compare the values and data of each. The ...

Spam Control - The Internet Without It?

Every single day 30,000,000 emails are sent around the world. 50% of those emails are spam. Blue chip companies and even Governments are taking drastic measures in spam control. The most recent evidence of this is the Canspam Act which was passed by the US Senate early in 2004. If you look at what most people used the Internet for you'll find the vast majority of online activity is sending and receiving email. Email has become the lifeblood of modern society. ...

Take Back Control of Your Inbox: Eliminate Annoying and Potentially Harmful E mails

Are you tired of spam stealing your time, your money, your bandwidth and your hard disc space?

Six Tips to Get Rid of Spam Email

1. Ignore Spam Email Do not open an unsolicited email. Spammers are just playing a numbers game. They simply send out like a million emails and hope that at least a third of them stick. Spammers try to gather as many email addresses as they can. They don’t even know if any of the addresses are active. It is when you answer them that they know whether or not it is an active account that is checked often. 2. Do NOT Click On the Unsubscribe Links It is natural for ...

What Exactly is Spam?

Spam, as defined in the context of computers, the Internet and electronic messaging, is a term used to designate unsolicited bulk electronic messaging and communication. In particular, spam is unsolicited bulk mailings that are commercially oriented. It is most commonly used in advertising, but it is also used to perpetrate religious, political or other types of messages. Spam is, often times, considered the electronic equivalent of junk postal mail, telemarketing or broadcast faxing. Spam got ...

Email Delivery & The War Against Spam

As reported from the New Scientist, a team of researchers from IBM, and Cornell University developed a new algorithm for detecting spam in emails, called SMTP Path Analysis. The algorithm works by examining the path information (probably by looking at the Received headers), and detects patterns that are likely to be the route of a spammer. "...the algorithm is not meticulous enough to efficiently catch spam on its own, but works well in combination with content filtering tools.

Managing Spam in 2005

In 1998, nearly 10% of all email traffic on the internet was SPAM. By 2003 that number had climbed to 50%, and the problem had gotten so bad that Congress passed the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act)

Don't Get Flagged as a Spammer Learn the Ham to Spam Ratio of the Top Spam Words

Technicians at ActivSoftware, recently analyzed over two hundred thousand tokens, also referred to as words, in a bayesian spam filter on one of their busier local email servers. They analyzed dozens of items within the data. The most compelling was the spam to ham ratios. Ham is defined as legitimate email sent by legitimate email senders. The compiled list of over 50 words with the highest spam to ham ratio was the result.

Spam. How to fight it.

Spam. How to fight it. Internet is flooded today with undesirable advertising letters also known as spam. Both for an ordinary user connecting to Internet via dialup and for various companies paying for the dedicated line or using DSL spam equals wasted megabytes of information. The megabytes, which are paid for. And time, wasted on viewing advertising offers of unnecessary things or services.

Don't Get Flagged as a Spammer Learn the Ham to Spam Ratio of the Top Spam Words

Technicians at ActivSoftware, recently analyzed over two hundred thousand tokens, also referred to as words, in a bayesian spam filter on one of their busier local email servers. They analyzed dozens of items within the data. The most compelling was the spam to ham ratios. Ham is defined as legitimate email sent by legitimate email senders. The compiled list of over 50 words with the highest spam to ham ratio was the result.

Is There A National Do Not Spam List?

You may have already received a do not spam list email, seen a web site or even heard a radio advertisement that promises to reduce spam email just by submitting your email address.

Spammer Stole My Email Address?

Do you get bounced, or rejected emails sent by someone else, with YOUR email address in the From line? Does it mean your computer was hacked, or a spammer has stolen your email address? Relax... this is the work of a spammer, but it does NOT indicate any security breach on your computer.

The Definition of Spam

Spam can bring down your website faster than a speeding bullet, but what is spam? Originally, spam referred to unwanted emails. We all hate the tons of email we receive day after day trying to get us to buy that or click this. I can't go a day without someone trying to steal my personal information so they can get into my bank account.

Spam The Spammer Will It Work?

