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Email Marketing Articles

Email Marketing Articles

Do It Yourself Email Marketing Techniques

Email marketing is one of the most effective Internet marketing strategies these days. Here are some helpful tips about do-it-yourself email marketing...

Follow Up Letter for Past Customers Why and How to Write It

Following up with your past customers is a proven way to make a lot of extra sales. You can simply write a promotional offer about one of your other products in the form of a follow up letter, and then send it to your customers email list.

How You Can Automate Your Business Using Autoresponders

What is an Autoresponder? An Autoresponder is a program or service that allows you to automatically send pre-written emails to anyone at anytime. It is basically a sequential automated email system. You write messages, load it on your Autoresponder, set the time difference between emails being sent out, then leave your Autoresponder to finish the job. You can then get people to start the email sequence by sending a blank email to your Autoresponders email address or complete ...

BlackList Monitor Gives Businesses Options to Ensure Opt in Email Gets Through

Email may be fast becoming the preferred means of business communications and marketing, but, according to Karen Fegarty, it is only an effective tool if your messages are getting through to your opt-in clients. This is not always the case.

Sequential Autoresponders Build Customer Relatonships

A powerful reason for making the switch from using the unlimited autoresponders that come free with your web hosting account to paying a monthly fee for an autoresponder service is the building of customer relationships through sequential autoresponders.

Use Autoresponders, to Build Relationships In Your Affiliate Marketing

It's true that "content is king," but equally important to success in online marketing of any kind is contact. Not just the one time "flash in the pan" type either. You need to form relationships with your potential customers, and maintain it on a day to day basis. Remember, just as with content, good solid contact will get you good solid sales.

14 Ways To Persuade Your Web Site Visitors To Give You Their Email Address

1. Ask visitors to subscribe to your e-zine. It's a good idea to also give them a freebie when they subscribe.

An E mail Promotion Internet Marketing Strategy Works

E-mail promotion Internet marketing can help your home-based business expand and attract customers that are interested in goods and services like yours. Once you have determined who is your target market, drawing them into your circle of customers requires some effort. Using an e-mail promotion, Internet marketing can be very lucrative to your business.

RSS vs Email: Its Not An Either Or Question

If you’ve been getting caught up in all this talk of RSS versus email, its time to stop wondering.

Using Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) For Email Privacy

Need for Privacy People have become hypersensitive about their privacy during the last few years. They now expect that their details will be used only for the purposes for which they have been provided and not shared by original trustees. This is especially true of email addresses because of the huge volume of unsolicited commercial email (spam) circulating the web. In Australia and elsewhere, there are statutes requiring privacy when collecting and using personal ...

Successful Email Marketing

No doubt email is still the best way to get a quick response from your prospect. Big companies on the web have realized this that they have implemented free email address service on their web site. This free email awareness has even reached Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, and InfoSeek. They knew that being a search engine is not enough that they've even turned into a hotmail web site. We'll recruit your people under you.

Opt In Email to Increase Website Traffic and Boost Online Sales

Sending messages and information to people who have given you permission to contact them is a great way to build the kind of relationships that will encourage a steady flow of traffic to your website... and greatly increase your online sales!

3 Essential Tools for Email Marketers

Marketing your business with email is an art. It's very easy to get accused of spamming nowadays. Add to that the filters ISPs are using, and your message may not get through. If you do it right, email marketing can become a very effective method of marketing your business. Before you consider this method, there are three tools I consider absolutely crucial to your success. 1. Educate yourself. Get accused of spamming and you could destroy your reputation ...

Paradigm Shift for the New World

In the business world, the primary focus is on selling products and generating sustainable and profitable income. In any organization, the results are dependent on the activity of the organization sales, the quality of the product and service as well as the approach to advertising and marketing. The competition is fierce and every avenue to promote and sell must be maximized.

How to Make Your Email Smile

Technology has a tendency to be impersonal and unfriendly - if you let it. Think of the last time you received an email from someone, read it, and said to yourself, “Boy was that a lifeless, mal-prepared, impersonal message - looks like Randy really cares to stay connected with me.”?

The Key (Board) to Success: Effective Emailing

Email is THE medium of communication for business transactions. Unfortunately, people don't treat email with the same care as face to face interactions. It's almost as if we're so complacent with the speed of email that our ability to use it in an effective manner diminishes with every message.

