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Copywriting Articles

Copywriting Articles

How To Make A Career Out Of Copyediting And Proofreading

Do you possess the qualities of a good proof reader? Are you good with details, spotting errors in spelling, grammar, and the flow of a piece and putting together quality work? If so, you may be able to make a career out of copyediting or proofreading. For those looking to get in to this field of copywriting, they may be stuck looking in if they do not know where or how to get established. So, is there a tried and tested method for getting your foot in the door? No matter how much any and all ...

Copywriter Rates, Getting The Facts Beforehand

Have you ever had the experience of hiring a freelance copy writer only to find that the project takes longer than expected, or that the fees they offered are ‘flexible’ in the wrong way for you to benefit. There is no doubt that copywriter rates differ greatly from one to another. There is very little in the way of a standard rate especially when you are dealing with clients through the Internet. To ensure you don’t get taken for a ride, you need to get your copywriter rates set and ...

Looking For Good Copywriter Books?

If you are looking for copywriter books, you’ll want to devote some time to reading. In fact, if you plan to look online for your copy writer resources, you might as well just devote your life to reading! There are so many books that are available for you to purchase. Sure, there are standard things that each book will probably include. And, like the vast amount of diets out there, copywriter books are just as versatile and, unfortunately, misleading. Now, before you get frustrated with ...

How To Get Started With A Career In Copywriting

Careers in copywriting are booming. Could it be that the new and ever growing market on the Internet has helped to fuel this demand? You can bet your sweet keyword that it has! With so many businesses looking to the internet for their freelance copywriters the demand for employees keeps growing. Likewise, careers in copy writing are being filled more and more with freelance or independent workers. Even those who work right from their home are jumping onto the bandwagon. But, copywriting ...


E-newsletters are a great way to increase quality leads for sales teams and give a boost to your viral, word of mouth, and referral marketing programs. Here are 5 simple steps to create an e-newsletter your sales team will love.

Freelance copywriters on the Internet: How to tell the difference between heaven-sent and hack

If you’re hunting for a good freelance copywriter and have never done it before, or if you have but find yourself needing another for the first time in a while, I don’t envy you. This “brave new” e-world has turned your once straightforward search of a neatly stacked file of brochures and introductory letters into a bothersome wade through a mucky world of half-baked online listings and search results which only seem to list those freelance copywriters who are experts in SEO, or at ...

Hiring a GREAT Copywriter

Hiring a great copywriter can be a challenge. There are a lot of good writers out there. There are even a lot of great writers out there. But a copywriter- a great copywriter, does more than just write. A great copywriter has the ability to write persuasively, research facts, and think in terms of the “total marketing piece”- because copy is only a part of the ad, brochure, website, or flyer. Many times, they see a business or idea in a new light. They draw out the key benefits of your ...

Fixing Bad Web Site Copy

Let’s face it – a lot of web pages and web sites out there could use a little improvement in the copywriting department!

Ad Copywriting: Building Brand Equity one Word at a Time

Ah…advertisements, those wonderfully adorable little vignettes that come to us at all hours of the day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year. Seventy percent of them are ineffective. Probably more than that actually. And a lot of them can become very annoying.

Copywriting Makeover: Search Engine-Friendly Can Also Mean Visitor-Friendly

by Karon Thackston © 2005 When it comes to search engine optimization, copywriting plays a big role. You want to have excellent copy that appeals to both your visitors and the engines in order to create pages that will rank highly. However, sometimes there can be potential problems with fitting copy into certain types of sites. Due to space constraints, page layout requirements or other issues, some site owners hesitate to include SEO copy thinking it will ...

Content Generation for the new search engine and searcher

When i first entered the arena of search engine optimization a few years ago i soon found out that backlinks were they key to sucess and i made the most of backlinks by being a slave to the search engines by linking my site in every spare moment i could.

Copywriting FAQs

One of the biggest challenges a copywriter faces is to make future clients feel confident in his or her ability. You know you can deliver, but your clients don't know that... yet! In my own experiences as a freelancer, I've noticed that the most hesitant potential clients often ask the same questions. Following are answers to help allay their fears.

A Copywriter Speaks: Hey, Give Me Back My Pen!

It’s no wonder I have a permanent crick in my neck. I’ve spent the last ten years shaking my head piteously at people who think they can write. Fellow scribes, let us gather now for a virtual group hug, as we console each other for the fruitlessness that is our existence.

Copywriting: Aida is more than an opera

Aida is more than an opera by Verdi Ask most people what Aida is and they will tell you it is an opera set in Egypt. Ask a marketing person and they will tell you that it is the sales formula that all advertising must incorporate if it is to be successful.

