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Internet Security Articles

Internet Security Articles

The Dark world of Cyber Crime

Crime is a challenge for the good thinking world. While changing the time and invention of new and advanced technologies, the world of crime is also being changed. The tools and techniques are changing everyday. The burning reflection of that is, 20th centuries most important, remarkable and epoch-making invention computer related crimes, which is better known as cyber crime or cyberspace crime or simply computer crime. Computer also has two opposite sides like a coin. One side, for the gift ...

10 Tell Tale Signs of Spyware and Adware Infection

Though there are no warning signs to indicate that spyware or adware is being installed on your system, there are several tell tale signs to alert you of their presence, once they install. I have compiled here for your convinence 10 tell tale signs that can warn you of the presence of adware or spyware on your computer. Here they are.

5 Security Considerations When Coding

1. Input Checking Always check user input to be sure that it is what you expected. Make sure it doesn’t contain characters or other data which may be treated in a special way by your program or any programs called by your program. This often involves checking for characters such as quotes, and checking for unusual input characters such as non-alphanumeric characters where a text string is expected. Often, these are a sign of an attack of some kind being attempted.

Public-Key SSH Login

SSH is a popular system allowing a remote shell (command interpreter) to be used over a secure connection. By secure, here, I mean that the connection is encrypted, authenticated and integrity checked. The encryption prevents attackers reading the contents of the data being transmitted, the authentication allows both the client and the server to be sure that they are connected to the other, and not to some intermediate system in a man-in-the-middle attack, and the integrity checking ensures ...

How to Protect Your Files From a Computer Virus

How safe is your computer? Could you be in danger of getting a virus on your system? Just how real is the danger? What steps should you take if any?

Fighting or Financing Malicious Software?

Come on. Be realistic. How should I approach security for my computer in the same way as I would approach security for my car or home? The answer is simple, just apply the same principles, not the same mechanisms. Why do I want to protect my car and my home? It prevents people from invading my privacy. What else is it when someone breaks into your car? A thief has no respect for the private assets of someone else, he takes what he wants, and an arsonist has no respect for the private assets ...

Common Internet Frauds

The arrival of the Internet with its new methods of communicating through web sites, electronic mail, news groups, chat rooms, electronic bulletin boards, and commercial on-line services is an historical development much like the introduction of television or the telephone, a few generations ago. Similar to these earlier technologies, the Internet presents customers with an stirring new means for them to purchase both innovative and traditional goods and services faster and at lower prices, ...

Spyware, Adware and Virus Removal First Steps: Get Rid of Temporary Files

There are many software programs available designed to remove Viruses, Spyware, Adware and other nasties from your computer. Uneducated users simply run these programs in the mistaken belief that once they do, all is well.

How Profits Motivates Virus Creators

The motivation behind hackers has evolved noticeably over the last couple of years. Developing harmful viruses is less about “bragging rights” or satisfying the creator’s ego and is becoming more and more about generating profit or commercial return.

The Truth About Keystroke Loggers

Programs that record data about users' activity in Internet and send them to their developers are called Spyware. Their activity can have different results - from pop-up advertisements to serious violations of OS, including personal data theft, pressed keys record, "back door" installation, etc. Also known as 'drive-by downloads', Spyware-applications use up-to-date methods of intrusion. Many users do not know that most spyware-applications penetrate into their computers ...

10 Backup Essentials for all Webmasters

More and more webmasters nowadays do not value the importance of a complete website backup (files and databases). They have left this to chance and good luck which poses a great risk to their online presence.

Backup, Backup and Backup all Your Websites

This simple reminder is dedicated to all Webmasters (and Webslaves like me). Don't sleep tonight without reading this. Find out why below...

Firewalls Hardware vs. Software for Home Users

We should all understand the need for a firewall for our home network. Firewalls help protect our computers from viruses, worms, Trojans, & hackers. What we may not think about is the difference between hardware firewalls and software firewalls. Here are some examples of software firewalls: Windows XP firewall, Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security, Kerio Firewall, Check Point, and there are many others. Now here are some examples of (consumer grade) hardware firewalls: Linksys, D-link, ...

The Home Computer User's Guide to Spyware

As with the computer virus, spyware can be broken down into a number of different categories. Most users are familiar with the term “adware” which refers to software which serves annoying ads. There are however a number of other spyware variants you should be aware of.

Hoax Emails - Stop This Rot

Let me ask you a question: you get a letter in the mail box, delivered by a postman, asking you to send it on to ten friends or else you will get bad luck.

Temporary Internet Files

What are Temporary Internet Files? Temporary Internet Files are, in fact, the cache of the Internet Explorer. This means that when you load a web page with Internet Explorer, it is saved on your computer so that if you later decide to open the same page again, it will open a lot faster. Temporary Internet Files improve speed of web browsing and also make possible so called offline browsing, which gives you the ability to open the web pages from cache even when you are not connected to ...

