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Internet Security Articles

Internet Security Articles

Blackworm Internet Attack

Blackworm has infected million of computers worldwide and has damaged the data stored in them. Blackworm/w32 is an internet worm which spreads through E-mails as attachment. The attachment is generally in zip format in the e-mail. It generally attacks on 3rd of evry month.

Don't Make Your Computer A Target When It Comes To Physical Security

Limit Physical Access All laptops and most desktops have built-in slots that will allow you to tie your computer down with a cable and lock. If your computer doesn’t have slots, there are some security kits available that come with anchoring plates, cables and a lock. If your computer is physically locked down, it will certainly deter a thief who wants to sneak away unnoticed. But, remember, anyone ambitious enough can slice through even the thickest cable. For added safety, make ...

Safe Surfing

If you’re going to connect to the internet, you need to protect your computer, otherwise it’s like leaving your front door wide open with a big ‘Robbers Welcome’ doormat on your front step. You’ve probably heard all the terms – such as virus, hacker, firewall, spyware and a million more – but perhaps think that the anti-virus programme that came with the computer, or that your PC-savvy mate downloaded for you is enough to keep you safe, right? Wrong …

Internet Security and Personal Data Theft Prevention

Who CAN you trust? With the Internet expanding at an alarming rate, there are some places on the web that resemble a dark back alley: an area you simply wouldn't tread for fear of personal safety and security. But it's hard to tell when you should be aware of your personal information being stolen - you might think that you are safe, but there are a great deal of people everyday whose identity is taken without warning.

Ways That Viruses Spread

For a virus or similar program to have any great impact it needs to be able to spread from one machine to another. They are specifically designed to get access to parts of your computer system that allow for communication with other machines. Below is a discussion of some of the most common methods.

Home Wireless Network Security Issues

Running a business from home has its advantages, including no commute, a more accommodating work schedule, fresh coffee and home-cooked meals at any time you want.

Is Your Data Encryption Really Secure

How Do You Know Your Data Encryption is Really Secure ---------------------------- There are various types and methods of data encryption. Some of the most popular forms of data encryption include single file encryption, folder encryption, volume encryption, whole disk encryption, and of course email encryption.

The Latest Email Scam Is Nothing New

Q: I recently received an email that supposedly came from eBay that said someone had attempted to log into my eBay business account without authorization (whatever that means). The email instructed me to click a link to re-enter and confirm my account information to make sure that my account had not been hacked. Being naturally paranoid I contacted eBay directly and found that my account had not been hacked and that this email was actually from someone trying to steal my eBay account ...

Easy Ways To Secure Your Computer

Just follow these simple tips; your computer will be free from virus and spyware. 1. Stop and think before opening any attachment you receive. If you don't know the sender, don't open the attachment - just delete it. It doesn't matter if the subject promises you'll see Britney Spears dancing nude on the kitchen table, just delete it. Most of the devastating worms and viruses of recent times were distributed via email. These viruses feed on the curiosity and ...

How To Secure Your Wireless Network

People have more flexible time due to wireless network. Thanks to the invention of wireless. People can now work from home while taking care of their kids or doing house works. No more stress from traffic jam anymore. Is this great?

Even Google Ranked Pages Aren't Always Safe

I recently wrote an article "Use This Formula To Have Pleasurable And Safe Internet Access" for Home Business and Small Business owners about protecting yourself from the bad guys on the internet who are trying to steal your identity, steal your passwords, break into your accounts or just plain screw up your computer. Generally, I have been pretty proud about going several years at a time without getting a virus. Well, guess what? I got bit yesterday by ...

Wireless Router & Security: A Step-By-Step Guide

Setting up a wireless router is easy. Essentially you turn your cable or DSL modem off and your wireless router on. Then, you connect the router to the modem with a cable, and turn the modem back on. You are more or less done. The wireless network wizard on your computer will pick up the router and, if your ISP does not have any special requirements, away-you-go, you are on the Internet.

5 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Choosing A Password

Are you making yourself a target for fraud? More and more often I am hearing stories of people who have had their accounts hacked. They have had money stolen, lost sleep, spent hours setting up new accounts, or had their credit ruined. Don't let this happen to you.

Real Estate Website Scams

Many still say the Internet is like the Wild West. When it comes to the proliferation of scams, this is certainly true! As webmaster for over two dozen legal, real estate, and other business oriented websites, we receive a lot of email and phone solicitations. Often our clients ask our opinion on an Internet service or software product. We have researched and found the majority of offers directed toward real estate firms are what I call the half-truth variety.

