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Online Promotion Articles

Online Promotion Articles

Free Traffic Course - Day 1

Isn't online a magical invention? Surely it is, just imagine how many people can share their thoughts or open their businesses or run any kind of activity through their personal web sites. Online gives a huge worldwide potential to any idea converted into a web site.

Why free articles traffic can earn you more sales than pay-per-click leads

To be successful at any affiliate marketing program, you not only need traffic but you also require a certain type of traffic. In fact this rule also applies to any online marketing you can think of.

Making the Sale When the Customer Won't Buy

Making the Sale When the Customer Won't Buy Ever had a party online or offline, and had guests say "I love that item, but I can't afford it right now", or "It's so hard to decide, I want all of this!". This is a perfect time to sell all those items to your customer without them having to pay a dime. If you aren't using this idea already, make sure to put it into action immediately. Have a gift registry form ready to point those customers to should they want extra items they ...

Five Steps to Profit from Google Adwords

Although I was marketing online since 1997 and was making money on the Internet, as soon as I discovered the famous GoogleCash ebook I was instantly hooked. It seemed so easy to profit from Google Adwords: just join an affiliate program, promote it on Google Adwords pay per click (ppc) search engine starting from only five dollars, and watch your profits soar...

How I submitted my internet marketing articles to only 20 sites but within no time 16,000 other high traffic websites had also posted them

There is no internet marketing chore that I enjoy more than doing a regular google search to check the viral effect and progress of my online marketing articles. Within a recent short period I saw the number of websites where my articles are listed grow by a staggering 16,000.

Quick, Easy and FREE Ways to Kickstart Your Website Traffic in 4 Simple Steps

Just launched your website ? Now what ? You are finally ready with your excellent product, killer salescopy, eye-catching graphics and tiny robots working for you tirelessly. Now you have to get those hungry 'visitors' and 'leads' waiting to grab your product. I will introduce you to 4 amazingly simple, proven and 'effective' ways to drive surges of 'red-hot' lazer targeted traffic to your site instantly. You can apply all these steps right NOW for FREE and ...

The Basics Of Free Web Site Promotion

It's easy to forget the fundamental components of Web site promotion. Winding back the clock to the days when many Webmasters couldn't afford prolonged advertising campaigns, the majority of people starting out with a new Web site were forced to discover the art of free Web site promotion. In recent times, however, with "pay per click" advertising becoming less expensive and various other marketing activities becoming increasingly cheaper, the art of effectively promoting your site ...

Do Backlink Advertising Networks Really Work?

When I first heard of backlink advertising networks, I have to admit I was more than a bit skeptical. Of course backlinks are probably the most important tool in the search engine optimization kit, but buying or acquiring backlinks in an unnatural way has always been something Google and other major search engines do not condone. I took a look at a few networks hoping to find some answers.

Tripp Art Studio

Artist Tripp Reynolds,Has open a Art Gallery and Service Web Site Called Tripp Art Studio.It has a Great Display of Fine Art and Services to offer.Landscapes,Wildlife,Scenic Views,Religious,Sci-Fi,and much more. Original Art by the Artist,T-shirt, Logo Designs,and Murals sized CanvasPaintings.Go to the Web Site About the Author

Creating a Compelling Headline for Your Website's Homepage

Your home page is the most important page of your website. It is the one that will determine what your potential client or customer does after they arrive (i.e stays at or leaves your website).

Web site copy...Forget the trickery, it's all about you.

Here’s a question for you: What are the most important words on your web site? Do I hear you shout, “ keywords of course.” Well if you did, you’d be wrong.

Web site copy...Forget the trickery, it's all about you.

Here’s a question for you: What are the most important words on your web site? Do I hear you shout, “ keywords of course.” Well if you did, you’d be wrong.

I Need Real Visitors, NOT Search Spiders!

The answer to the first question is simple, the difference between spiders and visitors is dollars. Good old fashion sales, cha ching! ring the cash register. Without quality visitors all of your SEO, website analysis, and keyword ranking nightmares, not to mention the 1000's of hours you spent changing and tweaking the look of you website, everything, was a waste of your precious time.

How to Cheaply and Powerfully Reposition Your Online Business

Copyright © 2005 by Bruce Carlson It goes without saying that all of us would like better response and conversion numbers from our websites. This is an ongoing dilemma which, unfortunately for many of us, remains a dilemma. It's just too easy to sit on the same old tired, sour marketing with crossed fingers, hoping for better numbers in the future. The whole idea of rolling out a new campaign or overhauling your web copy can be pretty daunting. But if your numbers aren't what ...

Online Parties with a Twist

Online Parties with a Twist We know once you have a room full of guests at your online party, getting them to play games is the easy part. While hunting for answers to your game, a guest has the chance to see some products they simply cannot do without, thus making you sales! We also know from experience that getting the visitors to the party in the first place is like pulling teeth. We have given some ideas to increase your party and really being able to talk with your future customers in a ...

