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Newsletter Related Articles

Newsletter Related Articles

In Disguise - One Woman's Story

In Disguise - "One Woman's Story" It depicts a White woman growing up in a predominately black neighborhoood for almost 20 years, never knowing her true identity until the age of 30 was revealed by her ancestors, that she was black. Her identity was hidden for years. How could she not know you might ask? She was adopted at birth, blind & mute. How come noone told her for so long is the question (plot maybe). Being treated with disrespect, no dignity, no pride, it was not until her ...

MicroWorld Technologies - Small Company, Giant Leap!!!

"Startups often create innovative products but do not have financial muscle, so MicroWorld turned to a partner that was mammoth in size."

Your anti-virus is not the answer to your total Internet Security.

MicroWorld focuses on new generation e-security threats with its new product eScan Web and Mail Filter for Windows

Writing Newsletters Online: How to Get it Right

A strange thing has been happening to newsletters online. They have been turning into either a) promotional emails or b) web pages delivered by email. I’m sure you know what I mean. Go back a couple of years and you could look forward to receiving your favorite newsletter in the knowledge that the newsletter itself would contain some great content...something you could read and enjoy, or learn from. You could open the newsletter in your email and read it, from beginning to end. There were ...

Permission Marketing With Tip Sheets

Permission Marketing with Tip Sheets Use tip sheets to encourage clients and prospects to sign up for your e-mail Newsletter. Permission Marketing, a marketing concept popularized by Seth Godin, is based on obtaining your client’s, prospect’s, and web site visitor’s permission to communicate with them via e-mail. Often, the hardest part of a Permission Marketing program is developing an incentive to persuade clients, prospects, and web site visitors to send you their e-mail address and ...

How to publish your own highly demand ezine

Ezine is an electronic newsletter that is published through internet. As a home based business owner, it is important for you to have your own ezine.

How To Write Best Articles

I’ve been able to distinguish 3 main categories that people fall into, regarding the subject on writing articles. Allow me to share them with you.

10 Choice Ways To Give Your Subscriptions A Boost

1. Swap an ad. Use ads that you've tested and that have proven to be effective in getting you more subscriptions. You'll be able to get a greater response from your ads because you've already fine tuned them before swapping. 2. Write articles. You'll be able to get more new e-zine subscribers that enjoy your writing and that are interested in the topics you write about. 3. Swap an article. You could swap exclusive articles, or you could swap one of your reprint articles if ...

20 Ways to Improve Newsletter Conversions

We’ve all seen them. They come in various sizes, and though they look innocent enough, they’re really a mysterious black hole leading to something even more puzzling. A newsletter! Hard to believe, but it’s true. A newsletter signup box can be that easy thing you stick in a corner, yet you come to realize it’s not earning its keep. People aren’t signing up. Not long ago I did some troubleshooting for a company who couldn’t figure out why there were so few subscribers to their ...

Click for Success!

Being online for the last five or so years has made me realized that many persons are seeking a magic button to success. What is even more interesting is that they really believe that it exist.

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