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Newsletter Related Articles

Newsletter Related Articles

Ten Top Tips for Writing Articles on the Internet

Judy Cullins ©2005 All Rights Reserved. Online readers love information, but be sure your information is crisp, clean, clear and concise. Internet writing is different from print. 1. Keep your paragraphs short, even a line or two. Online readers will ignore long batches of words in long paragraphs, whether in an ezine or at a web site. That costs the author a lot of book sales. Respect readers who want material short and sweet.

100,000 Subscribers In 30 Days?

Copyright © 2005 Willie Crawford Two years ago, I sat in Joel Christopher's "Master List Builder Seminar" listening to ideas on how to build my list faster. The room was filled with seasoned on-line and off-line marketers. They all told us that the money was in the list... something we all knew intuitively. People in the room shared just about every method imaginable for building a list. They covered what worked, what didn't, and what you ...

What Works Best Now In List-Building?

Copyright © 2005 Willie Crawford We all know the saying, "The Money's In The List." We can appreciate the truth of that saying. If you're in business on-line, to make sales you must drive targeted traffic to your websites. More importantly, you must drive REPEAT traffic to your websites. A list is a great way to do this. Conducting an on-line business is all about building relationships and developing long-term customers. People buy from people ...

Why Autoresponders are an Absolute Must

With autoresponders, you never have to lose money advertising again! That's right, every ad you place from now on can be a winner -- even when you lose money! I know, I know, you're thinking, "Okay, now you've lost it Glen." But I haven't. Let me explain. Let's say you place an ezine ad, which costs you $200. and you make $20 for every sale made. If you make 8 sales with the ad you will earn $160. Gosh, you just lost $40. That's a bad ad ...

Building a HUGE List of Loyal Opt-in Subscribers

First of all, subscribers are not just subscribers, they are YOUR customers! If you treat your subscribers well, they will be your customers for life. What does this mean? We'll ezines are all about 'one to one marketing'. One to one marketing is relationship marketing. Your job is to continually build and foster your relationship with your subscribers. As your relationship builds, so will the trust and loyalty your subscriber has for you. As this ...

Develop An Ezine When You Don't Enjoy Writing

Do you know that many business owners market their businesses by writing content for their online newsletters (e-zine)? And if you don't enjoy writing, the authors make those articles available to you. You can find both articles in article directories and article bank located on the Internet. Do you know the difference? Article directories are one-way places on a Web site where the site's owner lists their articles. The articles maybe available ...

Ezine Don'ts

In business? Then you've looked into or know the potential an ezine has for your business. It's one of the marketing tools available to you that can help you increase sales and create name recognition, too. Savvy ezine publishers incorporate these four elements to increase the chance for success. --Create an "opt-in" ezine. --Reach your target audience. --Format a readable ezine. --Market consistently. What not to do? Read on --Don't ...

Questions to Help You Design Your E-zine

Are you looking to grow your business one member at a time? Then start your own e-zine. Be careful to decide just what you want your e-zine to be and be consistent in sending it out. If you don't enjoy writing, there are "article banks" [url][/url] and other options that provide you the opportunity to use other authors’ articles on the Web. For original content or expression of your ideas, consider ...

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Ezines

Getting so many emails as I do about ezine publishing, I thought maybe an article covering the most asked questions would be useful to some of you who are thinking about or just starting your own ezine. * What is an Ezine? An ezine is simply an electronic newsletter or magazine mailed periodically to a list of opt-in subscribers. Opt-in means that these subscribers have signed-up for or requested to receive your ezine. A good ezine will ...

I Want to Do an Ezine! Part 1

I have been getting numerous emails lately from people who want to start publishing an ezine, but really don't know where to start. So, I am going to write this series of articles from start to finish in the hopes of helping some of my associates get started with their own ezine! Please feel free to email me if you have questions about anything stated in these articles. First of all, what is an ezine? An ezine is simply an electronic magazine or ...

10 Easy Tips to Improve Your Ezine

Writing and publishing an ezine is a very important part of your online business so you want to make it the best possible ezine you can. I have made mistakes and changed and re-changed my ezine many times to make it the best it can be. I am still always looking for ways to improve MOE. Over the years I have learned a few simple ways to improve my ezine. You can easily implement these tips into your ezine. 1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS have your email, along with ...

10 Article Writing Quirks

By Nicholas Dixon The Island Marketer Much has been touted about the effectiveness of article writing in the promotion of their business. While everyone raves about its benefits I’ll look into a few quirks. 1) Too much junk- You can’t even imagine the amount of rehash material that is being passed off as something in which the reader can find valuable. Some writers rush to put out their work putting quantity over quality. It pays to be ...

Six Tips For Increasing the Quality of an ezine

Do you take that extra step when you are getting ready to email your ezine? Or do you just hit the send button after you cut and paste it? I subscribe to many fine online newsletters or ezines as they are called and for the most part they look pretty professional when I receive my copy. There are some that could use some help in regards to format and spelling and that is what prompted me to put some thoughts together on the subject. I also thought that these tips might ...

Keep Your Work From Home Newsletter

It’s hard to get your email through to clients, friends and family with all the Spam Filtering going on these days. If you are a Home Based Business owner that sends out a newsletter regularly you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind to make certain your Work At Home Newsletter is getting through all the Spam Filters. Spam is defiantly a problem. At one time I was receiving almost 300 per day, spending a good part an hour sifting through the mass of junk ...