Pay-Per-Click Advertising - The Basics

Search engine optimization can take a long time to show results. The Google sandbox alone can delay optimization results by 6 to 8 months. So, what can you do to get traffic while you wait? Pay-per-click [“PPC”] campaigns fill the time gap. This article discusses the basics of PPC advertising.

Promote Your Site Directly

Set your site on the right trajectory by submitting it to every directory! Webmasters across the globe are involved in a race to the top of the search engine listings. Everyone has their own set of racing techniques that they swear by, some work well, some not so. However, one thing is certain; if you want to get to the top of the rankings you need inbound links to your site. But how do you get inbound links? Well, you could buy them. That gets pretty expensive. For many keywords the top ...

Kick Off Your Web Traffic Virus!

Have you noticed lately how savvy webmasters are using simple, content-rich articles to pull-in more targeted *traffic* to their Web Site audience without spending a dime on promotion or advertising?

How Can My Design Affect My Search Engine Rankings?

Directory editors will actually review your site and be critical of issues that you might not be. Spiders must easily be able to navigate through your site to be able to index all of your pages. When directories or spiders become confused or slowed because of design issues, your page becomes less relevant. Site Structure: Keep all of your important pages in the root directory. Name pages after important keyword phrases (After you have researched your keywords). Name directories ...

Thinking of Buying Hits To Your Website?! Think Again!

“Generate 30,000 Targeted Hits”; “Email 2.5 Million Daily”; “Submit Your Ad to 3 million classified sites”...

Do We Need Web Directories?

WEB DIRECTORIES Directories play an important role in aiding a site’s web visibility. Crawler-based search engines will, upon finding your site on a directory, or series of directories, consider these directories as one-way links. This will then add importance to your site’s relevance in the “eyes” of these search engines and will most likely increase the chances of your site being added to their listings. Relevant reciprocal link exchanges are given some importance ...

The Returns of MLM

Distributors are paid through compensation plans. These plans consist of rules. Distributors get commissions on their sales but rules are the ones that actually decide how much the distributors would get. Every MLM company makes two types of rules, positive and negative, to control the distributors. The positive rules enable them to acquire incentives while on the other hand negative rules warn them about going haywire.

What Is A Traffic Exchange?

What Is A Traffic Exchange? by Stephanie Davies If you have surfed the internet for very long, you have probably ran into what is referred to as a "traffic exchange". These programs can be designed in many ways, with many different functions. In this article we are going to cover what they are, where to find them, and how to use them to actually receive quality traffic as opposed to just plain "hits". A traffic exchange is, simply put, an exchange of traffic. The basic idea is to view other ...

Creating a Compelling Headline for Your Website's Homepage

Your home page is the most important page of your website. It is the one that will determine what your potential client or customer does after they arrive (i.e stays at or leaves your website).

Three E-zine Alternatives You May Not Have Considered

After my live talks, I always get a few people who say to me, "You know, publishing an e-zine sounds great, but I just don't think I have the time to do it on an ongoing basis." Or, "I'm not sure if I'll have enough content to publish an e-zine."

Website Promotion – Need Inspiration to Write Articles? Check Your Stats!

One of the best ways to promote a Website inexpensively is to write articles about your Website’s topic and submit them to “free content” sites. These sites are easily found; just type “submit free content” into your favorite search engine. Each article you write will have a “resource box” that includes your name, a brief bio and a link to your own site. These articles are shared with other Website owners to publish them, and soon, your name and links to your site will ...

Can What You Don't Know About Web Analytics Hurt Your Site? Yes is an Understatement!

Web analytics. Don't worry, it's not as boring as it sounds. You may know the concept by another name, such as Web analysis, site traffic statistics, visitor statistics, site hit reporting, Web tracking, Website metrics or various other terms. Web analytics is basically a technical term for methods to monitor your site traffic and usage, ranging from simple hit counters to advanced Web site traffic reporting. I like the term, Web analytics, because it sounds important. And with ...

Free Exposure and Traffic for Your Website

Most new webmasters face the same conundrum: how can I get free exposure (and thereby traffic) to my website? Here are some traditional online and offline methods you can use to achieve this, as well as new ideas that should help kick-start your online business.

The Truth of guaranteed sign ups

I've got a confession to make... I have been into guaranteed sign ups business for a long time but I realised many people do not know how sign ups really work.

Online Shoppers Loophole - Get paid whenever you purchase anything online.

Imagine if you had earned sales commission for every online purchase you've ever made? How many commission payments have you put in someone else's pocket? Two years in the making, the niche service known as "SpinningTornado" was created to alleviate the frustration many affiliate marketers and online merchants feel in generating revenue from their efforts. Inadvertently, a loophole has been discovered in the process. Anyone can now be subsidized in the form of a guaranteed sale at ...

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