2 Ways to Really Connect With Your Customer in Your Copywriting

Copyright © 2005 by Bruce Carlson One of the least talked-about areas in copywriting education is voice. This is probably because it’s tough to set general rules for something that’s so personal to each of us. After all, the same things go into building your copywriting voice that go into making you who you are! Personality, upbringing, environment, education, audience, purpose…all these and more go into forming your voice, no matter what kind of writing you’re doing. In this ...

Top 3 Rules for Writing Effective Copy

One thing all successful Internet marketers have in common is that they're good copywriters. If you want to have a profitable online business, you need to know how to write a copy that motivates people to buy your product... a copy that sells!

Magic Words That Sell and What Words to Avoid

We all know words are powerful. Whether written or spoken, according to advertising legend David Ogilvy, some of the most persuasive words to use in marketing are:

Should You Use Testimonials When You Create A Web Site?

You've probably seen web sites with testimonials - they can add legitimacy. But sometimes they are believable, and sometimes they are not. Are testimonials worth the effort?

How To Write Ads That Get Response

Your print ads should do more than just get noticed. Their job is to bring you business, and if all they do is lay around and attract attention, they’re no different from the lazy employee who does nothing all day but look busy.

How to Profit From Fear and Greed

reed and fear may be just a couple of the more unsightly blemishes on the underbelly of the human psyche. But they're also two of the greatest all time motivators ever invented. If you want your copy to sell, you need to understand how to put these powerful emotions to work for you in your written copy.

Such a Tease

The "teaser" on the outside of a direct mail envelope is much like the subject line of an email. It's only purpose is to get the reader to open the envelope, or the email.

Freelance Copywriting Advice #1: Take the Scary Jobs

From time to time you will be faced with an opportunity that looks downright scary. The temptation is to think, "Hey, that's way outside my level of expertise. I'm not ready for that." My advice to you is this: Do it. When you are faced with opportunities that are larger, more challenging and ultimately 'scary', that's when you learn fastest, stretch yourself the most and build your inner confidence as a copywriter. Let me give you a couple of related examples. Within ...

Powerful Lessons From A $20 Bill

By Catherine Franz Just last week I was speaking to a group of 50 women and men. I opened by holding up a $20 and asking who would like this $20 bill. I also mentioned there were no strings attached. You would have thought that everyone would be raising their hand wanting the $20 bill. That isn't what happened. Less than half the people raised their hand. I gave the $20 bill away and stood in silence. It wasn't a long silence but silence when everyone expects to be hearing ...

Business Writing: When Not To Be Professional

It’s time to write your next ad or brochure. Maybe some web content. You’ve done all your research, and you’re staring at a blank computer screen. You want to look good in print. You want to put your “best foot forward.” And, of course, you want to make a barrel full of money.

Beyond Fear And Greed: Emotions That Sell

Fear and Greed. The stock-in-trade of sales. Appeal to them, and your success is assured. But isn’t there more to life than those two emotions?

5 Ideas for Writing Effective Sales Letters

Sales letters, sent via e-mail or snail mail, are an effective and inexpensive way to get your message out. Even if your letter goes out to thousands of people, it can give the feel of a personal communication — IF you write it in a direct and conversational tone.

Formulas Copywriters Employ When Creating Web Content

What is it exactly that copywriters DO when they produce new text for a site makeover? You often see the advertisements; a designer is looking for a freelance web writer who is going to create content around a number of keywords. There’s not a lot more information about the process. What are the tricks of the trade and how do you get value for money when hiring a freelance writer?

Boost Your B to B Marketing Copy: 3 Major Copywriting Blunders and How to Correct Them

When you're writing or evaluating copy for a B to B marketing (also referred to as "business to business" marketing) campaign of any kind, you may think it's only appropriate to write formal copy in which you refer to yourself as "we" or "our organization" and let lots of other copywriting basics fly out the window.

Features vs. Benefits vs. End Results

by Karon Thackston © 2005 If you've been in the copywriting realm for very long at all, you've heard the phrase "features vs. benefits." It's a fundamental copywriting principle and driving force behind much of what we, as copywriters, create. But there's also another aspect to this equation. What happens after customers buy your product or service? Once they've used what you have to offer, what will be different in their lives? What ...

3 Keys to Better Online Copywriting

© 2005 by Bruce Carlson Doing the copywriting for your own website without the proper knowledge and tools is pretty much like flying blind in a snowstorm without piloting experience or instruments. It doesn't work too well. A very basic knowledge of copywriting and direct marketing principles will take you a long ways on the Web. Here are three simple keys to writing better online copy. Armed just with these, you'll have a jump on 90% of the folks out there doing the ...

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