Network Security Little Known Threats

Little Known Network Security Threats There are a number of common network security threats that can damage your network. Some prime examples include remote login capability, SMTP hijacking and backdoor entry to a computer network. There are however dozens of other ways someone can inadvertedly access your network and steal or damage your data. Here are just a few network security threats you should be aware of, whether you operate a private or corporate network. DNS ...

Network Security All About Firewalls

The Importance of Firewalls to Network Security Most networks should have a firewall in place before they are up and running. A firewall is the most common form of network security employed by companies large and small. If you own a personal computer your anti-virus software company may at one time or another have offered you firewall protection. A firewall on a home network is just as important as one on a corporate network. Why? Most smaller networks have as many ...

Threats Network Security Protects Against

Top Reasons You Need Network Security Whether you engage in global commerce or have a network established simply to communicate with others on the Web, there are a number of threats that exist when operating in the realm of the World Wide Web. Network security is an important function that ultimately will protect your computer and data from multiple threats. Here are some examples of common threats networks are exposed to every day: Session Hijackers – Hijackers can ...

Network Security Methods For Controlling Threats

Since firewalls are so commonly used it is worth exploring them in greater depth. Corporations often set up rules for managing their Web connections using firewalls. A firewall enables a company to designate how all end users can use their network and decide what information is passed through Web servers and other servers.

Virus Scanning or Virus Avoidance

I have had to fix hundreds of computers over the past several years and most of them could have been easily avoided by using antivirus software and making sure everything was up to date. This is not hard to do you just need to learn to make it a part of your routine. Best Antivirus Software Viruses are little executable programs that run on your computer, normally without you knowing and can cause an immense amount of damage to so little that you don’t even notice. ...

Spyware Now a Problem for Mac Users as Well

Fortunately for the Mac users, the Adware and Spyware industry is still, as of 2005, heavily focused on the PC users. Adware and Spyware developers are particularly found of targeting PC users through DILLs and ActiveX controls, and can therefore only attack computers running Windows. This does not mean that Mac users are completely blessed from Spyware and Adware. There are several Spyware and Adware software capable of infesting Mac, and every Mac user should take a look at the Adware and ...

Windows 2000 Security

I was asked recently to go to a car dealership and do a security analysis on their Windows Server 2000 machine.

Who's using your network?

Recently wireless networks have become easier and easier to set up. Many people who have purchased broadband routers have gone for the option of adding wireless connectivity and the appeal of browsing the Internet from the garden or listening to your mp3 collection in the bath has prompted many others to add wireless connectivity to their existing systems. Unfortunately, in an effort to make their products easy to set up and therefore sell, many of the manufacturers of these ...

Has My PC Got A Virus

What is a virus? The term broadly describes any program that tries to hide a malicious function or spread copies of itself on to as many computers as possible.

Wholesale/Drop Ship Scams Revealed

If you want to obtain products to drop ship or wholesale, where do you look? There are all kinds of wholesale and drop ship list for sale on eBay. There's likely to be lots of decent companies right?

Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Online Identity Theft

Identity theft is becoming a bigger problem as more and more people are making the internet a bigger part of their lives. People who are new to the online medium often fall prey to ‘phishing’ or other internet identity theft schemes. In many cases the ‘phishing party’ uses your credit card to order goods for them selves, in other cases they will apply for credit cards, set up bank accounts, and take advantage of your good credit rating. Correcting these issues involves a lot of time ...

Some Identity Theft Victims End Up With Criminal Records

There are many ways to find you are the victim of identity theft. You can find out after you are turned down for a loan or after you start getting strange bills for items you never purchased. Here is another, more traumatic way to discover that your identity has been stolen.

How to Shop Online Safely

Online shopping has now become very popular. Besides vast information at your fingertips to help you learn more about products and services before making a purchase decision, you can compare prices with a few clicks whether you go for comparison shopping for computer hardware, compare prices for sporting goods or compare watches prices to find perfect birthday gifts for your loved ones. Home appliances comparison shopping could safe you a lot of money. As more and more people use the ...

How to Avoid a Phishing Scam

Many scam artists on the internet today are getting more and more unscrupulous and this article will how you can avoid losing your money to these people who live off ill gotten gains.

Shocking Facts about Updating Your PC Operating System

Many everyday Internet Users do not know why they must keep their computer Operating Systems Up-To-Date - and many don't even know what an Operating System is!

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