Computer Virus And Internet Worms Explained

Is your computer sluggish? It won't open programs and you can't get into anything? Well, maybe you have a sick computer. Just as people get ill from viruses, so do computers. When this happens, you need to have a computer technician look at the computer to re-format and get rid of the virus. If you know something about computers, you might be able to do this yourself.

MySpace Safety: E Commerce to the Rescue

For months, concerns about the content and audience of the social networking site MySpace have been expressed by parents, school officials, law enforcement authorities, and the media. However, amid pressure from these groups, it may be a financial motivation that ultimately leads MySpace to "clean house."

Website Security Rules of the Road

Becoming a victim of Internet fraud unfortunately is increasing in 2005 consumers spent more $65.1 billion. Everyday more and more people enjoy purchasing items online. The Internet National Fraud Centre Watch reported that the average loss to fraud victims for just the first six months of 2005 was $2,579.

The Benefits of Internet Security on the Education Front

Online Courses Bring Advantages and Security Threats A college education is mandatory in today’s job market. Because of this, many workers find themselves pursuing a higher education while they are employed. One way colleges are making access to education more convenient for workers is by offering a wide range of their curriculum via online courses. This growing trend brings with it all the advantages and disadvantages associated with Internet connectivity.One of the main ...

The Home Computer User’s Guide to Spyware

As with the computer virus, spyware can be broken down into a number of different categories. Most users are familiar with the term “adware” which refers to software which serves annoying ads. There are however a number of other spyware variants you should be aware of.

Anti Virus Software Maintenance Lesson

Don't learn the hard way like I did. Anti-Virus software is important. If you surf the internet, this software keeps your computer alive. To keep the anti-virus software working effectively it must be updated every couple of days and letting it become out-dated may harm your computer.

How to block your site from the most common spam robots

I wanted to share this info on a way to block certain robots from accessing your website, such as ones that crawl your webpages for email address to spam you with advertisements. They can also be referred to as Spiders, Web Wanderers, and Web Crawlers. However, Not all robots are considered bad, such as robots like Googlebot (from which crawls your webpages for search engines) I have created instructions on how to block most of the robots that you do not want to crawl your ...

Where Spyware Lurks on the Internet

Spyware has to be the most talked about PC security threat of 2005. It has now surpassed the computer virus as the No. 1 menace to computer user both at home and in the enterprise. Despite efforts from Microsoft and independent security software companies, the spyware menace is set to continue through 2006 and beyond. The research firm Radicati Group expect worldwide anti-spyware revenue to surpass $1 billion by 2010.

Danger: Scam Zone

The days of being safe on the internet has never existed. What’s worse is the fact that through all the safety precautions that you do take, you still can get caught up in a scam. It’s also been said that the internet is less safe now than it was a year ago.

Internet - A Boon or A Bane

The Internet is said to be the pool of information wherein you can find information on any topic. It is the best place to gain knowledge and information along with being in constant touch with your dear ones. Despite of many advantages and benefits still Internet is considered to be the unsafe zone for the kids as they may fall prey to the criminals in the world of immense pain and treachery.

Online Security for Business: User Access Threats

The biggest security threat to your company is you and your staff - not the internet. The internet is merely a communications channel for data - it's how you manage that channel and that data that is important.With computing, shared networking, and internet connections, it means that information can flow more easily between PCs.But that also brings with it added security risks - it's easier for people to find your logins and try and force them, and opportunists will try ...

Spyware Protection - Backup Software is the Best Defense Against Spyware and Computer Viruses

The Worst Case Scenario Your subscriptions to your favorite anti-virus and spyware software expired 28 days ago. You have been meaning to pull out your credit card and renew. However, you just haven't gotten to it.Yesterday an e-mail, SPAM really, hit your inbox with an interesting by-line on the latest natural disaster. You click on the innocuous looking link. The next thing you know, Internet Explorer doesn't quite work correctly, followed by a failure of Windows ...

Read This and You Will Never be Scammed Again!

Online business is becoming an ever increasing field of scammers that exploit the hopes and aspirations of common people like you and me. However, because of this increasing number of scam programmes available online, it is becoming easier to identify them and avoid falling into their attractive traps!!! The repeated fraud can now be spotted much easier from experts that follow the developments in the field of online products. I am going to give some hints here on how to spot scams, before ...

Spyware. History and Description

The first known use of the expression “spyware” occurred on October 17th, 1994 in a post that joked about Microsoft's business model. Spyware later came to allude to snoop equipment such as diminutive cameras. In early 2000, the man who started Zone Labs used the term in a press release for a new product. Since then, the computer-community has used the term in its current definition.

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