Ezine Publishing: 5 Easy Smart Strategies To Increase Your E-zine's Subscriber Base

Do you publish an e-zine or newsletter? If you answer yes, then you must know how difficult it is to sign up new subscribers. I will now reveal to you 5 smart and easy e-zine publishing secrets to do so. 1. Give Incentives Give people an incentive to subscribe to your e-zine. Offer them a freebie if they subscribe. It could be a free e-book, free report, free advertising, etc. Make sure the freebie will attract your target audience. ...

Three Breathing techniques for any Ezine Article.

Three Breathing techniques for any Ezine Article. Radhika Venkata(c). I subscribed myself to many ezines.I'd love to read articles in them. First thing I will do is going to article section of the ezine. I am telling you honestly...I have learned so many things from these ezine articles.Three aspects of the articles made me think and to write this article. When ever you write an article just follow these THREE simple rules: 1. Focus on ONLY ...

Promoting Your product? Offer a free ecourse from your web site

Promoting Your product? Offer a free ecourse from your web site... Radhika Venkata (c). What is an ecourse? Ecourse is a series of emails sent to the subscribers at a specified interval. This can be achieved by a follow up autoresponder software that can be loaded with email messages and it sends the messages at specified intervals. [url][/url] Tips in creating an ...

SEVEN tips on Submitting Your Ezine articles to content sites and Publishers.

SEVEN tips on Submitting Your Ezine articles to content sites and Publishers. Radhika Venkata (c). 1. Make sub-lists from Your ezine publishers list: If you have an ezine publishers list, seperate the list based on the topic of the ezine. Send only specific content to specific ezines. For example if you write ezine articles on self improvement, don't send it to search engine based ezines. The more specific you choose your ezine publishers, ...

Volcanically Erupt Your Online Newsletter

Volcanically Erupt Your Online Newsletter by: Matt Bacak Volcanically Erupt Your Online Newsletter, Ezine or e-course Opt-Ins in No Time Flat Dear Friend, Have you ever wondered why the big name gurus have tons of raging fans and big lists? Well, they have a special website that squeezes the name and email address out of people and builds their list of hot, rabid subscribers.

Producing Ezines for Growing Your Business

What an ezine is ? An ezine is an electronic newsletter sent out by email at intervals of your choice to a list of subscribers. An ezine is a mutual bargain, a kind of compromise between editor and his subscribers. How comes that ? Let's see : Every ezine has a topic : marketing, humor, gardening, sports, etc... An ezine can and should contain lots of helpful information and resources related to its topic. Everyone interested to receive these information, subscribe to ...

Work Less, Earn More As An Infoproduct Publisher

There's no doubt, publishing information products to sell online is a thriving, exciting and very rewarding business.

The Power of Newsletters

When discussing the possibility of creating a newsletter for one of my clients, he asked me, “How will a newsletter help me get sales?”

How To Create Your Very Own Client Newsletter

Using newsletters for business development improves your sales and marketing efficiency because they: Improve your prospecting by being more focused and personal than a newspaper ad; Generate referrals Ask your clients if there's anyone they can suggest who would appreciate receiving your newsletter, as it's much easier for someone to suggest an addition to your newsletter mailing list than to flat out give you a name to call; ...

Implementing and Opt-In List to Optimize Your Internet Marketing Success

In order to make a success of your website or online business, it is obvious that you will need customers. Although everyone who visits your page will not become a customer, they must have some interest in your product or service that brought them there in the first place and therefore they are a potential customer. Potential customers are much more likely to become actual customers if you make an effort to keep in touch with them. This essential marketing tool is called and opt-in list.

Gosh, What Am I Going to Put in My Email Newsletter THIS Month?

So you decided to put out a monthly newsletter, because "that's what smart marketers do." This is a terrific idea! After all, really good content is the way to your readers' hearts, and everyone loves to receive presents in the mail (or, email in this case).

Why Your Newsletter Must Get A Personality Today!

Newsletters are becoming ever more popular. Not surprising – since all editors know that they are a tried and tested method for both disseminating information and subtly (and quite frequently blatantly) promoting any product or service. In short, newsletters work for their owners.

Newsletters in Plain Text or HTML Which Work Better?

A common question asked when you first set out to write an email newsletter is whether it should be a plain text email or HTML (web page style). This is an important consideration since your choice impacts on how many people read your newsletter and how they respond to it. Let's look at the obvious pros and cons of each format.

8 Things To Think About Before You Start Advertising Profitably In Ezines!

Advertising in ezines is possibly the most effective way of generating fast sales. Ezine advertising also consumes very little of your time. However, ezine advertising does consume your money and can consume it very quickly if you’re not careful. Here are 8 things, which if you think carefully about, will ensure that ezine advertising does not cost you more than you earn.

Michael Glaspie's Hidden Key To Making Massive Amounts Of Money From Your List

Copyright 2005 Rick Miller Would you like to know the secret to quickly making money from any list, regardless of size? What will you do with the extra money that you'll generate when you use this strategy? As you *read every word* of this article, you'll discover how to quickly position yourself so that readers on your list will eagerly pull out their credit cards and give money to you. Michael T. Glaspie, one of the pioneers of viral marketing, recently revealed his most effective ...

Email Newsletter Marketing Is Alive and Well: The Case for Continuing Newsletter Efforts

With the arrival of syndication or RSS technology, many claim the email newsletter is dead. Not true. Newsletters continue to offer companies a marketing tool that allows them to build and retain relationships with their clients.

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