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Internet Security Articles

Internet Security Articles

Scammer Will Not Stop Looking For People Who Like To Work At Home And Make More Money!

About three years ago, I received the first email from Nigerian scammers. They have different methods to introduce themselves. Some of them claim that they work on some Nigerian banks and need someone from another country to help them to transfer a huge amount of money. They say that the previous owner of the money has lost his/her life in a car accident or airplane crash and they couldn’t find any other member of family to give the money to him/her and….

Firewall Tips

Computer systems are under the constant attack from viruses. If a computer is connected to the Internet with a Broadband connection, then the risk of a virus attack is very high nowadays.

14 Household Ways To Protect Your Computer From Viruses

Computer viruses are deadly. They often spread without any apparent contact and can be a nuisance, or even worse, fatal to your computer. Individuals who create these viruses, estimated at 10-15 new ones a day, are the electronic version of terrorists. Their goal is to inflict havoc and destruction on as many people as possible by disabling, stealing, damaging, or destroying computer and information resources. Often, they have no specific target in mind, so no one is safe. If you access ...

Knowing What A Trojan Horse Is

Just like the original Trojan Horse that was built by the Greeks, the Trojan Horse Virus for your computer is actually something that is evil and bad concealed within something that seems good and positive. For anyone that might not know, a quick history lesson, the original Trojan Horse was given as a gift to the City of Troy by the Greeks who were losing the war but within this large wooden horse that was rolled into the gates of Troy was the Greek Army that came out at night when no one ...

The Complete Guide To Spotting Computer Spies & Recording Devices

Can you be absolutely sure, that your activity isn't being monitored and recorded right now, while you're reading this? The problem with many people is, because they're alone in a room with their computer, they think that no body can be watching. If only they knew how easy it is to plant a computer recording device or software recording program onto a computer, they wouldn't feel so safe. Whether you're a total computer newbie or a ...

Battling Spyware Threats

Surpassing viruses as the number one internet threat is spyware which can install itself in your computer and monitor your usage as well as record private information. Though the threats of spyware are endless, there are several measures you can take to guard your computer and personal information from being hijacked by spyware.

Basic Spyware Defense Mechanisms

Always on the rise, spyware is difficult to avoid when surfing the internet because it can install itself so easily by countless different means. Much of computer’s spyware infections are hidden within freeware programs running, such as music file sharing applications. Spyware and adware are primarily used to invade persons computers to track and record their usage and private information so they may be targeted with pop ups and advertising schemes.

How Spyware Gets to Your Hardrive

The average internet user’s computer is very likely to have some sort of hidden spyware infection that is slyly monitoring their internet activities.

Countering Privacy Invasions of Spyware

Spyware spread quickly across the internet world forcing users to become aware of the prevalent threats facing their privacy while surfing the internet. A PC will begin to run slower, have difficulty accessing the internet, have a reduced bandwidth, show unwanted pop ups and or alter the start page. A spyware infection means your personal information is being exposed to individuals or companies without your knowledge or approval.

Is Your Email Private? Part 2 of 3

In Part 1 of Is Your Email Private, We covered the basics of most current email systems, including how they work and why they are not secure. We then started into the topic of encryption and provided a link to PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), considered by many to be the default standard for email encryption on the Internet.

Detect Key Logger, Identity Theft Spyware

To detect key logger spyware, you need to know what it is and how it works. Key logger is an invisible software program that identity thieves can use to track your online activity.

Beware of The Jury Duty Scam

The jury duty scam is the newest type of identity theft scammers are using to get your personal information. This is a new twist on identity theft, and you should be aware of it so you can avoid becoming a new victim.

How To Avoid Online Scams

According to an FBI report from 2003 to 2004 online scams doubled with nearly ten million new victims. This crime cost those victims nearly $5 billion of money they could not afford to lose.

Protect Your Computer and Internet Privacy

Is a known fact that every time you open a browser to view a web page, order something online, or read your email in a web based viewer that information is stored on your computer for later use. Whether you are viewing the weather online, reading sports, catching up on the latest world news or viewing something a little more private, all that information is stored in your computer. Windows operating systems store all this material in what are called Temporary Internet Files or cache. Web ...

The Birth of Incident Response: The Story of the First Internet Worm

Robert Tappan Morris was the first person convicted by a jury under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986. The story of the worm he created and what happened to him after it was released is a tale of mistakes, infamy, and ultimately the financial and professional success of its author.

Deriving Due Care Practices from HIPAA and GLBA

Recent years have shown a trend in corporations being held responsible for information security negligence. In particular, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Attorney General of New York have been actively pursuing companies that fail to follow effective security practices. Many high-visibility cases illustrate how companies are being required to implement stronger security controls, the Guess case being a good example.