The Magic Of Email

These days email is taken for granted and used perhaps without fully appreciating its power. For example, recently I had some concerns about whether or not my newsletter was being properly delivered through the automated service that I use. I decided to send a note to my subscribers and ask them to simply reply to let me know that they received my message which was sent through the same automated system. Very soon I began to receive hundreds of replies from all over ...

You DO Have an Email List Don't You

No matter what type of business you operate, you need an email list. Not just any list, preferably an opt-in list. If it's a double-opt-in list, it's even better. Why?

The Ultimate Business Network: One Secret Power of the Masters

Dear Friend: If you're out there networking and have been for sometime, you understand the astronomical benefits of networking with the "right" people -- especially when they have your kind of prospects who are hot and willing to buy. If not, you're in for a treat! Let me briefly explain The average networker spends his time networking with the general public... And boom! A few prospects. Those are average networking results. But a “Master” networker ...

The #1 Thing You Must Have Before Even Thinking About Building An Opt In Email List

It's not a website. It’s a smart autoresponder and mailing list software. Be aware, I just said smart autoresponder. Not a cheesy one, I mean regular one. You know what a regular autoresponder is. It's the thing that a lot of people use when they are out of the office or on vacation. It works like this. Let's say you are emailing a friend that is out of town. You send the email and then instantly you get a reply back saying something like this, ...

The Gold Is In Your Mailing List

Let me ask you a question, “What is the most valuable asset to any Internet Business?” If the product is what you’re having in mind now, then you’re wrong. No, it’s not the domain name either and certainly not the number of employees you have. It’s your mailing list. Your mailing list IS your business. Who you know is more important than what you know. This is true regardless of what kind of business you’re running. If you are selling chemicals, then you ...

How to Build Your List

Your list is your life. If you do not have a list of customers and prospects, you may do okay in your business but you won’t be great. The one and only thing that separates great marketers from okay marketers is the effort great marketers put into building their list of prospects and customers.

Hot List Building Tips

Here are some hot list-building tips for you to grow your list and your business. 1. Offer an outstanding gift or bonus for subscriptions. Not too long ago, any kind of a free gift or bonus was more than enough to get subscribers. In fact, in many cases, no “bribe” was needed at all! But, as more and more marketers began to send emails and ezines, and as spam increased, prospects began to be more discerning about whom they gave their email address to. To really be ...

Learn How to Double and Triple the Size of Your Opt in List by Helping Others

I think first of all, everybody deserves to have a large list of audience or subscribers, regardless of who they are, whether they are an ezine publisher or a regular business owner.

All I Really Needed to Know About List Building I Learned From Stephen King!

I have always been an avid reader of Stephen King's writings over the years, he's one of the few authors that I can safely say I have read everything he has written. Granted, I am a couple of years behind, but I do manage to catch up as I get the time and opportunity to read him.

Automatic Responder The Secret of Super Affiliates' Success

Congratulations, you just made a sale! Congratulations, you just made a sale! Congratulations, you just made a sale! Wondering how those Super Affiliates make so many sales overnight selling someone else's products? Well, you shouldn't be anymore, because here's how they actually do it... ...they have their own opt-in list... Yes, a Super Affiliate like Allan Gardyne has more than 15,000 people in his opt-in list, subscribing to his ...

What Is An Email Signature And What Do I Do With It?

You hear it all the time... email signature, sig file, signature box, etc. What Is A Signature? A signature is a short block of text at the end of a message with information identifying you and providing additional information about what you are offering. You can think of your signature as passive advertising. It follows you wherever you go on the Internet and quietly and very effectively tells those you meet who you are and what you do - if you are taking advantage of ...

Email Marketing: How Much is Too Much?

I have a special new email address. It's in addition to my primary email address and it's where I tell online marketers who want my business, to send their mailings.

Do Your Autoresponders Drive Your Customers Crazy?

A chained auto-responder is a sequence of emails that gets delivered automatically when someone subscribes to this autoresponder.

Autoresponder Services Improve Your Profits

Perhaps you, like me, have web hosting that includes, free of any extra charge, unlimited autoresponders. That being the case, you might be inclined to balk at any suggestion to start paying for them.

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