Spam is everywhere. It’s the “in-box lunch meat” nobody likes, wants or looks forward too. Unfortunately, many folks enjoy “eating” this product because if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be any. Read on…

Stop Spam! New Spam Blockers

News last week that Internet service provider Verizon settled its lawsuit against Detroit-based spam king Al Ralsky was of little comfort. Ralsky agreed to pay a fine and stop spamming Verizon customers, but he still has plenty of other targets. And there are still hundreds of other spammers who have never visited a courtroom and are all too eager to fill our inboxes with business propositions from deposed Nigerian dictators. Fortunately, the rise of junk e-mail has fueled a vast anti-spam ...

There is Gold in that Spam - Search Engine Tactics for the 21st Century

There is Gold in that Spam – Search Engine Tactics for the 21st Century It’s not often you’ll hear anyone praising spam. Until today. Ok, ok, ok -- we all hate it. When I check my e-mail box for the numerous domains that I own, I have hundreds – if not thousands of spam messages. It had gotten to the point that I could not tell between real e-mail and spam. I remember not logging into one account or a week, only to find out when I did that there were over 1,000 e-mail messages of ...

Is There A Future For Spam?

Copyright 2005 Niall Roche Will you always be buried underneath a mountain of spam? Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? With the current flood of spam to your inbox and ever more devious practices on the part of spammers you'd be forgiven for thinking that spam is here to stay. The tide has turned folks. It may not seem like that right now with spam being just as abundant as ever. Spammers are getting desperate though. Their most recent move to use home computers as spam zombies ...

Quickly Eliminate 100% of Your Junk Email

Copyright 2005 Anthony Vita Why do so many people think I need to take Viagra? I guess it’s for the same reason others believe I want to re-finance my home, invest in a new stock and sell my business. Like you, I routinely receive more junk emails than legitimate ones. Do I look stupid or do they really think I want the latest virus by opening any attachment which accompanies an unsolicited email? Aren’t there laws against spamming and why don’t they work? Perhaps these are questions ...

Beware Of Spam Withdrawals

Q: I am so sick of all the spam that is sent to my business email address. I spend an hour every morning just trying to sort out the good email from the bad. I know I could just delete it all, but I'm afraid I'll accidentally delete email that might be important to my business. Short of unplugging my computer, what's the best solution for dealing with spam?

Eliminate SPAM / Junkmail From Your Website

Tired of all that junk email? One method of decreasing the potential for SPAM (unsolicited commercial email) is to prevent the email addresses posted on your site from being read by the email spiders that crawl the web in search of email addresses.

Do Not Spam

The temptation among internet marketers to SPAM is greater than ever. By now, most people know that SPAM isn't the popular food from Hormel but a pseudonym for "unsolicited commercial email," also known as UCE.

SpamStopsHere Announces HIPAA Compliant Anti-Spam for Medical Professionals

ANN ARBOR, MI — July 11, 2005 — Healthcare organizations now have a simple and cost-effective solution for eliminating spam, without the worry of blocking legitimate emails containing medical content. SpamStopsHere™ anti-spam/antivirus service blocks over 99% of spam "out of the box" and passes 99.99% of legitimate email. SpamStopsHere allows healthcare organizations to implement security standards required under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA.)

The War on Spam: Google Fights Back

Google is engaged in a war. It is a war on spam. With new strategies and filters ready to put into place, the search engine is adding new firepower to its arsenal almost daily. Webmasters and SEO Consultants alike are terrified; fearing what the future holds for them. But for those of us that believe in the cause, the future isn’t scary. In fact, the future looks very bright.

The Trouble With Spam Is....

Each day we all face the same challenge. Spam. It doesn't matter if you're a home computer user or the head of IT for a multinational limiting or totally preventing the distribution of junk email to your computer(s) is now a daily chore.

Are You A Spam Zombie?

Over the past few years you've all become familiar with the terms spam, spam filter, whitelists, blacklists and a whole myriad of other terminology associated with the problem of spam. You now have to add a new and extremely worrying phrase to that list - spam zombie.

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