Identity Theft Protection & Prevention: Prevent ID Internet Fraud

Online identity theft is a serious crime that can clean out your life savings and leave you with a damaged credit history that may take years to repair. In the interim, obtaining loans, renting apartments, and even applying for work can become increasingly difficult. Here is what you can do to protect yourself:

Failure to Do This Simple Task Can Kill Your Online Business

When you talk to a seasoned webmaster, he/she will always tell you to backup your website files since the server you are hosted on will always let you down when least expect it.

How to Eliminate Spyware, Adware and Pop up Ads for FREE!

The following is a guide on how to remove spyware, adware, and pop-up ads using FREE tools ready to download anytime. Don't settle for advertisements that sell $30 software programs that CLAIM to remove all these annoyances, when in reality all they do is hog system resources and slow your computer down even more. Now, of course there are people out there who have their own little utilities they use that are just "wonderful" for this kind of operation, but the following ...

6 Tips To Secure Your Website

Most people on the internet are good, honest people. However, there are some people browsing the internet who derive fun from poking around websites and finding security holes. A few simple tips can help you secure your website in the basic ways. Now, obviously, the subject of data security is a complicated one and way beyond the scope of this column. However, I will address the very basics one should do which will alleviate many potential problems that might allow people to see things they ...

Adware: Why is it Different?

Advertising supported software, which has come to be more commonly referred to as adware, is a computer program and/or package of software under which advertisements or other marketing material are included or are just loaded automatically and played back to you over and over again after they install themselves. The main way that users are made aware that they have adware on their systems is through banner ads that appear in pop-up windows or a bar that might just appear on your computer ...

These Are the Hackers of Our Life

Dear Mr. Hacker I hope your head hurts this morning and I hope your fingernails fall out... I had to think long and hard about not wishing this on your malice. When you work hard in making a success in business,(yes it all comes down to sheer hard work) you do expect a negative reaction from people with malice and jealousy in their mind make up. You outdid yourself. You made me more determinded to make this a success. You know we have launched our Magical Casino ...

Adware – A Case of the Nasties

Most of us have computers nowadays. Most of us are aware that some of our information may not be private and our computers could be vulnerable to outside interferences such as viruses. We all try to be sure our computers are secure. In addition to viruses, we must be careful not to invite Adware and Spyware onto our computers. These include annoying popup ads that you can’t seem to get rid of.

Security a Road Filled with Obstacles!

This week I’m an entirely different kind of road warrior. Usually I’m the type that lugs my laptop from city to city telecommuting my way across the nation. This month I’ve had a few weeks in the office – my real office in downtown Richmond, not my virtual office. The complaint I have is the treacherous commute from the West End into the city via I-64 West and I-195 South. The roads are atrocious! One day recently I thought my entire tire would be swallowed by a pothole – let me ...

Checking for Spyware on your Hardrive.

The spread of spyware and adware for advertising purposes has gone beyond the privacy limits because distributors of the invasive software see no harm in installing the surveillance programs without your knowledge. One way to check for spyware intrusion is by going to the tools menu in Internet Explorer. Go to the security tab and click on the custom level button.

Catching Spyware to Avoid Identity Theft

Arming your computer against spyware is an important move to make to protect your personal security and private information. Statistics on the number of identity theft victims continue to rise as do the number of computers being infected with spyware. Some numbers have shown nine out of ten computers are affected by spyware, many on computer whose users are unaware of the infection. Identity theft and spyware are connected in that spyware has become a common method for intruders to gather ...

Spyware Stats To Pay Attention To

In early 2005 Webroot Software released its State of Spyware Report which was conducted by Webroot and Earthlink. In the survey over 4.6 million computer systems were scanned during 2004 and the results have shown how threatening spyware has become.

Anatomy of A PayPal Identity Theft Scam The 7 Warning Signs

Paypal is becoming the online payment processor of choice for many users. Paypal allows virtually anyone to except credit card payments. Paypal is also a great way to send and receive electronic payments. Unfortunate fame has it's price and in the case of Paypal that means scam artists preying on the Paypal members

How To Spot A Bad Purchase Before You Buy

The Internet is supposed to be an even better invention since the invention of slice bread, but it is the most abused media today.

Protecting Yourself Against Spyware

Spyware is a category of malicious software that secretly obtains information about a computer user's and sends it to a third party without the user's consent. For example, a piece of spyware running on an infected computer can obtain the user's bank account number when online banking, user's username and password when online trading or the user's credit card number when shopping online.

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